Remember the Father with a lot of love

Baba says, ‘remember the Father with a lot of love and the storms will fly away‘. When you don’t remember the Father, Maya harasses you.

Throughout the whole cycle, you can never receive God’s love, the love of the Supreme, from anyone else, says Baba. God’s love is selfless love. God’s love is the basis of this elevated Brahmin birth. God’s love is the visible fruit of your calling out to God birth after birth. God’s love is the donation of a new life. If there isn’t God’s love, life is dry and meaningless. God’s love enables me to experience the constant company of BapDada, that is, it makes me feel that God is my Companion. God’s love frees me from effort and easily and constantly enables me to be an embodiment of remembrance.

I had been thirsting for this pure, selfless love for half a cycle. I receive this most elevated fortune, now, at this auspicious confluence age and it’s purity automatically makes me into a renunciate of this old world.

1.  I forget the consciousness of the body: The Father reminds me that I am a soul, a pure, peaceful, love-full soul, His child. That enables me to let go of identifying as the body- name, gender, nationality, bank balance, education etc. In exchange, I receive from BapDada, an angelic body of light which has no illness, no trace of any old sanskars or nature, no relationships of the body, no mischief of the mind, no habit of the intellect stumbling.

2.  I forget all relationships of the body: Having experienced selfless love, I renounce the selfish relationships of the body. You renounce the perishable relatives who snatch your happiness and peace, who are brothers at one moment, and in the next become enemies due to selfishness, those who cause you sorrow and deceive you, who bind you with strings of attachment, points out Baba. In exchange, I attain all relationships that give me happiness in the One.

This does not mean I leave home and move to a center! It means I let go of expectations, limited desires from human-relationships when I realize all souls are empty at this point in the cycle, everyone is taking and have nothing to give. Only the one Father gives you the love of the Bestower; He doesn’t have any desire to take, Baba points out. A physical father might will everything to his children but he still has the desire to take service from them during his old age. This Father takes nothing, He is the only altruistic server. No matter how much of a righteous soul (dharmatma), a great soul (mahatma), a charitable soul or an incognito donor someone may be, they still take, they are not bestowers. They at least desire to receive pure love in return. The Father is the full Ocean and this is why only He is the Bestower.  Only God’s love is the love of the Bestower.  This is why you don’t give to Him, Baba points out, but you only receive.  

3.  I easily end any attraction to the body and all the attractive things of the physical world that bring temporary attainment: When I come to Baba, I realize that I had been clinging on to temporary, perishable attainments and when they were inevitably gone, I experienced sorrow. By using perishable material possessions you became trapped in the consciousness of “mine”, you became caged birds, Baba points out. Those things are such possessions that they made you into those who only own rubbish. When I let go of this attraction, I receive the most elevated possessions that make me into a multi-millionaire.  

So, what did you renounce?, asks Baba. Did you actually renounce anything or did you claim your fortune? What did you give and what did you receive? The Father is so innocent! Just see what He takes from you and what He gives you in return! You receive multi-millions in exchange for things worth straws. The Father is such a good Customer! Other customers are limited, whereas the One Father is the unlimited Innocent Lord. He is the Customer of the unlimited children. The Father says: I have come from the supreme abode. I take everything old you have and give you everything new in the new world. This is why He is called the Bestower. There is no other Bestower like that One.

And yet, Baba says, some children say: ‘I have renounced so much!, I have given so much, yet why does this happen?’ BapDada smiles and asks the children: what did you renounce and what did you attain? Make a list. When you weigh them, which side of the balance is heavier? that of renouncing or attaining? What you have renounced is worth shells, things that have been causing you nothing but sorrow. What you have attained is worth diamonds, things that bring you unlimited happiness- not just for one birth but for the whole cycle! When you think that ‘I have done so much!’, that ‘I have renounced that!’, those storms of Maya cause you to erase the line of your own fortune. It instantly distances you from the Father, and from the truth. Therefore, never have such thoughts even in your dreams, He says.

When you don’t remember the Father, that’s when Maya harasses you. Remember the Father with a lot of love and the storms will fly away‘, He teaches. When I remember with a lot of love, I experience a lot of love because love begets love. God’s love is the key to all of the Father’s treasures, because love makes you into a soul who has a right, He says. Perishable love and love for the body makes you lose the fortune of the kingdom. God’s love enables you to attain for all time the fortune of the kingdom you had lost. It makes you into someone who has a right to the double kingdom.  You attain self- sovereignty and also the kingdom of the world. You are special souls who attain God’s love in this way.  So don’t be those who have love, but become souls who are always merged in love and lost in love. Those who are merged are equal.  

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