Claim your full inheritance

Baba says, ‘claim your full inheritance from the Father in this last birth‘. Don’t allow your intellects to wander outside.

All the children have a right to the full inheritance. The Father is called the Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers and the full Ocean. While these attainments are given by the Father, you make them your own by imbibing them, He says. The sign of being full of all attainments is contentment. Souls who have claimed the full inheritance are therefore constantly jewels of contentment and spread the sparkle and vibrations of contentment to others.

When I listen to the Murli in the morning, I listen to Baba tell me how elevated I am, how bright my future is, I am happy; in fact, I’m ecstatic. I fill my glass up, so to speak. I step out into the world with a smile on my face, a twinkle in my eye, a spring in my step. Then, suddenly, that person cuts me in traffic. Then, suddenly, that co-worker is rude to me. Then, suddenly, I find out that I won’t be getting that promotion that I worked so hard for after all because of some politics. Then, suddenly, I find out my kid failed his class in school….At that moment, I have a decision to make, one that will determine if I claim my full inheritance or not. Am I going to allow that offense, that betrayal, that setback to snatch away my inheritance of happiness that I received this morning? I started the day with my glass full, am I going to let each event that unfolds shake me such that I keep spilling a little or a lot from that glass? Then, by the time I get to the end of the day, I’m empty. Then, because I have nothing, a little word or even a slight facial expression can set me off. Now, I’ve gone from empty(zero) to negative!

Baba says, ‘don’t allow your intellects to wander in any other direction’.

Sometimes, I have a few minutes and I just want to kick back and then, suddenly, that incident from 10 years ago pops up on the screen of my mind. When my intellect is not trained, then instead of detecting what is going on and putting a full-stop, it just sits idle and lets the mind carry on with projecting more images. Then, before I know it, rather than kicking back, I’m all wrought up on the inside. I’m exhausted without having moved a muscle, so much so that I actually have to lie down!

Sometimes, I’m tensed because of a situation I’m in, maybe a bondage at home…and I’m constantly thinking: ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘when will this end?’. Or maybe I’m focused on transforming a sanskar and I think: ‘why is this so hard?’, ‘ how will I ever erach my destiny if this sanskar won’t go?’, ‘when will I change?’. In either case, my yoga is with the situation or sanskar and therefore, there can be nothing but stress and sorrow. This is not effort, says Baba. The right effort is to be free from all questions, and full of attainments, not full of questions!

The Father says, Manmanabhav! belong to Me in your mind. If my intellect is connected with anyone or anything other than the Father even slightly, there is spillage from my full glass.

Sometimes, I’m chasing after limited attainments without even realizing it. I think: ‘I do so much service and yet, no one mentions my name. My name is always last. I am the one who does all the work and the names of others get mentioned’. And just like that, with that one thought, my glass is now not just empty but upside down!

Baba reminds me, ‘Maya makes you believe there are bricks of gold and silver that you can take with you, but you cannot’. This is what happened to Sita with the golden deer. Not only is it not real but I forget that nothing other than my sanskars will go with me. Everything else will stay behind in the old world. So what am I spending time on? The Father says: This is the birth that is as valuable as a diamond. These are your elevated bodies. You can claim your inheritance of heaven through these bodies. This is why you should no longer wander in any other direction

This birth is only and only for transformation. All these bad habits of body consciousness that I had learnt over half a cycle – dwelling on the past, being caught up in name and fame, being influenced by other’s sanskars and all the rest that makes me lose my inheritance- I have to let them all go in this one tiny birth. Clearly, I have my work cut out for me with no time to waste.

I use this body as a trustee to transform myself-I use it to think thoughts, speak words and perform actions that are righteous, according to Shrimat, that keep my glass full, constantly. I use the situations that come my way daily to practice this. Baba says, those who are going to claim the full inheritance should keep this aim in the intellect: suddenly, ever-ready and a long period of time. Remember these three things together. Situations or scenes in the drama will always come suddenly but I have to be ever-ready because Baba has already given me the knowledge of the time and of how the drama works. So no matter what happens, my glass should always remain full. This is what contentment is, a state of fullness not because of but despite the circumstances. What’s in the glass is my birthright, no person or situation can take it from me without my permission. And I get better at this with practice. If I stay loose throughout the day, I cannot expect to be able to put a full-stop to the waste thought that is certain to come during Amritvela. I have to pay attention and practice over a long period of time. Even when there isn’t a situation, let me practice stopping in the midst of my activity and see if I can put a full-stop to my thoughts at will.

Most of us are good with filling up but become numberwise with preventing the spillage. Baba’s Shrimat and the code of conduct protects me from incorrect actions that steal my inheritance. The Father gives you Shrimat, the most elevated directions, following which you become the most elevated, He says. Lakshmi and Narayan became the masters of heaven, that is they claimed their full inheritance, by following the Father’s directions.

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