The essential practice of churning

Baba says, ‘Churning power means to go to the bottom of the ocean, to be introverted and go into the depth of every jewel of knowledge‘.

Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age to remind me of who I am and to give me His own introduction. He says, ‘I am Shiva, the Benevolent One’, ‘I am the Purifier’, ‘I am the Ocean of Knowledge’, ‘I am the Seed of the Human tree’, ‘I am the Creator of Heaven’….The key operative term is ‘I am...’. He is very clear about Who He is and what He is here to do. His every praise is based on His role, on what He does when He comes to the corporeal world.

Baba tells me that every one of the Father’s praise is my title. Do I believe this and practice being in this awareness? To remain aware of my titles and experience them is churning.

In every Murli, Baba reminds me of at least a couple of titles but often I don’t accept them for myself. Even when I revise the murli during the day, I think: ‘today Baba talked about being an image of support’ as if He was talking about a general concept or if He were referring to someone else like the seniors. I make the mistake of looking at my present state and thinking that I have to become perfect before I deserve to wear that title. That’s backwards…the awareness has to come first. My awareness drives behavior.

God never doubts Himself nor does He say: ‘well, I’ve been teaching knowledge for decades now and yet these kids don’t get it…maybe I’m not the Supreme Teacher after all…’, ‘If I were really the Purifier, these souls should have been pure by now…maybe I’m not the Purifier after all…’No! because that would be body consciousness where I judge myself based on accomplishments, outcomes and results. Baba teaches me that who I am has nothing to do with these things, who I am never changes. I am a pure soul, a child of God. That identity can never change no matter what I do or don’t do, no matter what the outcomes may be.

My Father is the Purifier, so as His child, I am a master purifier. My Father is the Seed of the Human tree, so as His child, I am the master seed. Let me dare to step in to this awareness. To do this is not arrogance, it is accepting my part in the drama and shouldering my responsibility. It is stepping up to help my Father in His task. Condemning voices will try to convince me that I am a hypocrite: ‘you are no purifier, you told a lie last week…’, ‘you are no seed of the human tree, you barely have your own house together…’. Maya always attacks the intellect first with waste thoughts. The way to stop her is by spinning the discus of self-realization – let me look at my whole story and not be moved by a few isolated scenes of the drama. I am a work in progress. Let me remember that I am who my Father says I am. Sure, I have things to work on but look at how far I’ve come! Let me accept my part by faith. Faith will lead me to victory.

This is what Brahma Baba did. He was a householder when Shiv Baba came and told him who he was. He accepted the Father’s vision and shifted His consciousness from that of a householder to being the father of humanity. It wasn’t overnight, he worked on it. Let me follow father. BapDada has also told me who I am, let me accept it and remain in that awareness. When I do this, the rest i.e. my thoughts, words and actions will catch up. ‘If you were to become aware of even one of your titles at amrit vela and continued to churn it, then, by using this power of churning, your intellect would remain constantly powerful‘, says Baba, ‘and a powerful intellect cannot be influenced by Maya‘.

But to be aware is not to simply repeat the title in my mind: ‘I am a soul, I am a soul…’ or ‘I am the master purifier…’ hundred times. This is what devotees do. ‘You are master God‘, my Father reminds me, ‘not a devotee‘. To be aware is to experience the title, it is to really go into the depths of what it means to be the master purifier. What does the Father do as the Purifier? how would I play this role in my daily life? when would I use this and how? Similarly, the point about drama, what does Baba say about drama? when/how would I use this point? This is being introverted, this is going underground. Then, when Maya comes, she doesn’t find me anywhere and goes away! Every point of knowledge that I receive from Baba has an associated experience and so there is an entire ocean of experiences to be had! Let me busy myself in embodying these experiences. Then, I won’t have to worry about forgetting the points, I’ve already claimed them. Then, when the situations come, I am prepared with my weapons of knowledge and this time, they actually work! This is churning.

Not only does churning set me up for success, I am also better positioned to serve other souls. I won’t just recite knowledge, I will enable souls to also experience it. It is one thing to speak of sugar- it’s color, texture, it’s properties- and I might even do a great job of it…but all that does is win applause for a ‘great lecture’. But when I taste the sugar and then go before others, I don’t have to say much, they can tell I have tasted something sweet from my face, they want to have what I had. When I am experienced, I relate from a place of truth and that is what transforms behaviors and shifts perspectives because it reaches the heart. Those who have churning power and who remain lost in experience are always worthy of worship, whereas those who speak or recite simply become worthy of praise, says Baba.

The more I churn, the more experienced I become and I move through life with the confidence, with the authority of the experiences I have accumulated. Because I have faced and overcome obstacles, when the next one comes, I have the will-power to face it. This is what the power of churning does, it makes me strong and ready to face anything that comes my way. Baba says, ‘experienced people can never be defeated or deceived‘.

A soul with the power of churning is a soul lost in experience. They are a fully satisfied soul, a contented soul, a complete soul and a soul extremely close to perfection. Because of always being an authority of experience, they experience an elevated life of an easy yogi and a natural yogi; they experience having a lovely and unique life. Those who remain lost in experience always remain merged in remembrance of the Father. So, increase your experience, says Baba, by moving from simply speaking or thinking to churning. By churning, your experiences will automatically continue to grow. The practice of churning is most essential.

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