Let go of limited desires

Baba says, ‘you mustn’t have any of the desires that people of this old world have because this world is to be destroyed‘.

Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age to give me my unlimited inheritance. In order to claim this inheritance, He says, I have to become pure. He says: Don’t become impure anymore, conquer the great enemy of lust.

To be a conqueror of lust, He teaches, means to be victorious over all desires because each desire has a great deal of expansion. There is the desire for physical possessions, then, there is the desire to attain something from people, third, there are the many limited desires that arise with fulfilling relationships, then, there are the limited desires in service for name, fame and glorification. To finish all four types of desire means to be victorious over sorrow and peacelessness for all time. If there is an attraction toward any perishable thing, then that is definitely attachment in the form of desires, says Baba.

Often, I justify it to myself by saying: ‘it’s not that I want it, I just happen to enjoy it, that’s all’. I deceive myself into believing that I’m not attached to the person or the thing but in reality, when I have a special interest or attraction to something, there will automatically be a desire. For example, it’s one thing to appreciate a virtue in someone and want to imbibe it within myself and a completely different thing to allow myself to be impressed by the person itself. Then, when that person inevitably makes a mistake or I notice a flaw, I feel disappointed and let down; or when they leave, I feel lost. So rather than imbibe their goodness within me, I inadvertently deprive myself of that goodness and simply stay impressed. On the flip side, sometimes, there is jealousy and enmity that develops- that too is a consequence of desire and will finish my happiness and peace. My mind will be constantly in upheaval and then my thought is: ‘I can also do this, I will do it even better and show everyone’. I think that will bring me respect, glory, recognition, whatever. Baba asks: ‘to whom will you show? the Father or the family? this is not showing, this is falling‘. These thoughts don’t look good on a child of God, He says.

The Father is the Bestower and so I, His child, am a master bestower. A bestower is someone who gives at every moment through every thought. A bestower is someone who is generous-hearted, someone with a heart as big as an ocean. A bestower is someone who has no desire to take anything from any soul other than the Father. When you constantly give, Baba teaches, you go beyond any selfish motives and are loving to everyone, same as the Father. Everyone automatically gives regard to such a bestower. Such a child is part of the golden-aged royal clan because they become a sustainer, one who constantly sustains others with love and co-operation just like the Father. To be such a bestower, you have to be full yourself, He reminds me. Give everything worth straws to the Bestower, then in return you receive so much that the receiving changes into giving, He says.

Time is coming close, there is very little left, He points out. Don’t become takers of any type of limited things. Even now, if you have the desire to fulfill your own limited hopes, then how will you fulfill the hopes of all souls of the world? He asks. ‘I want a little name, a little respect, a little regard, love and power’. If even now, you have these selfish motives, that is, you have these selfish desires for yourself, when, Baba asks, would you experience the stage of being completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires? That is the stage of the golden-aged deities and it is the stage I develop now. Limited desires never allow you to become good, they make you into a royal beggar, Baba teaches. When you are a sovereign, a child with all rights, you automatically receive love, respect and regard. Such souls don’t sing the tune of ‘I want, I want’ but instead, they sing: ‘Having attained the Father, I have attained everything’.

You are children of the Sun of Knowledge, you are master suns, then why, He asks, do you need the lamps of limited desires? The basis of fulfilling whatever you want is to give the maximum of that thing, He teaches. Give respect, don’t take it, give regard, don’t ask for it. If you want your name glorified, then give the donation of the Father’s name. Giving is the basis of receiving. You are becoming deities, He reminds me, so give. Devotees don’t sing your praise as takers, they remember you as bestowers. So now, your worldly hopes and desires have ended, says Baba, you only have unlimited desires of spiritual life, the desires of knowledge. The desire is to imbibe the knowledge fully, that is, to claim my inheritance fully and become a sovereign, an heir to the father’s throne. You cannot get there as long as you have limited desires, says Baba because those desires will not allow you to confront Maya, they make you subservient to Maya. So now, stay in the honor of being a master bestower, remain in this awareness constantly, He teaches.

You know that you have to become full of all virtues and sixteen celestial degrees full here. The Father says to you children: Sweet children, have no desire other than that of receiving your unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. So now, says Baba, donate the worthless straws of limited desires, that is, sacrifice the whole old world into the fire of knowledge. Become a master bestower, that is, become a golden-aged deity.

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