Baba says, ‘No one but the spiritual Father can give the injection of Manmanabhav‘. It is only through remembrance that your sins will be absolved.

Manmanabhav means to belong to the One in my mind. This is the greatest blessing and mantra from God because when I get this right, everything else automatically falls in place – all my sins are absolved, the alloy that was mixed in the soul is dissolved and purity is restored, karmic accounts are settled and new ones are not created. There is so much benefit with just putting this one Mantra into practice because it gets right to the mind and the mind is where life happens. When I surrender my mind to the One, I ensure life happens the right way, I ensure I am protected from wrong action and the subsequent repentance for those actions. I claim my birthright of peace, happiness and contentment.

In very practical terms, when my mind is surrendered to the One, I am building power of concentration. Only concentration of the mind will give me the experience of a constant stage and therefore I experience peace, lightness…I easily experience the avyakt, angelic stage. The power of concentration makes me the master and easily frees me from obstacles that often come in the form of waste thoughts causing my stage to fluctuate. Instead, there is honesty and cleanliness in my thoughts – there isn’t selfishness or hidden motives, there isn’t the baggage of karmic accounts, or the influence of old sanskars. The power of concentration allows me to stabilize my mind where I want, how I want and for however long I want. My mind is under my control which is to say, my life is under my control.

And so Baba stresses the importance of being Manmanabhav. ‘Keep your mind in order’, He says. Keep your mind busy with pure thoughts in advance. When your mind is full of pure thoughts, there cannot be any waste thoughts and you cannot be defeated. With the power of pure and concentrated thoughts, you can transform any type of atmosphere. He gives me a few great tools to help with this:

1) The discus of self-realization. Spin the discus throughout the day, He teaches and your mind will become powerful and healthy. When any weak thoughts arise in the mind, finish them there and then with the discus and become powerful, He says. This means that I remind myself of who I am, of my elevated forms, instead of becoming afraid or confused and handing over my peace and happiness. People keep pictures from their childhood memories to decorate their homes. In the same way, keep in the temple of your mind an idol of your perfect form and the idols of your many future births and your thoughts will then not go towards anyone or anything else; they will automatically be stabilized. This is Manmanabhav!

2) The drill of traffic control: come into sound in a second and go beyond sound in a second. To perform a task, come into physical awareness in a second and then become bodiless in a second. When you are performing a task or speaking to anyone, then, every now and again, practice stopping the traffic of your thoughts. Stop the thoughts in your mind for even a minute, or stop for a while in the middle of the task you may be performing through the body and practice this, and your thoughts will become powerful. When this drill becomes firm, you will be able to face any situation, He says. This is Manmanabhav!

3) Book your time: Every day at amrit vela, set your timetable for the day, He teaches. You must make appointments in your diary. When you keep your mind busy with an appointment for every moment, waste thoughts will not take up any of your time in-between.

To become Manmanabhav means to continue to move along on the rails of the drama second by second, teaches Baba. This is what builds concentration and stability. To question or fight or try to ‘fix’ the scenes of the drama is to scatter the precious resources of the mind and it gets me nowhere. Instead, I trust and accept the scenes of the drama. I see drama as a partner, not an opponent. Then, my mind will not fluctuate. When that scene comes suddenly, I need the power to brake and steer, that is, to use my power of thought. ‘By doing this, the power of your intellect will not go to waste and energy will be saved‘, teaches Baba. Sometimes, the scene is an external person or event being an obstacle but other times, it is mistakes I made. Those are the hardest because I then dwell on those mistakes, beat myself up over them, feeling I have set myself back. The worst thing I can do is to reject myself as I am trying to standing up on my own feet because when I do this, I encourage fear of failure and discourage learning and growth. Let me not be defined by my mistakes. No mistake I make is a surprise to God and they don’t change the purpose for my life.

Only those who remain beyond the confusion or punishment of their thoughts are able to pass with honors, says Baba. The question of punishment from Dharamraj is something else, He clarifies, some children punish themselves for their own mistakes. They create a creation of waste thoughts and become confused by that and then call out. Now, make a promise to remain beyond that too, He says.

When the mind is disturbed, it is not at ease i.e. it becomes dis-eased and when the mind is dis-eased, the body becomes diseased too. And so the Father comes as the Spiritual Surgeon to cure the mind. ‘The Father is called the spiritual eternal Surgeon. He comes and gives His own introduction: I am your spiritual Surgeon. It is the soul that requires a spiritual injection, He says, ‘I come to give the injection of Manmanabhav‘.

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