Remain introverted while going into extroversion

Baba says, ‘While going into extroversion, remain introverted‘. Practice this while performing actions and your time will be saved and you will experience greater success.

The power of introversion is a great power, says Baba. In fact, it is the foundation for even the power of silence. Without being introverted, there cannot be an experience of the power of deep silence where the soul touches base with its own truth, with its Father and where transformation happens.

To be introverted does not mean that I isolate myself from the world, that I become a recluse. In fact the opposite. When I am truly introverted, I come close to the family. I am more loving in my relationships. How so? because when I am introverted, I am constantly paying attention to my own inner workings. I am constantly observing myself, experimenting with the points of Baba’s knowledge and transforming. To be extroverted on the other hand means that I look outward rather than inward. I am paying more attention to others, to what they are doing, to what they are saying, to why something is the way it is and so on. This wastes a lot of time and thoughts, says Baba and blocks me from accumulating the power of silence.

The reason many are unable to be introverted despite wanting to, BapDada says is because there is less love for effort. The reason for the lack of love for effort is that you become disturbed on seeing adverse situations, He points out. You make the mistake, He says, of thinking that your stage (stithi) depends on situations (paristhithi). You say: Baba, put this right, then I will be able to become like this; there is a hindrance because of this aspect. You think that you will be able to create your stage when your situation changes. However, you have to have the power of your original stage of the self through which the situation can be changed, He teaches. That comes from introversion, i.e. from churning, from experimenting.

To churn is to practice being in the awareness of my many titles. Every one of the Father’s praise is your self-respect, says Baba. At Amritvela, if you were to practice going deep into even one of your titles, Baba says, you would make your stage very powerful. Then throughout the day, when any situation comes, rather than view that as an obstacle or opposition, i.e. rather than be extroverted by focusing on the situation, I move inward. I, the spiritual scientist, view the situation as an opportunity to experiment. I go underground, so to speak. Maybe I experiment today with being a jewel of contentment despite all that’s coming my way. Once I’ve played with it, tweaked it, figured it out, I will then know the method to make it easy for others too. Similarly, maybe I decide I have to experiment with the power of tolerance today. When you yourself experiment with the power of tolerance, the soul who is instrumental in making your power of tolerance fluctuate will also then be saved by your being tolerant, Baba points out.

Just as any scientific experiment is first performed on a sample before it is scaled, in the same way, use yourself as a sample first, teaches Baba. Then this interest in experimenting will increase and the mind and intellect will remain busy in that. Then the time, thoughts and powers that you use in trivial matters will be saved. I won’t be busy describing the situation, I will be busy using it for my experiment. This stage of introversion will easily attract you to itself, because the experiment and the success of that experiment automatically make you move away from everything else, He says. You simply have to be determined in this: ‘I definitely have to do this’. No influence of carelessness of others should fall on you, He says.

Not only is the stage of introversion interesting and a means to keep busy with transformation, but it is also effectively a means of safety from Maya. When I am underground, I will stay away from body consciousness, that is, I will remain safe. Just as when someone is absent from his seat and others go away from it, so, when you leave your seat of body consciousness by being busy in churning, that is, by your being introverted, Maya too goes away, teaches Baba. Those who don’t have this practice, Baba says, remain introverted for a short time and then become extroverted again, thus making themselves vulnerable to attacks from Maya. However, you constantly have to remain introverted, He says. This is what Brahma Baba did. So, follow father, says Baba.

To remain introverted is to show that you are ones with a divine intellect. To be introverted is to be the ones who constantly know the importance of the current time and who use all the treasures according to the time. To be introverted is to be ones who show courage to face obstacles and who are then able to transform those obstacles through their stage. Such children constantly experience practical help from the Father.

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