Loving intellect

Baba says, ‘those who have loving intellects with the Father at this time of destruction will be victorious‘. Therefore, have true love for the one Father and not for any bodily beings.

Loving intellects means the people who belong to Allah (God) and who always stay in the alokik and avyakt stage. It refers to those whose every thought and every task is spiritual, those who carry out tasks while detached like a lotus and are always loving to the one Father while living in the corporeal world. A loving intellect means to be victorious.

Those who have a loving intellect cannot have even one thought that opposes shrimat. If you have any thoughts, words or deeds that are against shrimat, you would not be said to have a loving intellect. So, check: Is my every thought and word according to shrimat? A loving intellect means that the love of the intellect is constantly connected with the one Beloved. When you always have love for the One, your love cannot be for any other person or possession, because a loving intellect means constantly to experience BapDada to be personally in front of you. Those who constantly remain personally in front of Baba, face to face with Baba, cannot turn their faces away from Baba.

The words that always emerge from the heart and lips of those who have a loving intellect are: I eat with You, I sit with You, I speak with You, I listen to You, I fulfill all my relationships with You, I have all attainments from You. Even when they are not speaking, their eyes and their faces speak. So, check: Have I become one who has a loving intellect at the time of destruction, that is, do I have love for the One and do I have a constant and stable stage?

When you look at the sun, you definitely see its rays. In the same way, if you constantly stay in front of the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, that is, if you truly have a loving intellect, then you will experience the rays of all virtues from the Sun of Knowledge. On the faces of those who have such loving intellects, there will be the sparkle of introspection and, along with that, the intoxication of all types of self-respect of the confluence age and of the future.

If you always have the awareness that your body can be destroyed at any time, then, by having this time of destruction in your awareness, you will automatically develop a loving intellect. When the time of destruction comes, even those who do not have knowledge definitely try to remember the Father but, because of not having His introduction, they are unable to connect their love with Him. If you always keep in your awareness that these are the final moments then, by remembering this you will not remember anyone else.

Those who constantly have loving intellects cannot have any wasteful or sinful thoughts that go against shrimat in their minds. Those who have such loving intellects become victorious jewels. Let there not be any type of love in any way for bodily beings, otherwise you will come into the list of those who have divorced intellects. The children who have a loving intellect and always fulfill the relationship of love receive the attainment of all types of happiness in the world for all time. BapDada sings praise day and night of such children who fulfill the responsibility of love. He sits all others in the land of liberation and gives the fortune of the kingdom of the world to those who fulfil the responsibility of love.

Let there be true love in the heart for the one Father and Maya will never disturb you. She will be destroyed. However, if there isn’t true love in the heart; if you are simply holding the Father’s hand, but have not taken His support, then you will continue to be hurt by Maya. You have died alive and taken a new birth and adopted new sanskars, so then why should there be love for the old world? Why should the children love the things that the Father does not love? So, be one with a loving intellect and finish for all time the old accounts of weaknesses, the defects, the lack of power and the sensitive nature from within. Do not put aside the costume that is studded with jewels and have love for the old, worn out costume.

Some children connect their love but fulfill it numberwise. Their qualifications don’t match their aim. If you lack something in fulfilling your responsibility in even one relationship, for instance, if you have 75% relationship with the Father and 25% with another soul, then, too, you cannot be in the list of those who fulfill their responsibility. To fulfill a responsibility means to fulfill it completely. No matter what the situations of your mind, body or those in connection with you are like, do not remember any soul even in your thoughts. When you have the awareness of any soul even in your thoughts, then an account is created of that second – this is the deep philosophy of karma.

Some children are even now engaged in trying to develop love and this is why they say that they are unable to have yoga. Those who have yoga for a short time and then break it are said to be those who are trying to develop their love. Those who fulfill the responsibility of love are lost in love. They have completely lost all awareness of their bodies and the relationships of their bodies. So, you too have to fulfill such a responsibility of love with the Father and you will then not remember your body or bodily relations.

Baba has explained that it is only by remembering the Father that your burden of sins will be burnt away. The Father says: I, Myself, tell you that those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction will be led to destruction and that those who have loving intellects will be victorious. Baba tells you everything absolutely clearly.

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