Remember the land of angels

Baba says, ‘this world is to become a graveyard. Therefore, don’t attach your heart to it‘. Remember the land of angels.

Do you experience this world to be a graveyard?, asks Baba. For half a cycle, Bharat was heaven, the land of angels (Paristhan), now it and the world at large is a graveyard (kabristhan). The difference is consciousness. When souls were conscious, the world was heaven but when souls became unconscious, the world became a graveyard. When I forget that I am a soul and think of myself as a body, I am unconscious. At this auspicious confluence age, the only Conscious One comes and wakes His children back into consciousness.

The signs that the world is a graveyard are all around me. Souls are living with no aim or purpose, simply trying to make it through the day. There is a lack of hope and enthusiasm for life as well as a lack of peace and contentment in a world enveloped by sorrow and anxiety. Souls having lost their sovereignty and their power have become weak. Anything trivial can set off alarms in the mind, cause me to panic. I easily get into the expansion of ‘why?’, ‘how?’ and ‘what?’ leaving me tired and exhausted. Rather than sit on my throne and rule over my physical and subtle organs (mind, intellect), I am being ruled by them. I want to be peaceful but that situation in the office pops into my mind and disturbs my peace. I am going about my chores at home and suddenly a past memory of how someone betrayed me pops in and paralyzes me. I walk five feet down the street and a song that’s playing somewhere reminds me of something, a smell reminds me of something else. Life has been reduced to simply reacting to scenes in the drama – to what I see/hear/smell/taste rather than creating the scenes I want. It’s almost as if I’m sleepwalking through life! This, Baba says, is a world of unconscious souls.

But here’s the good news! A new world is being established. Our Baba, who establishes the land of angels, has come once again! It was heaven yesterday, then we became unconscious. He has now woken us up and tomorrow, it will be heaven again. This whole story is of yesterday, today and tomorrow, says Baba, not of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father is already here and I am now receiving from Him the inheritance of unlimited happiness. My job is to remain conscious, is to remain awake so that I can claim this inheritance before it’s too late. If I keep becoming unconscious, i.e. get caught in the body conscious hustle of the old world, if I’m still trying to find purpose and happiness there, then I will miss the boat. Baba says, ‘if you attach your heart to this graveyard, you will experience a loss’.

So, how do I remain conscious? Through the remembrance of the Father and the inheritance. This is refreshment for the soul. Any time I see myself nod off i.e. experience sorrow, anxiety, worry, jealousy, discontentment or any of the other symptoms of body consciousness including just a feeling of blah, let me check what is going on in my mind and take charge. Let me spin the discus of self-realization to destroy the waste thoughts, put a stop to ordinary thoughts and replace them with thoughts about my elevated fortune and the Fortune-maker.

Remember Baba and the inheritance internally with the intellect. Forget the land of Maya‘, He teaches. Here, there is limitless sorrow. This is the land of the graveyard. Remember sweet Baba and the sweet land of happiness, the land of angels. This land will finish, the dirt and rubbish will finish. The deities do not live in dirt and rubbish. When Lakshmi is invoked, people clean everything, this is a memorial. When Lakshmi and Narayan come, everything will be clean and all other lands will finish. Then the deities will come. They will come and build their palaces studded with gold and diamonds! In satyug the villages are not by the shores of salty water, they will be by the shores of sweet water. People live in Vrindavan, at the shore of the river Jamuna. When I remember in this way, I become instantly refreshed and get back to my aim.

My aim – to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. ‘Don’t just say that you are changing from an ordinary human into a deity, there is a whole kingdom of the deities‘, teaches Baba. Let me remember that I’ve come here to claim the sun dynasty kingdom from Baba. This study is called Raja Yoga, this is not yoga to become subjects, He reminds me.

When, in this way, I have unlimited disinterest for the old world while simultaneously maintaining happiness of having all rights to the future kingdom, I am what Baba calls a Raj Rishi. You should be able to see the land of angels in front of you to the extent that you experience the world to be a graveyard, says Baba. Through your renunciation of the old, you would also be able to see your fortune clearly in front of you

I have claimed my fortune countless times before, I am simply doing it again, exactly as I did in the previous cycle. The Father is here now and is making me into the resident of the land of angels. This should remain in your intellect at every step, Baba teaches. This is how I remain awake or conscious in an otherwise unconscious world. And this is Manmanabhav.  

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