Remember Me

Baba says, ‘Remember Me! The more you remember Me, the more your sins will be absolved‘.

Unless I consider myself a soul first, I cannot remember Baba. It is like connecting two wires to each other- if one of them has the insulation on, there is no connection. In the same way, as long as I am in the consciousness of the body, I cannot connect to the Supreme Soul. I have to take the insulation off and connect soul to soul. When I remember Baba therefore, I am reminding myself of who I truly am. I am teaching myself to return to my original, true consciousness. I am becoming pure.

Baba says, ‘Only the one incorporeal One is the Purifier. No corporeal guru can be the Purifier‘. That’s because when I remember a corporeal form, I also remain in a corporeal form and a corporeal consciousness. There is no transformation. Only the Supreme Soul is uniquely positioned to facilitate this purification of souls because He is the incorporeal One. He never comes into the cycle of birth and death and therefore never loses His purity or power. He is the only One in constant realization and is therefore my only reference point at this time.

When I remember Him, I remember His virtues which are also my virtues; I remember His praise which is also my praise; I remember His knowledge which is about who I am, Who He is and how this play unfolds. As long as I am in the consciousness of the body, my intellect will be caught up in the worldly things- roles, responsibilities, what she/he said, etc., it is operating at a different wavelength. In order to remember Baba and all His treasures, to imbibe them, I need to switch to a higher wavelength, into the awareness of being a soul.

Sometimes, I think it is something I do during sit-down meditation- at Amrit vela and in the evening. But what I quickly discover is that it doesn’t work unless I’ve paid attention during the rest of the day. If I have allowed myself to become loose throughout the day, then when I sit down to remember Baba, all I remember instead are the events of the day; I find myself processing feelings. I listen to Murli, I follow all the disciplines, but along with that, Baba says, there also has to be constant remembrance. This is what those who have powerful remembrance pay attention to.

While Baba does not have a body of His own, I do. I have to become bodiless while in the body to connect with the Bodiless One. It’s a bit of spiritual acrobatics but one that pays huge dividends. Throughout the day, in the midst of your tasks, pause for a minute or two and check your awareness, your thoughts and transform, teaches Baba. They add up and create a fortress of protection around me from Maya. During those routine tasks when you don’t have to think, connect your intellect with the Father, He says. Your hands may be busy but the intellect is connected with the Beloved.

The more you stay in remembrance, the more your sins are absolved, He says. The more I remember Him, the more I experience His unconditional love, His acceptance, His innocence. I am able to let go of the heaviness of past mistakes weighing me down, the guilt, the shame, the condemnation holding me back. He has already forgiven and forgotten, when I remember Him, I experience His forgiveness and learn to forgive myself. I become light. The more I remember Him, the more powerful that fire of remembrance or that fire of love becomes and in it, I sacrifice the old world- the sanskars, the beliefs, the prejudices, the blocks, the attachments, and all the rest. Like a moth that flies into the flame, I, the soul, fly into the Supreme Flame and burn away all the bondages holding me back. I become liberated-in-life.

Once I have sacrificed myself to the Flame, i.e. given my heart to the one True Beloved, to then take it back is a sin. It shows unfaithfulness, and disloyalty. It is one thing to profess love and another thing altogether to fulfill the relationship of love. When you fulfill this relationship now, I fulfill it for the whole cycle, He says. The Father says: Children, I am your Father. This is the truth, there is no blind faith here. He is the Father and also the Teacher. When you belong to the Father, He gives you teachings. He is here offering me sovereignty by teaching me Raja Yoga but unless I accept Him as my Father, I will not pay attention to His instructions, I will not learn and will therefore deprive myself of this inheritance from Him.

The Father is now making you pure and also giving you your inheritance. The new world will be the pure world. You are now sitting personally in front of the Father. Just as a worldly father sits with his children and explains to them with love, so, here, this is the unique Father from beyond this world to whom you have been singing: You are the Mother and You are the Father. You know that that One, whom we remember on the path of devotion, is playing His part at this time. 

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