Becoming tolerant like Father Brahma

Baba says, ‘Just as Father Brahma tolerated insults from gyani and non-gyani souls and transformed them, in the same way, follow the father’.

The seed of most obstacles for the self or in service are two words, Baba points out: 1) Arrogance. 2) Insult. Either I think, “I did this”, and am arrogant about it, or, I think, “Why wasn’t I placed at the front?” “Why was this said to me?” and I feel insulted. This arrogance or feeling of being insulted appear as obstacles in various forms. The reason these two roads deceive you so much is because you make one small mistake, Baba teaches. You consider yourselves to be just servers. You forget, He points out, that you are in fact God’s servers. You aren’t just doing service, but you are doing Godly service. When I maintain this awareness, I combine service with remembrance of the Father and there is automatically a feeling of compassion and tolerance for everyone. So, says, Baba, always remember that ‘I am God’s helper‘. Don’t think: ‘I am doing this’, but think, ‘God is getting this done through me’. When it is Baba’s, then where is the question of arrogance or insult?, asks Baba. And so, by having this one awareness, Baba teaches, you can easily finish the seed of all obstacles for all time.

This is what Brahma Baba demonstrated in his own life and he therefore became the first karmateet angel and the first deity. He became number one in everything. Baba got there by completely surrendering himself to Shiv Baba and part of that surrender was the inculcation of tolerance. No one faced more anger or was showered with more insults than Baba. In his worldly life, he had never heard a bad word, but when he became Brahma, he became number one in having to hear bad words, everyone became his enemy in his spiritual life. When some children were assaulted, that was also automatically also an assault on the father indirectly. But with the inculcation of tolerance he remained smiling; he never wilted. To smile when someone praises you is not being tolerant, Baba points out. But to remain smiling at a time when someone becomes an angry enemy and rains insults on you and you do not show the slightest sign of wilting on your face or even in your thoughts; that is called being tolerant. To see, speak and start a connection with compassionate feelings with an enemy soul is called having tolerance. When someone opposed Baba one day and came the next day to ask him for forgiveness, the words that emerged from their lips were, “Baba is truly Baba!”. That is the sign of making those who fail pass with tolerance and to pass through the obstacle.

In this way, in the task of establishment and of doing service, there were sometimes small and sometimes big storms. As a memorial in the scriptures, they have portrayed Mahavir Hanuman carrying a big mountain on the palm of his hand just like a ball. In the same way even if the problem, obstacle or storm seemed like a big mountain, Brahma Baba overcame it as if it was a game. He remained light himself and that also made others light. This, is called tolerance. He didn’t make a small stone into a mountain, but made a mountain into a ball; he put the expansion into its essence: this is tolerance. To expand obstacles and problems in your mind or to speak about them to others means to make mountains. However, he didn’t go into expansion but, with the full-stop of “nothing new”, he moved forward. To go into expansion is to take the long route to get to the destination, Baba explains. You spend a lot of time in: “Does this also happen? Why this? What is this? It shouldn’t be like this, but like this.” etc. You continue to rattle on in your thoughts and words and all that rattling simply tires you out and makes you breathless, He points out. You will still get there but because there is a lot of time and energy wasted, you become disheartened in the process. So, follow father by becoming an elevated, tolerant soul and put expansion, problems and obstacles into their essence with knowledge and yoga, teaches Baba. Then, you will constantly enjoy yourself and overcome everything with a smile. You won’t rattle, you will fly. This is called tolerance.

In fact, this is what it means to be a Brahmin, says Baba, it is to live with pleasure in your heart just like Father Brahma! However, the basis of this is tolerance. So, tolerance is very, very special. Because of this specialty, Father Brahma always remained unshakeable and immovable.

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