Sitting on Baba’s heart-throne

Baba says, ‘Become seated on My heart throne and you will be seated on the future throne‘. Make so much effort that you can become Narayan from an ordinary human.

God’s heart-throne is just for you Brahmins, Baba reminds me. Everyone has a throne of the forehead but only Brahmin souls have the fortune of God’s heart-throne. This heart-throne of God enables you to receive the throne of the world. This heart-throne of God is so elevated!  It cannot be attained in any other age. On the path of devotion those who have a right to God’s heart-throne are remembered and worshipped as beads of the rosary. They are remembered as a handful out of multi-millions. They look at and turn each bead with such an elevated vision and feelings.  

So, who can sit on BapDada’s heart-throne? Those who have made BapDada sit constantly on their heart-throne.

A throne is exclusive in that only one can sit on it. To seat God on my throne means that I don’t place anything else on it. But often that’s what I do. I put problems, situations, people on the throne and as a consequence, live my life worried, stressed, unhappy. To put something on the throne means that that’s what I’m dwelling on, giving energy and life to. Let me stop thinking about how big my problem or situation is, about what he/she said, what they did etc. Let me dethrone the waste, the negativity, the hurt, the offenses and keep God on my throne. There is just room for one!

In other words, to make God sit on my heart-throne requires my heart to be honest and clean. To keep a heart honest and clean requires that I become a charitable soul. A sign of the charity is that waste finishes. A charitable soul is constantly beyond arrogance and insult because that soul is an emperor who is overflowing with blessings from God and other souls. A charitable soul uses the power of his charity in his every thought at every moment of upheaval and in every action in a worthwhile way.

That is, they pay attention to not giving sorrow and not taking sorrow. Often I pay attention to the first part of this equation which is to not cause anyone sorrow but not to the second part. I allow myself to be influenced by the atmosphere, by the sanskars and say: ‘but they did this, they said this, this happened’. But, says Baba, a charitable soul is one who transforms the atmosphere and other souls with their own powerful attitude of compassion, of tolerance and of accommodation. I don’t deny the wrong-doing but I don’t let it penetrate my heart and take over my throne – that belongs only to Baba. So I use my powers to stop the offense and transform it. To be able to do this is the elevated stage of a master almighty authority, same as the Father. I remain beyond the influence of sanskars, of scenes of drama. I protect my peace, my happiness, my attitude, my vision- I keep it clean and honest.

I realize we are all actors in this unlimited drama. I might not like certain roles, certain lines others speak but I have the maturity and understanding to reject those lines but not reject the soul or the actor. I don’t allow my vision, and attitude toward the actor become wasteful or contaminated. My intellect is constantly busy churning – on the greatness of God, on His virtues, my relationships with Him, my inheritance, my fortune. When this is what I keep on my throne, when I am constantly taking care of it, dusting it, keeping it polished and shiny, I’m ensuring that nothing else can get on the throne. It’s occupied!

Such souls who have seated BapDada on their heart-throne are also seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, says Baba. Why? because God is pleased not with a clever head but with an honest heart, the kind that can seat Him in it! And so this is the effort- to make my heart honest and clean for BapDada. This is how I change from an ordinary human into Narayan. ‘He relates to you the story of the true Narayan and He establishes the age of truth. So, since the Father plays the practical part of being the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru, what would He love the most? Truthfulness. And so, for such honest souls, to claim the throne of the kingdom of the world is guaranteed’.

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