He is the Purifier

Baba says, ‘Children, become soul conscious! I, your Father, have come to teach you this lesson‘. This is the school to change from humans into deities, from an ordinary man into Narayan and an ordinary woman into Lakshmi.

The Father is taking me from this old world of unlimited sorrow into the new world of unlimited happiness. The Father makes the world new every cycle and I become Narayan from an ordinary human every cycle. I become the master of the land of happiness. There, no one will ask me whether I am happy or content or whether my health is okay. These questions are only asked here in the land of sorrow. There is sorrow here because souls are empty, they have become bankrupt of all eternal attainments of peace, happiness, power, knowledge, contentment.

The characteristic of the golden age or the land of happiness is that souls are full, they are complete. They are complete because they have no desires. This is why Maya or Ravan does not exist there and souls are not deceived into handing over their property, their eternal attainments. Souls are therefore sovereigns, they reign in life.

To be complete is to be pure; purity is completion. I attain purity when I become the conqueror of attachments. I become a conqueror of attachment when I realize who I am. As long as I am body conscious i.e. identify as the body – as a role, a title, a name, a bank balance etc. – I will, by definition, always have attachments. Body consciousness forces me to have desires and expectations and where there are expectations, there is disappointment and sorrow. But when I am soul conscious, I have no desires or attachments. I have realized that I am a soul, a point of light- this is my eternal form. What type of soul? I am a pure deity soul with divine qualities – this is my original form.

I had forgotten this fundamental truth about myself which is how Ravan was able to deceive me and rob me blind for half a cycle. The Father comes at this time and He says: Children, become soul conscious! I, your Father, have come to teach you this lesson. Only He can teach me this lesson because only He has this knowledge. Why? because unlike us souls, He remains beyond the cycle of birth and death and therefore in constant realization. He never forgets the truth about who I am, Who He is, and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. This is why only He is always Knowledge-full.

Constantly remember Me alone, He says and spin the cycle of self realization. The more you remember, the purer you will become. It all depends on remembrance. When I am body consciousness, I go through life subservient to people, situations and sanskars. If the people and situations in my life are okay, I feel okay; they control how I feel inside, I depend on them to fulfill my desires. I am also subservient to sanskars where I think that the way I am is who I am and say things like: ‘what can I do, this is my nature’. When I am soul conscious, I realize that I am the master of my own destiny, that I control how I feel inside, that I am the creator of my thoughts, words, feelings and actions. I realize that people or situation have nothing to do with it. I realize that my attitude has the power to transform any situation or atmosphere. Taking over the reins of my life back into my own hands and getting back in-charge is the study of Raja yoga.

‘Five thousand years ago I came at the confluence age in order to teach you Raja Yoga’, the Father reminds me. It is the confluence age now and I have come once again. Only the Father comes. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Supreme Soul, and He sets up school where souls come to change from humans into deities, from an ordinary man into Narayan and an ordinary woman into Lakshmi. He shows me the path back from servitude to Ravan to my sovereignty, from beggar to prince.  

The study does not mean just listening to the knowledge. I cannot change from servant to sovereign just by understanding the knowledge, I need the help of a ‘removal expert’. Only the Father is the Purifier. His remembrance purifies the soul. Knowledge opens my intellect and shows me true from false but it is remembrance that brings about transformation. It is in that silence that the Purifier Father shows me what to transform and how; He draws to the surface impurities I didn’t even know I had; He facilitates my purification. ‘Don’t be afraid‘, He tells me, ‘and never become distressed with this invaluable life of yours‘. When I tune into what is going on, I am not afraid when the illnesses surface, I don’t run away or feel shame thinking something is wrong. I know it is part of the removal process, I know that what was within is leaving. I co-operate by remaining stable, full of faith; I continue to follow Shrimat. You children need to have courage to become destroyers of attachment, says Baba.

Previously, we were shudras, that is, we were those who indulge in vice. Now, from being vicious, we have stepped onto the path of purity. So we have become Brahmins. We now belong to the dynasty of Shiva and are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. We have come to the unlimited Father to once again claim our inheritance of unlimited happiness, that is, to change from humans into deities. 

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