Awaken your fortune

Baba says, ‘Only the one Father awakens the dormant fortune, gives directions and creates your fortune’

To recognize means to awaken your fortune, explains Baba. That very first moment when I recognized that this is my Father, accepted this truth and said, ‘My Baba‘- that moment is the most elevated and beautiful moment of the whole cycle. So much so that I remember that moment even now! That was the moment when my fortune awakened, when I went from being an orphan to belonging to a Father, Mother and a family. Those who were separated, met again. A soul with no attainment belonged to the Bestower of Attainment. That first moment of transformation, that moment of my fortune awakening is such a great elevated moment- when I find out who I am and Whose I am. It is even greater than a life in heaven. In that one moment, everything ‘mine’ became ‘Yours‘ and I became light. I became light from the burden of ‘mine’, I received the wings of happiness. From wandering on earth, I started flying in the sky. I changed from stone to diamond. I became free from the many different types of spinning and became a spinner of the discus of self-realization. I attained the omens of Jupiter filled with the fortune of the attainments of body, mind, wealth and people. With such omens and such a line of fortune, I became the one with an elevated fortune. My third eye opened and I realized myself and the Father. Such is the wonder of that first, elevated moment.

But it doesn’t stop there, says Baba. Your fortune will continue to awaken throughout the confluence age, He says, to the extent that you continue to belong, meet and claim your right.

To the extent that I surrender to Baba which is to say, to the extent that I follow His Shrimat, I will continue to awaken my fortune. The first step is to understand His Shrimat which is the knowledge He gives me. To the extent that I am knowledge-full, to that extent I will also be fortunate because whatever effort that I make, knowing the beginning, middle and end, there will definitely be success in that. To achieve success is a sign of fortune. ‘There is knowledge about karma and also knowledge about your Creator and the creation. There is also knowledge about coming into connection with the family‘, says Baba. I have been given knowledge about every aspect. Knowledge-full doesn’t mean that I just know the points but rather it means that I am an embodiment of knowledge in every thought, every word and every deed. Secondly, to the extent that I am knowledge-full, I will also be careful. To the extent that I am careful, I will also be cheerful. To be cheerful in a world that is full of sorrow and suffering is the sign of fortune, says Baba.

I become careless when I step outside the line of the code of conduct, explains Baba. It is when I follow the dictates of my own mind. You souls are like Sitas, He explains, you must remain within this line. Those who are careful and remain within the line of the codes of conduct can become the most elevated human beings because they become pure. And so when you see that you are not cheerful, it is a sign that you’ve definitely disobeyed a code of conduct and stepped outside the line of purity. You have been given a code of conduct even for your thoughts and so you must not even have any waste thoughts. If you go beyond this line and have wasteful or sinful thoughts, you should realize, Baba says, that you have disobeyed the code of conduct of thoughts, and this is why you are not cheerful. In the same way, He says, you have been given a code of conduct for your words – of what words to speak while stable in a particular stage. If there is disobedience in your words, then, too, you cannot remain cheerful; your own wasteful and sinful thoughts bring you down from your stage of being cheerful, because you have crossed the line of the code of conduct.

When you become pure your fortune awakens, teaches Baba.

If you keep yourself within the line of the code of conduct, then Ravan, Maya, that is, no obstacle, storm or situation will have the courage to come within this line. The intellect is the foot on which you go on the pilgrimage. It is when you move the foot of the intellect out of the line of the code of conduct that all these things come in front of you, says Baba. And then, just like that, I go from being a lovely and fortunate child of the Father to a beggar. The sign of becoming a beggar is that I ask for support from the Father or other souls. My own treasure of powers finish, I no longer have the intoxication or power of my own attainment. Therefore, you must never become a beggar, says Baba, you must never go from one who has awakened your fortune to losing it all. You are the emperors of the world, the king of kings! but the stage of being a Brahmin at the present time, or the stage of being knowledge– full directly through the Father, is even more elevated. So, it doesn’t seem right to let go of such a stage and become a beggar!, He says.

So, check your every thought and deed, that is, take care that you do not step outside the line of the code of conduct or the line of purity. Make yourselves the human beings who follow the highest code of conduct, the ones who have awakened your fortune.

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