The one with all rights

Baba says, ‘have the awareness of your combined form and the intoxication of your position’. Then, you will become the souls who have all rights cycle after cycle’.

Before Baba, I was a beggar, begging for a lot of things- for wealth, for co-operation, for recognition, for good relations, for happiness and comfort, sometimes just for some rest and sleep. Baba came to return me to my sovereigntythe one who has all rights. The moment I recognized the Father and said ‘My Baba’ from my heart, I became an heir to all of the Father’s treasures. I own the Father’s shop, so to speak and so there is nothing lacking. But so often, it doesn’t feel that way and I find myself with that beggars bowl again. The two words that cause this lapse are ‘I and mine’, Baba points out. They trap me in a cycle of body conscious spinning whereas the two words that liberate me are ‘My Baba’. The moment I remember Baba, I automatically remember the inheritance. I become free from all the limited spinning of wanting this and that and instead become the spinner of the discus of self-realization.

The reason you become trapped in the spinning is because you let go of the discus of self-realization, Baba points out. The discus is always shown on one finger. One finger means one thought – I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. The discus of self-realization spins on the finger of this one thought. When you let go of the One and become caught up in many thoughts, you become trapped in many types of spinning, says Baba. To be a spinner of the discus of self-realization is to have a vision of the self and remain happy and content for all time.

In fact, purity means to be content, it is to be complete; the very praise of deities is 16 celestial degrees complete. To be complete means there is nothing lacking. I am full – I have all rights to all attainments, I need or want nothing, there is ignorance of even the word desire. This is the praise of Lakshmi and Narayan and the One Who made them that way is the Father. He comes and reminds me that it is I, the soul, that become this. It is I that receive the knowledge of Raja Yoga at this time through which I transform from Brahmin to deity. This is my aim and objective. ‘We are once again claiming the kingdom of heaven. We will definitely claim our inheritance from the Unlimited Father. Remember this very well!‘, He says. When I spin the discus of self-realization, I remember that I am not becoming something new, or something I am not. In fact, I am originally a deity soul, I am just returning to that awareness. Hum so, so hum.

Do you constantly have this intoxication that it is you that are the souls with all rights every cycle?, asks Baba.

This is a game of yesterday, today and tomorrow, He explains. Yesterday, you were deities, today, you are Brahmins, and tomorrow, you will be deities once again. If you constantly remain in this awareness, you will have this intoxication, He says. And then just as an intoxicated person forgets everything else, here too, you will forget the whole old world. Where you need to make effort is to combine awareness and action, He says. It mustn’t be that you can either remember or act but not both. Just as a President or another person of authority never forgets who he is when he is doing something, similarly, never forget your position when you come into action or into interaction with others, teaches Baba. At present, I am a Brahmin, the topknot, and Brahmins are even more elevated than deities! No matter how much Maya tries to shake off this intoxication of yours, you mustn’t allow her to, says Baba. For this, I need to be aware of her tactic- she tries to isolate me. She first makes me step away from the Father and then traps me in the spinning. Therefore, stay constantly combined, He says.

Never become isolated. “I and my Baba”. Remain in the awareness of being combined.

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