A lawmaker based on the power of truth

Baba says, ‘When you children imbibe the power of truth and become master lawmakers, matter will become satopradhan and the age of truth will be established‘.

Many people are given the title of peacemakers, but BapDada gives His children the title of spiritual lawmakers. You are such souls that can make everyone an embodiment of success, He says. The special power that makes this possible is the power of truth.

Truth is greatness. Importance is given to the truth. The first truth is that I am a soul, not the body. This is the foundational truth, there is no greatness without this truth. Without this truth, I go from being a great soul to being a worshipper of great souls- this is what I did for half a cycle when I forgot this truth. Baba has now reminded me, He has given me the authority of this truth as inheritance. Now, I tell others with authority, ‘I am a soul and you too are a soul’. Having similarly received the introduction of the Father, I tell others with authority, ‘God is my Father’. I say that the Father belongs to me and I belong to the Father. With the authority of this truth, I am able to give the true introduction of the creation and the world cycle. I can tell others that this world cycle is going to end and that it will then repeat once again. I can say that it is now the confluence age, not the iron age.

The Father says: At this time, the whole human world tree has reached a state of total decay. All human beings are in total darkness and are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna. There isn’t just one Kumbhakarna, but many. Even if all the scholars and pundits of the world believe, as it says in the scriptures, that it is now the iron age, God’s children, you handful of souls out of multimillions, challenge them and tell them that it is not the iron age, but the confluence age, says Baba. This, is the power of truth that you use to awaken them. Of course there are many that try to shake my faith and try to convince me that this is just my imagination, that it is not true. However, the saying is: ‘where there is truth, the soul dances’; then, there is yet another saying: ‘the boat of truth may rock, but cannot sink’. The more they try to shake me, the more I swing in the swing of faith. You are not shaking but swinging, says Baba, it is entertainment.

The power of my truth makes the whole of nature true, that is, satopradhan. In other words, it returns to its original glory, its pristineness. The power of my truth changes this whole age into the age of truth (satyug). The power of my truth makes all other souls attain their fortune of salvation. This is how powerful and how important your power of truth is, explains Baba. Truth is like an alchemist’s stone. Just as an alchemist’s stone could turn iron into gold, in the same way, your power of truth makes everything – souls, nature, time, all physical things, all relationships, all sanskars, all your food and drink and your interactions with everyone – true, authentic, that is, satopradhan. It sets the code, the righteous way to live. It completely destroys all name and trace of everything old and tamoguni.

Do you realize that you have this much power?, Baba asks. Do you realize that your tasks and activities right now become law?

When you keep this in your intellect, that you are the lawmaker, Baba says, you will then consider everything before you take any step. Just think that whatever step you are to take is becoming a law. Just as whatever is finalized by a justice or the chief Justice becomes a law, in the same way, all of you are justices; you are lawmakers. This is why you mustn’t perform any wrong actions. Since you are lawmakers, whatever thoughts you have, or whatever steps you take, when the entire world sees you doing that, they will follow you. So have this awareness while you perform every action. When you consider yourselves to be responsible to such an extent, all trivial things will automatically finish.

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