A soul-conscious intellect filled with faith

Baba says, ‘Renounce all your bodily relationships and have the faith that you are souls‘. Have soul-conscious intellects filled with faith!

There are a lot of voices in life trying to define us. Sometimes they are uplifting like a parent telling us we are special, strong and well able, but other times they are negative, mostly in my own head – there isn’t special about you, you’ve made too many mistakes, you’ve missed your chance. When I hear all these voices, it’s easy to think: Who’s telling the truth? Who am I? Am I special or ordinary? Am I strong and confident, or weak and insecure? do I have a bright future or have I blown it?

The only voice that matters is my own i.e. what I tell myself about me. Who do I believe I am? What I choose to believe about me is what I will become. Instead of going by what others think about me, what circumstances might make me feel, I need to go back to what God says about me. He says, I am a soul, His child. He says, I am pure, peaceful, loveful, knowledgeful, powerful soul.

I have chosen to hear the wrong voice for so long, for half a cycle to be precise, that it is easy to forget who I truly am. I define myself by my mistakes, by the disappointments or I define myself by the trophies, badges, job titles, likes and follows. When someone asks me for my introduction, I immediately tell them my bodily name, my nationality, education, background, occupation etc. The Father now tells His children: Constantly remember Me alone! Renounce all the religions of bodies. To whom is He telling this? To souls. This, He explains, is known as dying alive. When a person dies, all his bodily relationships are renounced. Here, you have to die alive, He explains. I don’t leave the body but while in the body, I experience myself as being who I truly am- a bodiless soul, just like the Father.

To identify with limited attainments is to stay down below, to stay ordinary, He explains. As long as I think of myself as a body, I will remain stuck in ordinariness, in the mundane – because my awareness is limited, everything else from my thoughts to words, my attitude, vision, behavior will all be ordinary. These are the beautiful moments of the confluence age, Baba reminds me, this is the real Kumbha, the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul. This spiritual meeting only takes place at the confluence age. Do I have this in my awareness or am I stuck in the ordinary corporeal body conscious awareness? Or are my thoughts more along the lines of: ‘this pandemic has me worried’, ‘my back’s been hurting lately’, ‘my kids keep getting on my nerves’, ‘business is slow these days’. That’s not who I am or what I am about. God is telling me that I am a deity soul, a world transformer, a history maker, His helper. He is telling me that I am a river of knowledge, that every one of His praise is my praise. I may not feel up to par, but let me not be moved by how I feel but have the faith in what I know. Anxious, sick, defeated, depressed- that’s not who I am, God is telling me that I am a sovereign, that I am meant to reign in life.

The more you stay in remembrance, the more you will experience the omens of Jupiter over you, Baba explains. To have the omens of Jupiter means to experience ease, success. There is no battling or struggle, there is no wandering of the intellect, I am at peace i.e. I am situated in my original nature.

Maya will work overtime to try to steal my sense of worth or value. She will remind me constantly of past mistakes, how I blew it, or how someone betrayed me, or my circumstances. She tries to distort my identity, who I am, convince me I am ordinary, so she can keep me from my greatness. This is is a tug-o-war, Baba reminds me, between God and Maya. I try to remember Baba and Maya breaks the link. But this is the effort, He says. You have the rust of body consciousness over you. Check to see how much you remember Shiv Baba. It is only by your having remembrance that the rust will continue to be removed and you will experience happiness. Yes, Maya will break my connection but the more I practice, the easier it gets to stay connected- a little longer each day. Let me not give up, rather let me keep chipping away little by little. This is how I develop a loving intellect.

It is because it is not easy that Baba says that I need to practice this over a long period of time. I have been in the wrong consciousness for a long period of time and to switch back into the right consciousness requires good old fashioned attention and practice. In the midst of your activities, pause and check, He teaches. What is your awareness? what thoughts are you thinking? Even though your hands may be busy, you intellect should be connected to the Beloved, He says. Keep a chart, He advises, of how long you were able to stay in remembrance. This will help keep me motivated to check and change throughout the day.

An awareness that is ordinary will keep me ordinary. If I feel things like: ‘I am not super-talented’, ‘I don’t come from an influential family’, ‘it’s not like I have a great personality’…then, I am missing the point! None of this is who I am. My worth comes not from anything down here, it comes from Who my father is! None of God’s children are average or ordinary. No one can do what I can do, no one can play my part in the drama. But as long as I believe I am ordinary, see myself as just a so-and-so, then I wont shine like I am supposed to. Let me starts seeing myself the right way. I am a pure, deity soul, I am the child of the Highest-on-High, I am a master almighty authority. I don’t have to feel it, I just have to believe it. When I believe it long enough, I will start to embody it. God is the Creator, the Seed of the Human world tree. He is the only One who truly knows who I am. He is reminding of this truth daily, let me accept it and embody it.

A faithful intellect attains victory. When I believe in what my Father is telling me about me, whatever is trying to stop me doesn’t have a chance.

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