Forget the old world

Baba says, ‘Now continue to forget this old world!‘ Remember Me and you will come to Me and then go to heaven.

The world is in extreme darkness; one does not have to look far to see this. No doubt, scientifically, there has been much progress, there are a lot of facilities of comfort that have been invented. But even as these accomplishments continue to increase, happiness continues to decrease. There is physical comfort, but the heart and mind are more distressed than ever. Instead of an increase in happiness, there continues to be an increase of sorrow.

As long as the soul is in ignorance of who it is and Whom it belongs to, Baba explains, there cannot be happiness. The extreme darkness the world is in, is the darkness of ignorance. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence age and shines the light of knowledge. But just because he shines the light does not automatically mean I become happy. I have to constantly remember the Father and what He is teaching me, I have to imbibe the points of knowledge. The more I do this, the more the darkness of ignorance is removed, He explains.

He is teaching me daily the difference between the old world I live in and the new world that is being established. Yes, the new world isn’t here yet but you, He reminds me, have already left the shores of the old world. You, are at the confluence – where the old is changing to new. And this world is even more unique and lovely than the new world. Why? because it is only here that I have knowledge.

Because of this knowledge, every soul who imbibes it becomes a self-sovereign king. Every soul wears the tilak of awareness, and becomes seated on God’s heart-throne. While in the new world, there will be only two souls who wear a crown and sit on the throne, here all souls have the crown, throne and tilak of this beautiful world. It is a world where every Brahmin soul has the same Father, belongs to the same family, has the same language and knowledge, that is, everyone has the same elevated aim, same attitude, vision, same religion and same Godly actions. In other words, the same divine manners. There isn’t confusion, there isn’t debate, there is oneness. It is such a world that to the extent it is small, it is also lovely. The daily timetable of this world is also unique. You have your own kingdom, your own disciplines, your own customs and systems that are beautiful and elevated and the love is so beautiful.

Do you keep this unique world of yours in your awareness?, asks Baba. Do you have the intoxication of living in such a world? or do you leave this world from time to time and go back to the old world?

Look at yourself and examine this, He instructs. Do you have new thoughts, new language and new actions of the new world that you are establishing based on your disciplines? Have you become unique or are there still traces of the old lingering? If there is even the slightest trace then it will keep pulling you back into the old world and prevent you from constantly experiencing the elevatedness and happiness of the current and new world. You have ben given shrimat for every aspect, follow it accurately, He says. Given you are knowledge-full of both the old and the new worlds, because you can see the contrast for yourself, become detached from the old and loving to the Father, He teaches.

Continue to forget the old world and remember Me and this knowledge. Remember what you are becoming, your aim, He says. The more I do this, the more happiness I will experience and the sorrow will continue to leave.

Before you only used to hear about the angels of heaven, that they are very beautiful, but no one saw them. But now, look!, He says, you yourselves have become the angels of heaven! You have become beautiful from being ugly. You have now got wings! Even these wings are unique- they are the wings of knowledge and yoga through which you can tour around all three worlds. Even the scientists who are making those worldly inventions don’t have anything that is so fast!, He points out.

The very praise of this world is that there is nothing lacking in the world of Brahmins: Having found the one Father, we have found everything!  When you remember the Father and all the attainments of this time, you swing in the swing of supersensuous happiness. There are no more worries, anxieties or burdens. Instead, you swing in the swings of knowledge and peace. You swing in the swing of God’s lap. This alokik lap enables you to forget the pain and sorrow of many births in one second. But you have to remember…remember who you are and what you have attained!

Did you ever think even in your dreams that you would have a right to such a world?, He asks. You have seen and experienced the old world for 63 births. What did you receive? You only lost. You lost your beautiful body of the golden age, you lost peace and happiness of the mind, and you also lost your wealth.  You lost all relationships. So you lost everything, and if your intellect is still pulled toward that world despite all this, then is that being sensible?, Baba asks. Therefore, He teaches, always keep this elevated world of yours in your intellect. Constantly keep the specialties of this life, of this world in your awareness and become powerful.

Become an embodiment of remembrance and you will automatically become a conqueror of attachment, He teaches. Do not accept anything of the old world with your intellect- be it praise or defamation, success or failure. None of it is true, they are all defined on the basis of the false body consciousness. To accept any of it means to be deceived. To be deceived means to take sorrow. So, asks Baba, where should you be staying?  In the elevated world or in the old world? Always keep the difference very clearly in an emerged way in your awareness as to what that world is and what this world is.

Remember, He says. Remember Me and imbibe this knowledge and with this yoga, the light of you souls that has been extinguished will be re-ignited. It all depends on how much you remember.

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