My hand in the Father’s hand

Baba says, ‘Simply use the authority, the knowledge, and the so-operation of the family you have received and continue to move along with your hand in the Father’s hand’. You will then continue to perform the dance of happiness.

Baba talks to us privately in public, He whispers things to us in the Murli that touch us, each one, privately. That specific point in that specific Murli that took root in me- I knew that was for me, that He specifically told me that. I treasure that dream, I hold on to it, I water it in my heart, I believe.

But then as I keep going along the path, I see that it’s taking longer than I had thought, there are disappointments that I hadn’t anticipated, the sanskars tougher than I had expected, people betraying me, or circumstances taking a sudden downturn. Then, I wonder: ‘did I hear Baba correctly?’, ‘maybe it wasn’t for me after all!’, ‘it was silly of me to think that I could be that, that I could reach such heights’, ‘look at my sanskars, I have been trying for so long and it still comes up’ etc. Too often I allow these negative thoughts to drown out what God told me that day, what He whispered to me that night.

Baba says, ‘go back and remember what I told you’, ‘go back and remember that experience’, ‘go back and remember what you know. There will always be something that will try to steal that seed of God’s word out of my heart but it is my job to faithfully, keep that seed watered with remembrance. He is Faithful, He doesn’t tell me something only to then not see it through. He is God, not a human being.

It’s easy to believe when things are going my way, but that doesn’t take any faith. Most times, things don’t work out without a test. When I am under pressure, it’s tempting to get frustrated, and spiral into despair. Baba says, ‘recognize that this is a test‘. Maya would love to have me worried and forget what God spoke to me. She would much rather I focused on what is not working out- those tough sanskars, those people, those circumstances, the bondages. Baba says, ‘remember only what I tell you’.

I have to be purposeful about it. This is a battle, Baba reminds me and it is being fought in my mind. Maya’s goal is to keep my mind filled with the negative, such that I never think about what God promised me, never build faith and eventually leave and return to the old world. If I listen to her, I will live in fear. When worry comes, let me not just passively allow it to play out thinking it will stop on it’s own, it won’t. Let me not place my mind on auto-pilot, let me check and change course. Apply a powerful brake to the waste and the negative and turn to move on toward my destination. Rather than replay what’s not working out in my mind, let me replay what He told me, let me replay His word over and over, let me hold His hand. Then, Baba says, doubt and worry cannot stay, faith will rise in my heart, I will dance the dance of happiness.

You have the authority of experience, He reminds me. Let me remember how He has always kept His promises, how He has always made the impossible, possible. You have the knowledge, He reminds me, you know that your story ends in victory. Let me remember what He has told me about who I am- that I am a master almighty authority, that I am strong, courageous, that I am Mahavir. Let me spin the discus of self-realization and see my whole story, how elevated I am. Let me remember that the drama is beneficial, that whatever is happening is good even though I don’t see it yet, and that what is to happen will be even better. If I compare how I was when I started to how I am today, it is no less than a miracle. He has not brought me this far to leave me.

The soul knows that He is the Father, the Boatman, the Purifier, the Knowledge-full One. It knows that He will take it across. Let me not be swayed by what I see externally- that is the limitedness of body consciousness. Let me stay soul conscious and be moved by what I know. I know who I am, Whose I am and my destiny. I know that He is God and that He is bigger than any problem or situation. I know that He is all I need on my side- when the Seed is with me, the whole tree co-operates. I know that He will never leave me. When I remember what God said, when I remember my experiences, I won’t be worried, I will have peace in the midst of the storm, faith to believe for the impossible, courage to defeat giants, and endurance to outlast the opposition.

This was Arjuna’s experience in the Mahabharata. On one occasion, it looked as if the war had come to an abrupt end for the Pandavas and especially for Arjuna. He had taken an oath to kill Jayadrath before sunset or else he was to kill himself. The sun had set and Jayadrath was still far away. The enemies – the Kauravas including Jayadrath- celebrated their victory, they jumped off their chariots and came to where Arjuna was to watch him kill himself. In the natural, it was all over. But what the Kauravas overlooked was that God is Supernatural! and He was Arjuna’s Charioteer, his Friend and Guide. Just as Arjuna was about to end his life, suddenly, there was the sun again! Not only was Arjuna going to be able to keep his oath, but he was going to be able to do it with ease– the enemy having decided to celebrate prematurely had practically walked up to him! Arjuna killed Jayadrath and the Pandavas went on to win the war.

When I remember what God said, it will change my perspective. It may be scary on the outside, it may look impossible, all the odds may be against me, but when the Almighty Authority is my Boatman, when He is my Friend and Companion, nothing is impossible, no obstacle too big, no bondage too strong. Let me stir up my faith, let me remember what He told me because what He says overrides everything else.

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