A world benefactor, equal to the Father

Baba says, ‘The Father is making you equal to Himself‘. Your praise has to become equal to the Father’s praise. 

The Father’s name is Shiva, it means ‘The Benevolent One’. His every thought benefits the entire world at every second; He is the World Benefactor. To be equal to the Father means to be equal to Him in my stage, my task and my virtues. I too would have to be constantly full, I too would have to be a bestower.

Just as the Father is the World Benefactor at every second and in every thought, so you too would be a world benefactor, the same as the Father. Every thought of a world benefactor for every soul and also for nature, would be filled with good wishes; not a single thought would be without good wishes. A seed is full of its fruit, that is, the essence of the whole tree is contained in the seed. Similarly, your seed of thought is filled with good wishes, benevolent feelings, the feeling of making everyone equal to the Father, of making weak souls powerful and of making souls who are peaceless and sorrowful experience peace and happiness through the powers you have received. Every thought is filled with all of this sweetness and strength. No seed of thought would be empty of this strength, that is, would be wasteful. It would be powerful, with benevolent feelings.

Just as physical music makes souls temporarily enthusiastic; they unconsciously start tapping their feet and their minds start dancing, so too, every word of a world benefactor, would be like spiritual music, and bring about zeal and enthusiasm. An unhappy soul would experience meeting the Father and would start dancing in happiness. Every act of a karma yogi, of a world benefactor, would be praiseworthy, like a divine activity, worthy of songs of praise. Such souls, Baba says, are called close souls, equal to the Father.

Through their contact with world benefactor souls, at every second, other souls experience having all their desires fulfilled, says Baba. It would give some souls power, some souls peace; it would enable other souls to make difficult things easy, it would make those souls who are dependent into those who have all rights and make sad souls happy and cheerful. In this way, Baba says, world benefactor souls would give zeal and enthusiasm to everyone. They give the experience of transformation to other souls because they inspire change in them, they change the atmosphere around them. They give the experience of being under the canopy of protection because others feel safe around them- not judged or condemned but safe. They empower other souls. Those who become such world benefactor, close souls are souls who are deeply absorbed in love for the One.

I want to be such a close, world benefactor soul who is equal to the Father, but how?

The reason Baba is able to be such a World Benefactor is because of His stage of being a detached observer. Without this ability, I get entangled in my own or other’s sanskars, in who’s right and wrong, into judging and labeling and all the rest. When I can remain beyond, I can be loving and compassionate. To be a detached observer, the two things you have to pay attention to, Baba says, are: firstly, I, the soul, am an elevated (mahaan) soul, and secondly, I, the soul, am at present a guest (mehmaan) in this old world and this old body. By keeping in your awareness the aspects of being elevated and being a guest, you will naturally and easily go beyond, says Baba. Then, whatever ordinary thoughts you have toward the self or for others because of the influence of old sanskars will all be transformed, He teaches.

In addition to this qualification, the other side of this coin, so to speak, is a sense of responsibility. Do you consider yourself to be a world benefactor?, asks Baba. Do you create every thought and perform every deed with the awareness that there should be benefit for the world through this? You should constantly keep your duty in your awareness, He teaches.

“I am in charge of benefit for the world.” Someone in charge would never forget his or her duty. In the world, when someone does not fulfill their duty well, they are asked to step down or leave. Here, Baba says, no one is made to leave, but they leave of their own accord. In the world, they may reduce someone’s salary or give him a warning of being dismissed. But here, if you do not fulfil your duty properly, then, according to the drama, you yourself reduce your salary of attainment and your happiness and power decrease, Baba explains. So check, He says, if you are fulfilling your duties accurately. If you are, then it is not possible for you to have any thoughts about anything other than world benefit. While fulfilling your limited responsibilities, Baba cautions, don’t forget your spiritual responsibilities. Always have the faith that you are a world benefactor and let there be as much intoxication as there is faith. If you have less intoxication, you will do less service. Always be accurate in your duty, He says. The Father considers those who are accurate in their service to be faithful to Baba. It is one thing to have full faith in the Father but, together with having faith in the Father, you also have to be faithful to service. However, take care, He says, that while serving others you also serve yourself. It shouldn’t be that while serving yourself you forget others, or while serving others you forget yourself. A balance of both is needed. Such souls are called world benefactors.

You children have knowledge of the self, the soul, but it is only through the Father that you become instruments for world benefit. By making you companions in His task, He makes you equal to Himself.

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