A true moth

Baba says, ‘True moths are those who die alive‘. They sacrifice themselves, and become the children of God.

Baba talks about different types of moths. There are the true moths that die alive completely and then there are others that circle around and leave and forget the Flame. The difference is that the first kind follow Shrimat which keeps them protected from the storms of Maya as they make their way to the Flame. This is the great fortune of Shrimat- it protects me and helps me progress to my destination. When I don’t realize this fortune, I become careless and as a result, experience sorrow.

People then blame God and say that both happiness and sorrow are given by Him. But how can a father cause sorrow to his own children?, asks Baba. Children experience sorrow when they disobey the directions of their father, their teacher or their elders. They cause sorrow for themselves when they belong to Maya. Maya has been giving you directions for half the cycle. and by following those directions, you have become 100% unfortunate. The Father gives you directions only once at this time; you must now follow Shrimat.

Each day I wake up wishing for good things, for plans to work out, for people to be co-operative. But not all of those things and on some days, none of those things may happen. That’s an eventuality I have to be prepared for. But, if I expect everything to go my way and if that’s what my happiness depends on, then I’m setting myself for disappointment because life, at this point in the cycle, doesn’t work that way. I have to be prepared. It’s like carrying an umbrella with me during the rainy reason. I don’t want it to pour when I’m out but if it does, I’m prepared. I have to do the same here.

Baba says, ‘Wake up early in the morning and sit and churn the ocean of knowledge. During the day, there is a lot of expansion of Maya. The atmosphere at amrit vela is very good‘. Every morning, at Amrit vela, I have to prepare myself for the day. I have to remember who I am and Whose I am – a pure, peaceful soul; a child of God. In the bodiless stage, I have to connect with the Bodiless One, the eternal Father and experience His love, and the attainments. I have to remember my aim that Baba has given me, how valuable this life is and my purpose for this life. This remembrance becomes my canopy of protection, my umbrella so to speak.

Then throughout the day, no matter what someone says, what situation comes up, when there is a delay, a set-back…whatever, I don’t see it as a big deal. It doesn’t cause me to stop in my path, I have my umbrella with me, I keep moving forward. In other words, because I have filled myself with power at the start of the day, I am able to tap into that power and stay protected from these storms, from the rain. I stay in peace.

The people in my life, they may be good people but they too are souls on their own journeys, dealing with their own issues. The more I churn the knowledge, the more I am able to realize this truth and I let go of my expectations of them to always perform perfectly. I won’t be able to churn when I am in a situation, I have to do this right at the start of the day, I have to take my umbrella before I leave the house. Then, I don’t complain that my co-worker doesn’t congratulate me on my big presentation, be bitter that the boss left me out of that meeting, I don’t dwell on why my friend said what he did or get frustrated when my spouse is grouchy. I am prepared. I open my umbrella and keep moving forward. In doing so, I also let people off the hook, I take responsibility for my own happiness because I’ve reminded myself of how valuable this life is to me on my journey.

Baba says, ‘Those who are very good flowers remain constantly happy with that intoxication’. I don’t rely on people to keep me fixed and happy. I know who I am and Whom I belong to. My happiness comes from that eternal reality, and I radiate that fragrance all around.

When I am upset, really, I’m dishonoring God. The Father explains: Many storms of Maya will come. You must protect yourself from them. Belonging to God does not mean that storms won’t come, they will. I have to get good at guarding my heart. On a regular basis, there will be many opportunities to be bitter, feel offended, to argue, to try to pay people back. I have to recognize that that’s not my job. That is Maya trying to distract me as I make my way toward the Flame; that is bait to try to lure me away from the destination. If I take it, I will lose my way, circle around and leave forgetting the Flame. I deprive myself of my own inheritance.

A true moth will discern and not take the bait. Instead I guard my peace, I follow Shrimat. The #1 shrimat is, ‘Manmanabhav!, belong to Me in your mind’. I don’t allow anything to come between me and my Beloved, between me and my destiny. I always keep my umbrella with me and open it up when that storm hits because I remember my assignment from God for this life is way too valuable to waste time getting lost. In order to be able to stay Manmanabhav, His other Shrimat is, only see the specialty in others, only give blessings and receive blessings. When I learn to see specialties, I protect my divine intellect from the pollutants of Maya. This is what giving blessings means, teaches Baba. It isn’t about keeping your hand over someone’s head, it’s about not keeping their defects in your heart.

Having found Him, I have found everything! He is filling me with treasures, let me not become distracted. Instead, let me remain absorbed in His pure love that I had been seeking for half a cycle. When I do, it becomes easy to follow Shrimat, to in that love, sacrifice the false pride and respect those who are disrespectful to me, sacrifice the jealousy and the self-pity and celebrate those who go ahead of me, sacrifice the anger and bitterness and be compassionate to those who oppose me…and by thus sacrificing all the false, I I honor the Father by becoming like Him, I become His child; I die alive in the love of the One Beloved, I fly into the Flame.

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