Seeing and imbibing specialties

Baba says, ‘practice seeing and knowing specialties in everyone‘. Imbibe virtues.

Baba calls His children as holy swans. The specialty of a holy swan is that it can discern very clearly the difference between a stone and a jewel and then imbibe that. A holy swan never adopts an impure or ordinary attitude towards any soul; it always has only pure feelings.

But how does a holy swan soul do this especially when the external behavior of souls can be not so pleasant? It can be hard to have pure feelings. The key, Baba explains, is to look at the intention of every soul, not the action. Every soul is well-intentioned, all of us are trying to be the best Brahmin soul we can be, the best child of Baba we can be. That’s the pure intention of every soul. If I can keep that in my awareness, then it is not an effort to be tolerant, compassionate, accommodating, or forgiving, says Baba. By simply keeping that one specialty of the other soul – that they love the same Father and have the same aim- in my awareness, I avoid being influenced by their wasteful nature or actions and instead bring out many specialties of my own. I don’t just speak of tolerance or compassion but become someone who has imbibed and actually put them into practice. Only when you sow the seed of the specialty can it grow into a tree and bear fruit, teaches Baba.

The duty of a holy swan is to imbibe -the Father says something and you imbibe it, and, by imbibing it, it automatically becomes practical. The first step therefore is to discern right from wrong, this is called the holy swan intellect or a divine intellect, explains Baba. Sometimes, I don’t realize I am discerning incorrectly. I consider wasteful and wrong things to be right and this is how, Baba cautions, time is wasted. I see a clumsy behavior and I fall into the trap of ‘being right‘. I think: I am right and that was wrong and therefore, I am justified in feeling anger or irritation or something else. So I spend time dwelling on the offense or the insult, I even relate it to the seniors or people in charge and ask them for help. Sometimes I see a person and it triggers memories of their past behaviors and it colors my vision for them. They may have even moved on, may have transformed but because I’ve still held on to the past, that influences my attitude toward them in the present.

Baba says, you don’t realize your own behavior to be wasteful, but you think that you are powerful and that your thinking is rightthat whatever you say is right. Because you don’t have the power to discern in this, the power of the mind, the power of time and the power of words are all lost. Also, you create a burden on yourself of taking help from other people – by taking up their time away from their effort or service, Baba explains. The reason for all this? you have not become one with a holy swan intellect.

So, BapDada gives all the holy swans this signal: Do not see wrong as wrong. Do not think, “This one is wrong”, but think about how you can put the wrong, right. This is known as having benevolent feelings. With your elevated feelings and pure wishes, you will gain victory in transforming both your wasteful nature and the wasteful nature of others. First of all, become victorious over yourself, then victorious over others and you will then be victorious over nature. The victory of these three, Baba explains, will make you into a bead of the rosary of victory.

Brahma Baba showed this through his own example. He always considered himself an instrument of the Father to serve souls. With this consciousness, he easily surrendered the false ego of ‘I and mine’ to the Father. There were no feelings of ‘I am right’, ‘everyone should listen to me’ etc. In any situation, Baba always discerned the intent of the child and adjusted accordingly; the children always came first – his peace was in them feeling peaceful, his happiness was in their happiness. No matter what the opposition, Baba only gave compassion and love, he never stopped believing in the innate goodness and potential of each child, no matter who it was. A child who has recognized God when He comes in an ordinary body is no ordinary soul – he firmly believed this and always maintained an elevated, soul conscious vision, filled with love toward all. Baba had imbibed and practically demonstrated many, many specialties but he left us with the essence- incorporeal, viceless and egoless. Shiv Baba says, imbibe these specialties within yourself, follow father.

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  1. M.G.Padmasree says:

    I want to lead my life as a child”embodiment of Love ❤️”

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