Remember the Father with great patience, maturity, sincerity and understanding

Baba says, ‘Remember the Father with great patience, maturity, sincerity and understanding’.

God has whispered something to me at night, He has spoken to me through the Murli. He has said that He sees me doing great things, that there is so much service to be done. And yet, I feel I am hidden. I have been in these circumstances that don’t seem to change and I continue to wait for something to happen.

Baba says, ‘have patience‘. Something is not happening because I am not prepared for what God has in mind for me. I might feel ready for what I have in mind but what I have in mind for myself is usually much smaller than what God has in mind for me. I might think I know what it is He wants me to do, but let me realize this is God! He says, there are things I want you to do that you cannot even imagine! If He were to reveal His plans to me right now, I would be stunned. I wouldn’t be able to handle His vision for me. I need more time to grow, to develop, to gain experience. Maturity is experience and patience is the tool that God uses to build maturity. Patience, in turn, develops during the waiting.

In that waiting, I am getting stronger, building endurance, so I can succeed in what God has for me. It can be frustrating, I may not like it, I may not see anything happening externally, but in fact there is a lot happening internally– patience is building me, my spiritual muscles are getting stronger, I’m growing, and developing. Let me not discount the waiting periods and get discouraged because its not happening as fast as I’d like. The size of the wait period is directly proportional to the size of God’s vision. If I’ve been waiting long, it means it is a large vision.

How I wait also determines how long I will wait. The children ask: ‘Baba, until when will this study continue?’. Baba says, ‘remain cheerful, remember the Father with a lot of enthusiasm. The praise, “Godly student life is the best”, is of the present time.

Am I going to wait frustrated, negative, thinking: ‘why is this taking so long?, when will it happen?’. Will I succumb to the temptation to try to do things in my own strength- knock on doors, make compromises, try to manipulate in order to get to something I believe is the right thing for me? or will I be patient and wait with a good attitude? It is freeing when I live with the understanding that I am not falling behind, I am right on schedule, that God has me exactly where He needs me. I am just interested in the destination, God is interested in the journey. God is working on me along the way. I am growing, I am developing a greater trust in God, understanding how He operates and how to partner with Him, I am learning to stand strong, unshakable, even when the odds are against me. My character is coming up higher- when it seems that others are moving on ahead, that they are accomplishing great things, I am learning not to be jealous, but to celebrate them. I am learning not to be humiliated when that person looks down on me because I am learning that my worth does not come from people’s opinions or from accomplishments, it comes solely from being a child of God. In other words, while I wait, patience is making me mature. As I pass the tests, I am building confidence, resolve and strength. I am finding my bearings- my own identity.

Baba says, ‘No matter what someone gives you, whether it is something good or bad, you are the ones with big hearts, who belong to the greatest of all Fathers. Even if someone gives you something bad, you, with your big heart, must not accept that, but you should become a bestower and give that one co-operation, love and power. Give that one a gift of one or another virtue through your stage. You are the children of the greatest of all Fathers, the One who has the biggest heart’. This, is the definition of maturity.

God uses the situations and people in my life to mature me, to develop me, let me not get impatient for Him to act. Instead, let me understand and tune in to the great part of the current time and take maximum benefit. Let me learn with sincerity. Maturity and strength do not come overnight, it takes time. I cannot bypass the process because so much is developed in the process. Without facing the tests, I cannot become that unshakable mature child that God want me to be. Let me dare to trust God’s ways and His timing. Let me be okay waiting, let me keep being my best, keep being sincere by following Shrimat no matter what the external circumstances might look like. Let me not succumb to forcing things to happen faster.

Baba says, ‘You have to follow shrimat. If you follow your own dictates, you will cross out your fortune. Always remember Who is teaching you. The most beloved incorporeal Father is teaching us. He does so much altruistic service of the children. He makes you children become like diamonds‘.

It’s interesting that for diamonds to form, carbon at about 100 miles from the earth’s top surface should be subject to intense pressure and heat. The temperature should be around 2200 F and at about 725000 PSI, the solid diamond structure gets formed. Only with these intense conditions can diamonds be formed. Diamonds also depend on pure carbon sources. Small defects can change the color and structure of diamonds. In fact, small changes can cause the diamond to become undesirable. So to form diamonds, pure carbon sources need to be trapped. Next, it is equally interesting how diamonds travel to the earth’s top-most surface from being trapped underground while being formed. Turn out, most of the mined diamonds were brought to the top surface by volcanic eruptions. Scientists claim that the movement happens in few hours. This is because volcanic eruptions can travel around 30-miles in less than an hour.

Yes, I may be in waiting right now, it feels like it’s been too long, but let me stay in faith knowing that I am no ordinary gem, I am becoming a diamond. I cannot afford defects in my character if I am going to be valuable to God in His unlimited task. Let Him make me and mold me. It might seem that I am losing time, that I have a long road to cover ahead. Let me stay in faith knowing that when I am ready, I won’t be taking the bus, it will be an eruption! I will be propelled forward making up for the time in waiting, it will happen suddenly. The key is to believe, stay in faith and maintain my enthusiasm for the process.

Remember the Father with great patience, maturity, sincerity and understanding. Have such love for the Father that you absolutely cling to Him. ‘Baba, You are making us so elevated and sensible, You are making us into the masters of heaven’. By singing the Father’s praise in this way, you should bubble up inside. Always maintain your spiritual happiness. 

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