Remember only what the Father is teaching you

Baba says, ‘I am your Father, I make you into the masters of heaven‘. If you souls continue to remember the Father well, you will go and take birth in the land of immortality.

The very first thing Baba says when He comes is sweet children. He makes it clear that He is the Father. Children receive an inheritance rom the Father. My Father is God, the Creator of Heaven so my inheritance is that I become the master of heaven, the master of my Father’s property. The people who live in heaven are deities, their praise is 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless and righteous. So that’s who I am originally and am becoming once again. You were deities for half a cycle, my Father reminds me, then for the second half of the cycle, you are remembered.

This is who you are! Having taken many births, you forgot who you are and became impure. You then called out to Me to come and purify you, so I am here now, He says. How does He purify me? By reminding me of the truth that I had forgotten. He reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to and of how the cycle turns. It’s easy, He point out, just remember! In bhakti, you went to the temples, undertook dangerous pilgrimages, performed all kinds of rituals but it brought you nothing, you kept falling down. Now, I come and give you the knowledge that lifts you up.

What am I remembering? Am I remembering that which He is reminding me of, my elevated truth, my real past which is also the future I am going into? or am I remembering the past that is false, that which was created when I was under the influence of Maya, the past that is full of mistakes, failures, betrayals, losses, heartbreaks and things I don’t understand? I might think: well, my past is my past! it’s not like I can deny it! God is not asking me to deny it, He is asking me to choose what I remember. It is up to me to define my story, choose the pieces to weave together. If I am not actively choosing the pieces, then Maya is writing my story for me. She is defining my present and therefore my future because what I believe about myself now determines what I will become in the future. Will I allow myself to be stuck in the false past or will I remember the truth?

Well, it’s not just the past, I think to myself, it’s also the present. I still make mistakes. I still can’t seem to overcome that sanskar. I lost my temper last week despite working so hard to overcome it. I’m not sure that I am really becoming the ‘king of kings’….look at me, I’m still struggling! Let me remember that I am not the purifier, God is! He’s made that very clear in His introduction. If I could become pure on my own strength, I wouldn’t have called out to God. I even tried dipping in the Ganges and that didn’t help either! If it was that simple, everyone would be pure by now, He says. I know the effort you put in, He assures me. He knows it’s hard, He knows it can wear me down, He knows it can be overwhelming. That’s why He is on this journey with me, I am not alone. That is why He doesn’t remind me once and then sit and watch, He reminds me daily. The question is do I remember daily? It’s also interesting that He doesn’t just remind me on the good days…when I do things right: ‘Oh good, you didn’t make any mistakes today, so maybe you can be a deity after all’ and when I have a bad day, say: ‘well, here we go again. You are a real headache to Me, how many times will I need to teach you this same lesson. I think I’m just going to switch you out for another soul…’.

I am your Father, He reminds me, you are my long lost and now found children. That is a fact that cannot change no matter how many mistakes I make or don’t make. It has nothing to do with it. I am becoming a master of heaven not because of how well I ‘perform’ but because of Whose child I am. This, is what He is reminding me of. Every day, He says: Remember the Father and the inheritance. He never says, make an inventory of your mistakes and revise it daily! What am I remembering? I am in a partnership with God, the drama and time. This is an auspicious time in the cycle, it is the time of ascension. It is time when the drama ends and gets ready to repeat from the beginning. It is a time when God Himself comes as the Purifier to get souls ready for the new run. Everything is aligned in my favor. This, is what He is reminding me daily. He is asking me to spin the discus of self-realization and look at the whole story, the grand story of my past…you are going to that same heaven again, He tells me! He isn’t asking me to be shortsighted where I get stuck dwelling on the last few scenes which may not be so good and decide that I dislike the whole story. What am I remembering?

God works not with those who perform perfectly but He works with those whose heart is turned toward Him. He never said, those who perform perfectly will be victorious, He said: those with a loving intellect will be victorious. Is my intellect connected to God? or is it busy flagellating itself for getting it wrong again? If I live guilty, in condemnation, mad at myself for not being as far along as I’d like, that is a sign of an unloving intellect. It will keep me from the goodness of God. This is, in fact, the cause of strife and unhappiness is most homes today. He is the Dilwala, the Comforter of Hearts, Who comes to give comfort to His children who are tired from all the wandering of half a cycle. Invite Me in, He tells me, let Me be your Charioteer. I will guide you to your destination, despite all the mistakes and failures. Nothing that comes to me in the drama is useless, it is here to teach me something and move me toward my destination, not away from it. Let me be mature enough to learn. Let me stay open and pliable to be molded by God. That, is my duty. He will use the scenes in the drama to help me understand and overcome. Rather than cover my face and run away from God when I fall, let me dust myself back up and run to God. The mistakes, the failures, the falls are all part of the purification process. Let me dare to trust Him.

Once you give me your heart, don’t take it back, He says. God’s ways are His ways. I won’t understand everything He is doing, why something is taking as long as it is, how I will get to the destination when everything about the circumstances makes it seem impossible. And God is not obligated to reveal His plans to me, He won’t. But that’s why we have faith! I believe even when I don’t see because I’m not moved by what I see, I’m moved by what I know. What I know is what He is telling me daily, I know the truth now. Let me remember it daily, constantly. Only listen to Me now, don’t listen to anyone else, He tells me. This is not a ‘suggestion’ from God, it isn’t ‘advice’ either. It is a direct order from the Father to His children. This is the only thing I ask you to do, He says. To the extent I obey this direction, that is, to the extent I remember only that which He is reminding me of, I will become the master of heaven, the land of peace and happiness.

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