Nothing new

Baba says, ‘You have been taught the lesson of “nothing new”. Therefore, according to the present time, do not waste your time in being afraid of problems’.

Situations and problems come to all of us. But no matter what happens, how big a problem there may be, the easiest yukti (tactic) to remain carefree is to have the awareness of, “nothing new”, teaches Baba. I have been given the knowledge of the beginning, middle and the end. I know that I have played this role and been through this scene countless times before. Not just that but even in this Brahmin life, whether I’m a child of 30 years or 1 year, I have been through situations since birth and each time, no matter what was involved, the outcome was the same- I got through it. It may not have happened the way I had wanted or expected, but I got through it with Baba’s help. And each time, I came our wiser, stronger, more mature. So, I am experienced, it is nothing new! There is amazement or worry when something is new, then there are questions of ‘why?’ and ‘what?’. However, with the awareness of, “nothing new”, instead of applying an exclamation or question mark, apply a full-stop and you will receive the blessing of being carefree, teaches Baba.

When Maya comes, it means you become experienced. Therefore, never be afraid of Maya, says Baba. If you are afraid of her, she takes on a fearsome form. When you are not afraid of her she salutes you. Maya is nothing really, just a paper tiger.

Maybe I’m trying to get something off the ground, or doing something new, thoughts will come to tell me why I can’t do it. That’s how Maya is; she comes as a growling tiger not to prey, but simply to get some attention. She uses intimidation, fear, doubts to try to paralyze me. How I handle the growl will determine whether I become victorious or not. All I have to do is not pay attention to the growl, it’s a lie. Maya is all bark and no bite. She’s not really a tiger, she is a paper tiger, she has no power over me, only what I give her by believing the lies.

I can’t stop the growling, I will hear it but I don’t have to be intimidated or worried. Baba says, ‘Maya is a lie, she is just a weakness of the mind’. So let me not believe whatever she is telling me- that’s the weakness speaking. In fact, I should believe the opposite. If she is telling me that I cannot do something, let me give myself a high five – I know I can to do this well! Maybe my business had to shut down due to the pandemic, now Maya is trying to convince me that I am doomed, that I’ll never recover. Let me stand my ground and say: God is my Protector and Benefactor, He is responsible for me and He will never let me and my family starve. Her job is to threaten me with intimidation but truth is I am a threat to her. She has no legs in front of faith. Doesn’t mean I won’t hear the growl, I will, but when I stay firm in ‘nothing new’ and the fact that Baba is my Boatman, that He is right here with me in this storm, I remain at rest.

If I believe the lies, I give it power and I will be defeated. Sometimes it’s not even a loud growl, it’s just a hiss. It’s a whisper, so to speak, where Maya tries to subtly sow doubt: ‘really? do you really think you’ll get well?’, ‘really? do you really believe you can do this job?’. She will be persuasive and present a strong case with all the evidence and facts. Let me respond back with faith: ‘yes I can do this, I am well able’ because God tells me I can. Let me get in agreement with God, not with Maya. I am what my Father says I am and I can do all that He says I can do! ‘Yes I will recover and be healthy again’ because my Father is my Protector.

Come to think of it, Maya is not very creative. She uses the same old tricks – trying to control my thoughts to control my life. She always tries to get me to give up, to throw my hands up, to lose faith and hope. I just have to be aware, turn my face toward my Father and constantly remain in His company. Let me not make myself alone. When I am in the company of the Almighty, I am master almighty. Whatever she is saying, ignore it! let me not be afraid. Let me not take the bait.

This is how it is with real tigers too. They tell you that if you ever find yourself face to face with a tiger, even if it is only a few hundred yards from you, don’t turn your back to it, don’t look afraid and never run! A tiger can run 40-50mph…so if you run, you’ll just die tired! Instead, they advise you to make eye contact with it and stand your ground. Tigers don’t even prefer humans, they just want to see what I’m going to do. If I don’t show fear, they get bored and wander away. Same with Maya! If I panic, she takes on an even more fearful form. I have to call her bluff by staying my ground, then she loses interest too.

You are not afraid of a paper tiger, are you?, asks Baba. Although she adopts a fearsome form, she is powerless. You have faced this tiger, seen it’s tricks so many times. Nothing new!

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