Wait and see!

Shiv Baba says: ‘Don’t worry about anything. Just wait and see!‘ Just continue to study.

The Supreme Soul, the Unlimited Father, comes at this auspicious confluence age to speak to the souls, His unlimited children. He tells souls to have patience; He tells the entire world to have patience. He says, ‘This is the land of sorrow, your days of happiness and peace are about to come‘. Only the Father can establish the land of happiness. He gives patience to His children, but faith is needed first. It takes faith to be patient.

When I don’t have faith in God’s timing, I take matters into my own hands, I try to do things on my own strength. I forget that there are things that only God can do and there are things that only I can do. They are different. Happiness comes from purity and God is the Purifier. Until He comes and reminds me of who I am, and gives me the mantra of ‘Manmanabhav!’, I cannot become pure. Unless He gives me Shrimat, I cannot become righteous. That’s His job. My duty is to remember Him and to follow those instructions accurately. If I want happiness, I have to connect my intellect with Him and remember Him alone. I have to dissolve the alloy that has become mixed into the soul in the fire of His remembrance and return to pure Gold. When I don’t have faith, I don’t follow the instructions accurately. Then I wonder why God isn’t doing anything.

Sometimes, I love Baba and His knowledge and I am following Shrimat but I get impatient when I don’t see something I have been believing for happen when I want it to. I try to help God out by telling Him what to do, how to do it, whom to involve…I give Him the whole plan and wait for Him to get it done. Baba says, ‘I don’t need advice from the children’. God is the knower of the three aspects of time, He can see the past, present and future better than I can. He knows what’s right for me and when. I just have to trust Him and wait for His timing.

Baba says, ‘people think God can do anything He wants whenever He wants’. This is not the case, He teaches me. I too am bound by the drama. When we hear this, we can incorrectly get the sense that God is helpless, that He is at the mercy of drama. But the right way to think about this is that God accurately understands the drama and it’s principles. He has faith in the drama unconditionally and because of this faith, He has patience. He waits patiently for the right signs, the right clicks in the drama to take action. He doesn’t try to get ahead of it, He remains patient. He teaches me to do the same.

The main foundation for imbibing a patient stage is “Wait and see”, He teaches. O my lovely children, “Wait”, means have patience and “See” means to see. First of all, imbibe the virtue of patience in your hearts, and then see the huge drama externally as detached observers.

But often we don’t like the wait, we think waiting is passive. After half a cycle of body consciousness where it is all about the ‘doing‘, I’ve forgotten the ‘being‘. I’d rather be doing something all the time because that’s how I feel like I’m making progress. But God does His most important work on me during the wait times. That’s when He is building me up, my faith is being increased and my character is coming up higher. I am becoming strong and mature to handle that which is about to come my way in my next task or assignment. If I get there before I’m prepared, I will fail, I won’t be able to sustain myself. If we were to reflect back on our own lives, we’d find this to be true. Some of the things that we face today, if we had to face them 5 or 10 years ago, we wouldn’t be able to handle them because we weren’t prepared! We didn’t yet have the lessons, the life experiences we’ve had that have got us to where we right now. And we know that God was right there with us teaching us those lessons, enabling us, holding our hand.

Let me remember that God is Faithful! He doesn’t abandon His children. He has brought me so far, He will take me all the way. I simply have to remain patient, trust in His timing.

Sometimes we think that it would help our faith to increase if we had insight into God’s plan. If He could only show me a sign of how He’s going to do something, I’d feel better. But if I know, then it wouldn’t take any faith! Faith, by definition, is to believe even when I don’t yet see. In fact, if we knew 5 years ago that we would have to do some of the tasks we are doing now, that would have intimidated us and we’d likely have said ‘no thanks!, I can’t do all that, I’ll just stay where I am!’. It would have been premature, the wrong timing to know then. But when the time came to do the tasks, as it does suddenly, I was able to do them, and come out benefitted. Suddenly, things fell in place, tasks were accomplished.

And so the Father says: ‘Until the time for you to hear any secret comes close, you have to have the virtue of patience. When the time comes, when you listen to that secret with the virtue of patience, you will not be disturbed when you hear it. This is why, o effort-making ones, wait a little, and continue to see the secrets as you move along. With this stage of patience, all your tasks will be accomplished perfectly. This virtue is connected with faith. With your intellects having faith be detached observers and while seeing every game with your cheerful faces, you will remain patient and unshakeable internally‘.

And that is key- how I wait. Am I going to be frustrated, and depressed while I don’t yet know, while I’m waiting? or do I know how to wait well? A lot of times, how I wait determines how long I have to wait. If I am waiting with faith, with a loving intellect turned toward God, then I am in tune with what He is doing. I see the work going on inside me, I know He is moving things, preparing the ground for me, I feel His presence in every moment of my life. But if I’m simply enduring life, dragging through it, then it shows a lack of trust or faith in the intellect. Let me see through my divine eye, the work God is doing. This is precious time where I am being prepared, I will never get this day back. What is it that I need to change in myself that God is showing me? Let me work on it. What is it that I need to learn, let me learn it. Let me not get weary in the waiting.

Children say: Baba, there is a lot of sorrow in this old world, so take us away quickly. The Father says: No children! This drama is predestined. You cannot change from corrupt to elevated instantly. You have to develop faith in your intellects and then make effort. It is true that liberation-in-life is received in a second. As soon as you become a child, it means that you claim a right to the inheritance. However, in order to claim a high status, you have to make effort and study. It is not that the karmateet stage will be achieved instantly, for you would then have to leave the body; that is not the law.

The Father says: You children now have happiness in your intellects because you understand how this drama is created. As much as possible, remember the Father and the inheritance. Don’t ever make yourself alone. Whenever you children remember Me, I become present. 

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