Think about Me

Baba says, ‘I have come into your world, this corporeal world, in this short confluence age just for you‘. So, at least think about Me during this time.

When I invite someone to visit, they are my guest and their hospitality is my responsibility. For half a cycle, I called out to the One Father from the faraway land to come. I prayed, I worshiped, I sang, I cried, I did everything to get His attention and convince Him to come.

He is here now. Am I being hospitable?

Baba, the Supreme Soul, is the Incorporeal One. Unlike us souls, He does not have a body of His own. I don’t see Him with these physical eyes, I only experience Him with my divine intellect. In a corporeal world of bodies where for half a cycle, I have been body conscious, it takes effort to cater to the Bodiless One. He is also extremely subtle; when I turn away for a moment, He slips away.

To be hospitable to Him therefore requires me to connect with Him as He is- as a bodiless soul…except I have to do this while being in the body. To be hospitable to Him requires me to speak His language- the language of silence. It’s the original language we all know, He reminds me. Besides, He says, it makes things easy! Else, I’d need to learn so many different languages of this world. To be hospitable to Him requires me to pay attention to only Him, to be concentrated on only Him- else, He slips away. Given He is incorporeal, He doesn’t really care for or need physical space- big home or small home, India or America, center or household, doesn’t matter. He lives in the heart…and not just any heart, He can only be seated in an honest heart, a clean heart.

Where there is honesty, there is automatically cleanliness, He says. I can either seat Him in my heart or someone else or something else- but not both. That’s what I mean by clean, He explains. I cannot stay in a place that stinks of worry, anxiety, jealousy, the many selfish ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, the false relationships and all the rest that comes with being body conscious. He also requires truthfulness – truth in my thoughts, words and actions. If I think one thing but speak and do something else; If I am one thing in my heart but outwardly project something different, that smells!

Come to think of it, He is simply asking me to be the real me. That’s who called out to Me, it’s whom I know and have come for, He says.

There are many who called out to Him along with me- the sadhus and sanyasis, the saints, the pundits. They put in so much work in the form of rituals, pilgrimages, fasts and all the rest to please Him. Then there are those in the world that are powerful- the politicians, the celebrities, religious leaders etc. But His vision falls on me! Souls who are ordinary by the standards of this iron-aged, Ravan’s world claim the fortune of knowing the eternal Father whereas souls who are well-known in the world and in whom there are great hopes are left wondering and searching. Some are caught up in debating scriptures and therefore left behind, some are deprived because of being caught up in the illusion that the soul is the Supreme Soul. They thereby deprive themselves of becoming children and claiming a right to the Father. Great scientists…well, are lost in their own research. Politicians are busy with making plans. Innocent devotees are left searching for Him in every particle.

So, who has attained Him? The innocent children of the Innocent Lord! Those with clever heads haven’t attained Him, but those with honest hearts have. I live in the hearts of the honest children, He says. I turn their mourning from half a cycle into joy, I bring gladness where there was sorrow, I comfort them, He says. This is why I am called the Comforter of Hearts. Only when you have an honest heart, can you make the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, belong to you, have Him live in your heart. He in turn fulfills the hopes and desires of the elevated thoughts of such children. I experience the Father’s constant company in all three forms: the corporeal, subtle and incorporeal.

You called out to Me, I am here now, He says. Now, Manmanabhav!, belong to Me in your mind. Constantly remember Me alone. Only He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Only He knows who I am and reminds me of this truth. Only He can give His own introduction and make me belong to Him. He comes to rescue His long lost children from the prison of Ravan and take us back home with Him. But I cannot return without first becoming pure. Only He is the Purifier, only He is the Almighty Authority not because He can bring back the dead but because His mere remembrance purifies souls and fills them with power. He takes the souls that have become completely spoiled and returns them to their original state and in doing so, returns the whole world to it’s original glory.

All this and all I have to do, He reminds me daily, is to remember Him alone. Look, He says, I don’t eat anything, I don’t need physical space in your home, I don’t ask you to leave your home and take long pilgrimages…I come to where you are, into your world. I don’t give you any difficulty! You called out to Me, now that I’m here, the least you can do is remember I am here! To remember Him with an honest heart is not just the greatest but in fact, the only hospitality I can show Him.

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1 Response to Think about Me

  1. Amin FAZL LYA says:

    Baba! I love you and miss you so much! I promise you I make you proud! And the other one I will forgive and hope that they can also learn and change from mistakes we human all make! Now after all that years I feel much better like little bit free! We see us in heaven but now I have many new works because the earth need me some years! Love you forever BaBa! Amin
    LYA ❤️

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