Leave it to the Father

Baba says, ‘No matter what type of situation comes in front of you, just leave it to the Father‘. Say from your heart “Baba” and the situation will finish.

Every day, there are reasons to live worried, it’s easy to live uptight wondering if it’ll all work out. I’ve done my best but I haven’t seen anything change. If I am not careful, I can live worried, discouraged, not expecting things to ever get better. I can live with the mentality that this is just my lot in life, ‘my karma’. But Baba says, ‘leave it to Me‘. Baba is not just God, He is my Father, He is my Teacher and He is the One giving me salvation from all the worry, the sorrow, and the peacelessness, as my Satguru. He already has a solution for all my problems, I don’t have to figure it out. In the natural, it may seem that because I’ve done all I possibly can and nothing’s changed, then this must be permanent. But let me remember that God is not natural, He is Supernatural! He has ways to do things that we cannot even think of. Instead of living uptight and trying to force things to happen – knocking on doors, manipulating, begging, struggling- I have to learn to let go and let God. When I turn it over to Him, I will not only feel the weight lift off but will actually see God make things happen.

Sometimes we are trying to play God. We are trying to make our boss promote us, fight that sanskar, force and yell and beat our child into changing course etc. but as long as I am trying to force it, God steps back. He is the Almighty Authority, He is the Purifier. When I leave it to God, He steps in and makes things happen. He may use the same people I know, the same resources I have but He will do it His way and at the right time. He can see things I cannot see. When I understand this and say from my heart: ‘Baba, I trust Your timing and Your ways, my life is in Your hands’, I will no longer live frustrated and worried, I will live at peace.

Baba says, ‘No one can bring peace in the whole world except the One Father‘. People think just preventing wars is peace but there is peacelessness in every home, in every day life. When there is a lack of inner peace, there is anger, fighting, quarrelling, irritation and frustration. It is just a matter of time before things go wrong. They don’t know the enemy they have to fight, says Baba. You are not each other’s enemy, your collective enemy is Ravan. You must fight him and finish him. And the only way to do that, Baba says, is through remembrance. He says: Children, I came to purify you 5000 years ago. I have come again. Now remember Me, your Father, and all your sins will be absolved and all your sorrow will be removed.

He didn’t promise that I wouldn’t have difficulties, this is Ravan’s world. But He did say He would give me the strength to face every battle. He didn’t say I wouldn’t need to walk through fires, but He did promise He would walk through them with me. Then, all that burns will be the rubbish of body consciousness, the strings of bondage of ‘I and mine’, the wrong attachments.

Maya will try to distract me, that’s her job. She will do it through people and situations. I will come across people who won’t be for me, they may be critical, try to find faults all the time, make it hard. Maybe it’s a situation- someone in my family is ill or I lost my business. Let me not be intimidated, let me not lose focus of my destination. Those people or that business are not my source, God is. He is my Provider and Benefactor. He knows and sees what’s going on. If something was going to stop me from reaching my destiny, He wouldn’t have allowed it. That storm, that situation is here to give me what I need to get to my destiny, not stop me. Let me stop fighting and resisting, let me start resting.

Let me pay no heed to Maya’s negative voices, let me not be afraid, or panicked, let me remember Who is with me! God’s got this! I have nothing to worry about. Yes, what I am facing may seem bigger, stronger, more powerful than me but the One with me is the All Powerful, He is Almighty God and He says: ‘leave it to Me‘. When I do this and refuse to worry, refuse to live stressed out and instead stay in peace, in His constant company, I am showing God through my actions that I trust Him.

This is what Arjuna did. During the Mahabharata war, he once took an impossible oath to kill the enemy, Jayadrath, before sunset. In the natural, it was obvious to everyone that this wouldn’t be possible given the enemy’s huge army and limited time. But Arjuna never forgot that his Friend is not bound my the natural. So he said: ‘I’m leaving this with You’. Not only was Arjuna able to fulfill his oath, the Pandavas went on to win the war. Brahma baba did the same thing. When difficult situations came- be it in the form of opposition or a lack of food and resources needed to take care of the children- he had the same response: ‘He is the Provider and Benefactor, I am simply the instrument. He will take care of it’.

My faith won’t keep Maya from coming, storms come to everyone. But my faith will make me Maya-proof. Let me stop worrying about what I’m facing, losing sleep over the family member that’s off course, being upset over that project that didn’t pan out. God is in control, He will take me to where I need to be. He knows what I’m up against, He is right there with me. Let me trust Him and live in peace. This is a decision I have to make every day. I have to remind myself daily that God is with me, He is my Father, He is responsible for me; He is my Teacher and He is preparing me for all the tests that come my way, He is my Satguru and has all the remedies I will need.

Is something weighing me down? God’s saying: ‘leave it to Me. I have healing, breakthroughs, and new beginnings’. When I remember Who is with me, that will change my perspective, it will help me switch over from fear and frustration into faith. Let me remember the times in the past when He has been there for me. He did it for me then, He will do it for me again. Living stressed doesn’t make the situation better, it only makes it worse. Let me instead dig my heels in and stay at peace knowing that He is God. Let me just say ‘Baba!’ from my heart and hear Him say back to me: ‘just leave it to Me’.

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