Become serviceable

Baba says, ‘become worthy, serviceable children and give everyone happiness‘. Don’t do disservice. 

When the word ‘service’ is mentioned, many immediately equate it to giving lectures, teaching the course, conducting workshops etc. But that is a limited understanding, says Baba. Service is not something you do, rather you have to be serviceable. Those who are serviceable serve at every second, it happens automatically through their thoughts, words and deeds. Such souls will be very loving. So, check yourself, He says: Is my activity serviceable at every second? Or, is my activity that which sometimes causes disservice?

The most damage is caused, Baba says, when someone has one form internally and another externally. That is worse than someone who gossips about others, says Baba. Why? because such souls are not able to come close to anyone, not able to love anyone or experience anyone’s love. Everyone tries to remain distant from such a person because they sense the lack of honesty and cleanliness. Honesty means to say that which you do and say that which you think, there shouldn’t be any artificial form, teaches Baba. This of course does not mean that I say the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, it means that every thought that arises in the mind should be honest and clean too because the thought is the seed. There shouldn’t be the influence of the vices, of feelings, of one’s old nature or sanskars. Only those of have such cleanliness can be honest, says Baba.

Those who are honest are loved by all. First of all, they are loved by the Father and receive His blessings and then they are also loved by souls. No one can have a bad vision toward them. There will be such maturity and strength in their vision, words and actions that neither will they fluctuate nor will they cause others to fluctuate. Some think that they are honest but that they are misunderstood. But Baba clarifies that truth can never remain hidden and so those who are truly honest and firm cannot keep their identity hidden even if they want to. They are like the sun- they always shone. They will always be close to BapDada and those who are close to BapDada will be close to everyone. And so Baba says, ‘Be honest!’.

To be honest means to be worthy (saput) and then the proof (sabut) is visible in their activities. It’s not a matter of simply understanding what it means to be honest, you actually have to show it in your practical actions, Baba teaches. Whatever actions you perform should be instrumental for the service of others. Remember the title BapDada has given you: Serviceable children. Remember that you are always on the stage and that whatever you do, others will follow. Therefore, each thought, each word and each deed of serviceable children will only do service.

Many still have anger, observes Baba. But let alone anger, there cannot even be the slightest trace of anger in you, He says. Why? Because when you become angry you do disservice, because anger between two people is always seen. It manifests itself between two people and is then visible. Even if there is a slight trace of dislike for someone in your mind, there would definitely be some force towards that soul in your mind. BapDada doesn’t like this type of disservice. So, don’t allow the slightest trace of any type of anger- be it dislike or irritation- to emerge, He says. Just like lust, anger, too, is a great enemy. It does not let your pure feelings, your feelings of love, to emerge. It turns your mood off; you step away from the other soul. Neither do you go in front of that soul, nor do you speak to that soul; you reject whatever that soul says. You don’t progress and you don’t allow that soul to progress. Even those outside are able to see all of this and you then become an instrument to cause waste thoughts in them too. All of this disservice is visible. Even though you may not say anything, your face speaks. Therefore, you have to give the donation of this vice, says Baba. Do not stop paying attention to this, because it is absolutely essential.

The spiritual principles are constantly in motion. Just as there is a hundred-fold return when I do something good, there is equally a hundred-fold punishment that is experienced when I do something wrong. Why? because I have been given the knowledge and a divine intellect to judge what is right and wrong. And so Baba says, follow Shrimat, protect yourself from performing wrong action that causes sorrow to yourself and to others. The Father has come to make you into beautiful, fragrant flowers from thorns. You have now left the devilish clan and come into the Godly clan, therefore, your actions should be such as well. You were 100% senseless. By coming into Baba’s lap, you know that you are becoming the masters of heaven.

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