Becoming cool

Baba says, ‘the Father has come to extinguish the fire of vice that is burning the whole world and to make everyone cool’. The rain of knowledge makes you cool.

As we go through life, people do us wrong, we make mistakes, situations come. I cannot stop life from happening to me but I can choose how to respond. If I hold on to the hurt, dwell on the offense thinking: ‘why did they say that about me?’, ‘why did I do that?’, ‘why did this happen to me?’, what I’m effectively doing is inviting bitterness, resentment, anger and a whole slew of negative emotions into my life. They end up taking space in my heart for the good things that should be there. My heart is meant to be filled with peace, love, joy, confidence, creativity. But when I live worried, I push out the peace. When I live guilty, I push out the confidence I need. When I add up all the negative emotions in my heart, there is little to no space left for any of the things I actually need to live a good life.

This is how I lived for half a cycle before Baba came and reminded me of who I am, of Himself, and the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. You are a pure, peaceful soul, He reminds me daily. I am the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Love and you are My child. I have come to make you pure and take you back home with Me.

Give no place to guilt, worry, to bitterness, anger, jealousy and all the other vices, He teaches. These are impurities; they are like a fire burning inside me. But these impurities cannot take space in my heart automatically, unless I allow them to. It is up to me to decide what I want to give space to and protect my heart. Baba is raining the rain of knowledge. When I, the soul, soak in this rain, the impurities wash away. Yes, someone hurt me but if I hold on to it, I’m allowing them to continue to hurt me. That’s not harming them, it’s harming me, it’s contaminating my heart space. Every morning, worry comes, on time, to take up room in my heart! But if I remember that God is responsible for me, that He is my Father, my Protector, and Benefactor, then the worry will go away and I become cool.

When the insecurity, and negative things people said about me that I’m holding on to wash away, confidence takes it place. Maybe I worked really hard on a project but a co-worker got the promotion. Am I going to wallow in self-pity and jealousy? or will I keep a good attitude knowing that I am a soul playing this role, and that my worth comes from Who my Father is, not from a title or a promotion? I, the soul, have all my relationships with Baba and He is my Boss; I did this for Him, not for a human-being. If a promotion was needed on my journey to get to my destination, I would have got it. If I didn’t get it, it’s because I don’t need it. Baba has given me the knowledge that nothing that is mine can be taken away from me. When I remember this, I become cool.

Baba says, remember that you are an incorporeal soul like the Father, not a body. He is incorporeal and egoless. While being such a great Authority, He doesn’t have any ego. Here, even when people have a minor position, they are so intoxicated with that. That is the intoxication of a temporary status, that “I am So-and-so!” You are now intoxicated with this spiritual study. You souls now understand that you have to become soul conscious.

Living worried, and stressed out will make me weak, take my zeal and enthusiasm, steal my joy. A relaxed attitude lengthens life. The way this happens is when I give no place to the negative. Let me empty out the offenses, the worry, if I make a mistake…let me learn from it but empty out the guilt, if I didn’t do my best…let me empty out the regret and do better the next time, if I didn’t get credit…let me empty out the self-pity, a situation came that I don’t understand…let me empty out the questions. If I get good at emptying out the negative, I will be cool, calm, confident, full of faith and joy.

Baba gives me the knowledge of the drama: Whatever has happened is good, whatever is happening is better and what is to happen is even better. There are new opportunities are on their way. If I’m holding on to the old, if I am disappointed that something didn’t work out, then there is no space for the new. Because I’m not washing away the toxins, God cannot deliver the good things. I’m supposed to live excited about the future, about the newness God is bringing, about the new world He is establishing. I am helping God Himself bring heaven on earth! And I do this through my own transformation from human to deity! Let me spin the discus of self-realization and see myself through the cycle. I have played an all-round part in this drama! Let me not be caught up in a few isolated scenes and decide I dislike the whole story. It was you that was 16 celestial degrees pure, a completely viceless deity before, you are becoming that now again, He is reminding me. This is the time of ascension! When I remain in remembrance in this way, the mercury of happiness will continue to rise.

I am the Purifier, the Almighty Authority, Baba tells me in His introduction. Simply remember Me and you will become pure.

Pure does not mean ‘perfection’ in the old worldly sense. It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. It means I don’t hold on to the negative- to the guilt, to the shame. When I make a mistake, let me not run away from God, let me go to God. Let me learn from it such that I don’t repeat the mistake again. That is true repentance. To live a life of regret is easy as well as lazy. When I tell God about my mistakes, I feel lighter, I experience His love and compassion. Let me forgive myself, He already has! Maya will try to deceive me into living condemned but let me turn off the negative, accusing voices. Let me not give space to guilt, shame, to regret, to bitterness, to being against myself. Whatever it is, it is too much! I am not meant to live life carrying such heavy burdens. I need that space to move forward. When I seat God in my heart, I feel secure, happy, taken care of. It is when I forget Him that I become unhappy and wilt.

Yes, there will be many things in life that I don’t understand but if I let go of the questions- the ‘why’, when’, how’- then I will experience a peace and coolness beyond understanding. The fire of negativity, of limited desires stifles my creativity and doesn’t allow me to do my best work. If I want to claim my full inheritance from Baba, I need to be operating at my maximum. A little worry here, a little jealousy there, a bit of bitterness here, some anger there adds up and I am only able to operate at a fraction of my potential. The smoke from these fires clouds my mind and my discernment and judgement suffer. I become ill.

Baba says, ‘Manmanabhav!’, belong to Me in your mind. This remembrance too is a fire, He teaches but in this fire your sins and negativity are burnt away. You will then become cool and pure.

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