Getting an air-conditioned ticket

Baba says, ‘in order to claim a sun-dynasty royal status, surrender everything you have to the Father‘. A sun-dynasty royal status means an air-conditioned ticket.

Only those who remain safe in every condition here receive an air-conditioned ticket, explains Baba. No matter what situations come, no matter what type of problems come, you have to be able to overcome it in a second. Just as you pay for a worldly a/c ticket, so too, here, you need to have the money to purchase this a/c ticket. That money is of being constantly victorious. There is no effort in receiving this money, Baba explains. In fact, if I experience labor, if I have to battle, then I’m not really earning this money, I am incurring a loss. All you have to do to earn this money, Baba explains, is to simply always stay with the Father.

The Father is the Purifier, He is the Almighty Authority, He is the Boatman. He will purify me and take my boat across, that’s His job and only He can do it. What I need to do is stay seated in the boat, constantly remember Him, constantly remain in His company. That’s all. When those storms come, I don’t need to take the oar from His hand…that’s not my job, He is in control. I might not see anything changing externally perhaps, but there is work going on internally. I am being molded, shaped, strengthened as He takes me through the storm. When that waste thought pops in from nowhere, I don’t need to become afraid or feel shame and think: ‘why is this happening?’, ‘I never had such thoughts even before gyan!’, ‘maybe I’m going the wrong way…’ etc. and jump off the boat either. The thought came, I observe it as a detached observer, learn what I need to for the future and move on. When past mistakes come up, I stay calm and apply a brake or a full-stop to those thoughts and turn my mind back to what Baba is telling me about me, about how elevated my destiny is. I spin the discus of self-realization and see my elevated part in the drama. I have to learn to tune in to what is going on using my divine (third) eye, trust the Father and stay seated, remain at rest. This is victory through surrender.

Brahma Baba exemplified victory through surrender. Baba surrendered completely and became perfect to the same extent. What does complete surrender entail? Baba explains: Firstly, your every thought should be surrendered. Secondly, every second should be surrendered, that is, your time should be surrendered. Thirdly, your actions should be surrendered, and fourthly, your relationships and wealth should also be surrendered. There mustn’t be the attitude of ‘this is my son, my husband, my student, my…’. Not just that, the relationship between the body and the soul should also be surrendered. I am an incorporeal soul who has taken this body on loan for Godly service and mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. Have you surrendered to this extent?, asks Baba.

Perishable wealth is not a big thing, but Brahma Baba surrendered even His imperishable wealth i.e. his attainment of happiness, peace, purity, love and bliss that was his birthright was surrendered in the service of other souls. He felt that peace for himself lay in the peace of the children. If a child spoke harsh words, or there was opposition from those in the outside world, he gave love and compassion. He was never harsh or vindictive. So in giving peace to other souls he considered it to be peace for him. This is what it means to surrender your worldly wealth together with your Godly wealth while staying in the stage of a detached observer. It is easy to surrender worldly things, in fact, many in the world do this. But, to surrender Godly attainments means to be a great donor, and the ability to have pure thoughts for others no matter what, happens according to one’s capacity and worthiness, Baba teaches. Those who surrender everything to this extent are said to be those who are totally surrendered.

I am able to totally surrender when I merge all consciousness of “I”. Then, when souls see me, they don’t see me, they see Baba. They receive compassion, love, kindness, understanding, acceptance. It is only when the limited ‘I’ gets in the way that I take offense, feel hurt, insulted, jealous and all the rest. When the ‘I’ is merged, then to the extent that it is merged, I become equal to the Father, I reveal the Father. This is your aim of the study, Baba reminds me and so keep this in front of you all the time. When you have the aim in your awareness, you will take the necessary steps i.e. surrender the wrong consciousness and with it the rubbish of false beliefs, weaknesses, and defects automatically. You won’t have to make effort or labor.

To be able to surrender in such a way is a sign of fortune, Baba explains. You are not losing anything, you are only earning. This is the great difference between bhakti and knowledge, He explains. Bhagats don’t receive an aim and objective to work toward, they don’t know who they are or what they are here to do. They simply visit the temple, sing praise and go back home to their old routine. There is no shift, no transformation. This here, Baba reminds me, is a study. To the extent that I study well, that is, to the extent that I imbibe the knowledge, I earn an income.

Where there is love, there is unlimited earning with ease. Someone who loves another surrenders everything out of love for that one, they don’t need to think or labor. So, the easy way to imbibe the knowledge, put into practice the codes of conduct and disciplines you hear about and be liberated from all weaknesses is to be constantly loving to the one Father. Constantly stay in the company of that One you love, and you will be colored by spirituality and become a highest being who follows the highest code of conduct in a second, because someone who is loving automatically receives the Father’s co-operation. And thus, I earn the money to buy the air-conditioned ticket. And so the Father reminds me daily: Manmanabhav!

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