The power of transformation

Baba says, ‘If your transformation is based on time, you will not then get any credit‘. Remember that time is your creation, you are the creator.

Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age to teach me Raja Yoga, the study through which I receive my unlimited inheritance. The inheritance is self-sovereignty- the ability to reign over my life including thoughts, words, actions, attitude, vision, behavior. They all work according to my wishes, on my order.

The basis to receive this inheritance is the study and a key aspect of the study is power to transform. The foundational transformation as soon as I open my eyes each morning is: I am a soul, not the body. If there hasn’t been transformation in this first thought, then throughout the day, I will be unable to claim my inheritance of self-sovereignty or in bringing about world benefit. Awareness is the seed and the rest – thoughts, words, attitude, actions- grow out of this seed.

The way to cultivate this power of transformation is to simply use it. Each one of us has this power albeit to a different extent. The more I use it, the more it strengthens and grows. Throughout the day, my partner on this journey, the drama, will present me with several occasions to use the power of transformation. I leave for work in the morning and I am stuck in the traffic jam- the thought comes: ‘you are going to be late again’, ‘I just hate this daily commute’, ‘don’t these people know how to drive?’ etc. What am I going to do? Will I set my mind on auto-pilot and let it project thought after useless thought or will I transform that into something productive? There’s nothing I can do about the situation, will I wisely use the time to simply step inward to touch base with who I am and then move upward to connect with the Father? I get to the office and find that the co-worker has left me out of that meeting- what will I do? Get bitter, upset, hurt, offended, wallow in self-pity or will I realize that my worth is not based on that meeting, that no one can keep me from my destiny? will I transform my bitterness into good wishes and pure feelings? My kid doesn’t behave, will I get frustrated, start talking defeat over him with thoughts like: ‘this kid will never change’, ‘nothing good can come out of this one’ etc. or will I transform them into thoughts of faith, summon my patience and acceptance?

Every situation that comes is by definition temporary- what comes will also go but if I am waiting for it to go so that I can feel happy again, feel peaceful again, then that is giving my power away to the situation and to time. They are your creation, Baba points out, and you are the creator. How can you be dependent on your creation? Situations are really creations of a weak mind- that traffic jam does not have to be a ‘problem’ or a ‘situation’, it could be just another scene in the drama but when I am in the wrong awareness, I make it into a situation. I could just shrug off that coworker’s behavior unless I allow it to be hurtful.

Baba says, ‘situations are smarter than Brahmins; they come and go but you hold on to them forever’. It’s just a side scene, has no impact to my destiny, it’s here now and now it’s gone…when….I learn to simply observe it and let it pass. If I make the mistake of getting onboard, then it takes up space in my mind that I need for self progress. Then I make statements like: ‘when they leave, then I will be okay’, ‘when my kid gets back on track, then I will happy’; I get into things like ‘rights’ and ‘justice’ – ‘I will be satisfied when I get that recognition I deserve’, ‘it was my idea, my effort…’, ‘they are clearly wrong, of course, I’m going to be angry’. When I fail to recognize who I am- that I am a soul- then, I allow the falsehoods of body consciousness to deceive me- be it a false sense of responsibility, a false sense of justice, a false sense of worth. Body consciousness casts a veil over me and I get lost in the alleyways of Maya’s world. Rather than oppose her, I oppose my own brothers and sisters, I see them as my enemy. I isolate myself.

You now have the third eye of knowledge, says Baba. Use it to discern true from false and transform. When you are unable to transform yourself, you are unable to reach the elevated aim that you have for yourself, He teaches. Because of not having the power to transform, when you want to attain something, despite adopting the means for it, despite having the right company, despite following the disciplines, and even while calling yourself a Brahmin, Baba says, you are unable to be content with yourself.

So, practice stabilizing yourself in that foundational awareness – I am a soul, not the body, teaches Baba. Check if you able to: 1.  transform your awareness in one second? and then, based on this awareness, are you able to:  2. transform your attitude in one second?  3. transform your nature and sanskars in one second?  4. transform your fleeting thoughts in one second, from wasteful to powerful?  6.  transform the speed of your effort from ordinary to intense in one second?  7. Go beyond the corporeal world and make yourself a resident of the incorporeal world, Paramdham, in one second? This, Baba explains, is known as the power of transformation. At the confluence age, the play is of transformation, it is now that the old world has to change.

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