Only the one Father creates your fortune

Baba says, ‘Only the one Father reforms everything that has gone wrong for you, that is, only the one Father creates your fortune‘. Remember the Father and the inheritance.

It’s easy to look to people or look to our job as our source of happiness and our self-worth. But the problem with looking to anything other than God as my source is if something happens to the person or the job, I’ll think what am I going to do!, the source has been cut off. But no, let me recognize that the Source is just fine! God is still in control. And yes, God uses jobs, contracts, and people but they are not the source, they are simply the resource that the Source uses.

The Father is said to be knowledge-full, blissful and peaceful. It is remembered that only the One puts right everything that has gone wrong.

Every good gift comes from the Father, He is the Bestower. That gift might come through people but it comes from God. The salary I receive comes through the company but it came from God. He is the One that caused them to hire me, that is causing me to stand out. He is the One who is giving me the ideas for service, the creativity to make the project successful. He is using the company, the project, the people as a resource. That contract might come through a friend but it came from God. This is why I don’t have to play up to people, or compromise to get a good break. People are not my provider, God is my Provider, He is my Benefactor. That job is simply the resource God chose to bless me, to teach me a new skill, to grow me. If I don’t understand this, I will look to make people my God: ‘If this supervisor doesn’t like me, if this contract does not last, how am I going to make it?!’ Sometimes, I think it’s all up to me, that I have to get things done. ‘If I can’t overcome this sanskar, if I can’t deliver on this project, how am I going to make it?’

The Father sits here and explains to you: Sweetest children, who purifies you? Who reforms everything that has gone wrong? The Purifier. 

Baba says, ‘take yourself and people off your throne and only keep the One Father on the throne’. People are not my provider, only God is. Only He knows who I am, what I am capable of and what I need to get to my destination. And He is not bound by what a supervisor thinks or what a circumstance might look like. When a door closes, let me remind myself that it was never that resource blessing me, it was the Source and He is still with me. Circumstances might change, but Source never changes. Let me stay connected to the Seed, not to the branches or the leaves. If that contract comes to an end, let me not be discouraged, that was not my final destination. God is moving me to my next assignment to learn something else I need. I am not at the mercy of a boss or the economy or on who likes me. They are not my source, God is. When I keep Him on my heart-throne, I have access to a supply line that can never run dry.

The Father explains so easily. He says: Simply remember the Father!

It’s nice when others recognize me, value my contributions, but let me not become dependent on them that I start to see them as my provider. When I see through the third eye, I see that behind the salary, behind the opportunity, behind that favor is the goodness of the One Father. He is causing people to be good to me, causing doors to open, those projects to seek me out. He knows where are the treasures are, He knows how to place me at the right place at the right time. He knows how to get me to my destination. Let me certainly be grateful for the resource but keep my eyes focused firmly on the Source.

Sometimes, I inadvertently make myself alone. I might have been able to do something in the past, I might have even been good at it but there comes a point when God will not allow what has worked in the past continue to work. That’s because, if He did, then, I’d think I was making it happen in my own strength, due to my own ability. He wants me to see Him as my source, to recognize His blessing in my life. This is not so He can feel good about Himself, thankfully, He is not body conscious like human beings! He wants me to acknowledge Him as my Partner so that I will learn to take His guidance, His help which can then catapult me forward, many times more, than if I were to try to do things on my own.

He is longing to show out in my life, to be good to me if I will recognize His role in my life- He is my Father, my Source. And as my Father, He is giving me the whole world as my inheritance– everything I need – peace, happiness, prosperity, health, good relationships, the whole nine yards- and not just for one birth but for the whole cycle. All I have to do is receive it which means, I make Him my Source and follow His instructions, His guidance. If there is a project that I think is great but He doesn’t, then, I don’t do it. When I show that kind of faith, I will walk into goodness and blessings that I couldn’t even dream of. If I choose to instead go at it myself, do what I think is right because I think: ‘I’ve done this before, I know how to do it, I have the skills or talent’, I will find myself laboring, fighting obstacles throughout the path. Why? not because God is making it hard for me but because it was never my skill that got me success before, it was never me, it was always Him.

Sudama, like a lot of us, took time to realize this truth. He labored for as long as he could, trying to make things work on his own even though God was His Best Friend. He finally gathered up the courage to visit his Friend and ask for His help. He set forth from his home to make the long trip, bare feet, with only a handful of rice to show. That step of courage was all the Friend needed, He ensured Sudama made the journey with ease and Sudama in his innocence did not even recognize Who was doing him the favor. When he finally got to the palace, he hesitated again wondering if he’d be embarrassing his Friend by showing up. When his Friend was informed of who was at the door, He came running out, also bare feet, to greet His friend. He asked: what took you so long? and what is that you’ve brought me from your home? With every little mouthful of rice He took, Sudama received, multi-million fold in return. Not because the rice was that good, but because of who Sudama was- His friend.

God is my Father! Let me, like Sudama, learn to depend on Him, let me acknowledge Him as my Source. Yes, I have to do my part to co-operate, but I am not the source, other people are not the source, only He is the Source. By myself, I will get stuck. Let me recognize Who He is, recognize that He is in charge. When I do this, He will take me places I could not go on my own. He will take the little talent, the little skill, the little courage – that little handful of rice that I have- and multiply it a thousand-fold. I will claim the whole world simply as my inheritance, not through labor…because of who I am- His child. He is the Innocent Lord, and He is my Father, the only One pure enough, and therefore powerful enough to reform everything that has gone wrong for me. He is the only One who can create my fortune.

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