He is my Father

Baba says: ‘Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father’. You children know that the unlimited Father is teaching you Raja Yoga.

The very first thing Baba says each morning is ‘sweet child‘. He reminds me daily that He is my Father. This isn’t a question of blind faith, it is the truth. Not only is He my Father but He is also my Teacher and my Satguru. I experience these relationships when I relate to Him as a child, as a student. I experience His love, His teachings, His hand of blessings over my head, His being there with me at every step. When I experience His companionship and love, then I am inspired to pay attention to what He is telling me, I am inspired to learn more about Him- how He operates, how He thinks, how He acts -and then, imbibe that within myself. When I imbibe, I see myself change – I respond to things differently, I think, feel, act differently. Things that would have bothered me a great deal before don’t anymore. I feel lighter, I have a spring in my step, I have confidence, courage and a strength of character. The more I change, the more I want to change, it is a virtuous cycle.

But it all starts with me accepting that this is my Father just as He has accepted me as His child. When I accept this truth, it becomes my natural awareness. From my awareness flows everything else.

Sometimes I have intellectually accepted Baba as the Father but not from my heart. I follow the disciplines, I listen to the Murli, I want to be my best but if that acceptance is not from my heart, I will fall short in my efforts. Why? because I will lack the strength, the power to transform. I set out to be sweet, loving, kind but when that co-worker or that relative does something I perceive as wrong, I cannot stand it. I forget the sweetness and lapse into old patterns of losing my temper, getting frustrated, feeling offended, upset, bitter etc. But if I remember the One who is teaching me, if I have that deep experience of love in my heart, if I have been moved and inspired by Him, I won’t allow my determination to weaken at the time of action. I am so full of love inside that something outside cannot cause upheaval. It’s like when I am in a good mood, then something someone does that would otherwise bother me doesn’t at that time. I am able to let it go. It’s the same here.

Similarly, when I have the love for the Father and experience myself to be His child, I see His task as my task. I view the task of world transformation as a family business. I am fully invested in it’s success just as much as the Father. I don’t wait for the Father to direct me to do something, I take initiative. Whether it is a project at work or at the center, I treat it with equal importance. It is all the Father’s work, I make myself available to help out in any way I can. I don’t prioritize being the ‘leader’ by position, I prioritize being the leader through my own feelings for everyone and the task. If there is someone who can do something well, I don’t hesitate in offering them the task and putting them forward. When I already own the shop, I no longer feel the need to draw attention to me, I care about making the shop a success. I am no longer working onto people, I am working for my own shop, for my Father. I want people to come, to benefit, to experience, to contribute, to transact. I want them to leave feeling full, having gotten an introduction of their Father, having gotten a taste of their inheritance of peace, purity, love and happiness.

But if I don’t have that deep connection with the Father, then I am not invested as deeply and I remain trapped in my own body conscious strings of attachment. When I am offered a project, I don’t take it on because I consider it ‘too small’ or because it ‘interferes with my routine’ or some other excuse. In other words, I do something if it suits my convenience because it is not personal to me, I don’t see it as ‘my responsibility’. When I don’t relate, therefore, I remain a co-operative child but stop short of becoming the heir that claims the inheritance.

The Father says to you children: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father. You children know that the unlimited Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. He is the Father of all souls. You children now have to become soul conscious and this stage can only become firm when you first have the faith that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you.

When I am not engaged in His task, when I don’t relate deeply, I won’t study as well which is to say, I deprive myself of my full inheritance. I won’t know how to tune in to the drama, into the current scene. I will try to do things based on my own strength and on my own timing and as a result, there will be a lot more effort with very little reward. He may be asking me to wait, wants to teach me something through this situation before He propels me forward. But if I don’t know how to listen, I will miss it and continue struggling as I try to make it on my own. Without experiencing His help and power, I won’t experience this to be an easy yogi life. Consequently, I won’t build up my faith and will keep wondering if God has forgotten about me. He hasn’t, it’s just that I am not listening.

And so Baba says daily: remove your intellect from everything else and constantly remember Me alone. Then the remembrance becomes the fire of love that melts the alloy of body consciousness and transforms the soul. It becomes the alchemy that transforms stone to gold. You belong to Me, He tell me, I am teaching you directly, relate to Me directly. Even on the path of devotion you sang, “Baba, when You come I will surrender myself and belong to You. I, the soul, will shed this body and return with You.” Even when a girl gets married she goes with her bridegroom. Now, Shiva, the Bridegroom, says: I will liberate you from this sorrow and take you to the land of happiness.

But it all happens when I accept Him as He has accepted Me.

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  1. M.G Padmasree says:

    Baba Thank you for your wonderful teachings

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