Study well

Baba says, ‘It is the children who study well and make effort to renounce body consciousness and remain soul conscious that receive the Father’s inheritance‘.

For half a cycle, I had been wandering, lost, having forgotten who I am and Whom I belonged to. I was trying to find identity in roles, titles, limited relationships. I tried to belong to a religion, a job, a person. The more I tried, the more I came back empty.

Baba came and gave me my lost identity and belonging as inheritance. He reminded me of who I am – that I am a pure, peaceful soul. You are not a role or a title, you are a soul, a spirit, an eternal being, He reminded me. He then gave me His own introduction and told me that I am His child, that I belong to Him. In that moment when I, the soul, recognized my eternal Father, I received the inheritance. I went from being an orphan to a child with rights, from being a beggar to a prince, an heir.

This is spiritual knowledge which can only be received from the Supreme Spirit, the Ocean of Knowledge, He teaches. No matter how many scriptures others study or whatever they do, they cannot receive this inheritance.

They cannot receive an inheritance because they don’t know the One Who is giving this inheritance. He cannot be attained through scriptures, He comes and gives His own introduction. They do worship God but they don’t know Him. More importantly, they don’t relate to Him as their Father and Mother. They do sing His praise referring to Him as the Father and Mother, but they don’t actually relate to Him in this way. An inheritance can only be received from the Father and Mother.

Baba says, ‘You must not remember the ones from whom you do not receive the inheritance‘.

But often we remember brothers and sisters a lot more. We try to receive our inheritance from them. No wonder the effort is doomed before it can even begin. We do something and instantly crave approval, feedback, appreciation from others….’how did I do?’, ‘was I good?’. I become impressed by certain people based on their talents or skills and then spend my days trying to impress them! Then, when they leave, it’s as if they took me with them because my identity was so caught up with them. Now, I feel the need to find someone else to get my approval from. I work 18 hours/day trying to prove to my family that I am good or I am trying to prove to that co-worker that I am smart.

Sometimes, It’s not people, it’s titles and accomplishments. I think I am special because of a title, that I am so-and-so and based on this, I have a hard time being content with anyone or anything. I don’t think I’m valued enough at work, I think I’m smarter than my boss…I should have her position. I smile outwardly when I talk to people but inwardly, I’m rolling my eyes. If I’m basing my value off achievements, the title behind my name, how much I make, then when those things are gone, I’ll feel devalued. My business goes down and my value goes down. Sometimes, I don’t feel good about myself because I’ve made mistakes and I think I’m not where I should be in life. Now, I live insecure, feeling inferior. I’m basing my value on my performance.

It’s as if I’m going in circles instead of forward! Let me remember that this way of living was what orphaned and bankrupted me in the first place. Now, I have been reminded of my identity and have found belonging, why am I still seeking?

Baba says, ”Manmanabhav!’, belong to Me in your mind‘. My value should be based solely on the fact that I am the child of the Supreme Father, the Creator, the Highest-on High. I am a soul and mine is One Baba and none other. It is only when I can be Manmanabhav constantly, Baba says, that I will be able to break the bondages of the iron chains and subtle strings of the iron age and attachments of the mind.

Yours is both a college and a yagya (sacrificial fire), says Baba. Not only am I studying true knowledge from the Supreme Teacher but as I imbibe this knowledge, the old thinking, the limited attractions, the wrong influences are all sacrificed into the fire of remembrance. In other words, all the false religions i.e. the false ways of living are sacrificed as the true religion or the righteous way of living is established based on Shrimat- the elevated directions from God. When there is no more attraction to the sweetness of the physical senses i.e. when I have moved beyond the need to see my worth in the form of trophies, badges, bank balances, titles or hear my worth in the form of praise or applause, that is, when there is no attraction to temporary sweetness, then, Baba says, I will experience alokik supersensuous joy and sweetness of the mind.

Baba has given me the inheritance of spiritual knowledge, I now have to receive it in my spirit i.e. imbibe it. The Father explains: This old world has to change, a new world is needed for you. Baba is making you worthy for the new world. It is the children who study well and make effort to renounce body consciousness and remain soul conscious that receive the Father’s inheritance. He is liberating you from all sorrow for half the cycle. Therefore, such a Father should be remembered with so much love!

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