Become a trustee

Baba says, ‘You are trustees. All of this is His. We have to follow His shrimat‘.

The first lesson of this spiritual study is also the last lesson- it is the answer to the question: ‘Who am I?’. I start with the knowledge that I am a soul and not a body, that’s lesson one. The journey in between is where I realize what type of a soul I am and let go of all the bondages. I become a conqueror of attachments. The easiest way to undertake that journey to becoming a conqueror of attachments, is to remain in the awareness of ‘I am a trustee’. In fact when I take birth as a Brahmin, I have died alive to the old world and am effectively saying: ‘I now belong to the Father, He is now my world’.

While in the past, I used whatever I had any which way I wanted, now, I ask the Father’s permission. It no longer belongs to me, it is His. To remember this is to become Maya-proof and save myself from wrong actions. And this is not just limited to physical things but to every aspect- physical and subtle. It applies to mind, body, wealth, facilities, everything. I have been given Shrimat for every aspect of my life. Do I think thoughts, speak words, perform every action as a trustee i.e. do I use these treasures I have been entrusted with according to the owner’s instructions? If I don’t, then by default, at this time in the cycle, Maya inspires thoughts, words and actions that are wrong, that cause sorrow to the self and others. She will work overtime to get me to live worried about anything and everything, or wondering how something will happen or if it something was right or wrong etc. Worry comes when there is the consciousness of ‘mine’. To have this consciousness of ‘mine’ is to be a householder, says Baba. You have been householders for half a cycle and you also know what you attained as a result- endless sorrow. Now, says Baba, become trustees! A trustee means to be constantly happy. A trustee is constantly light and has a stage that is constantly ascending.

To be a trustee means I continue to live in the household but I carry out my household duties while remaining detached. I don’t carry the heavy burden of responsibility. ‘Give all those burdens to Me!‘, says the Father. It is no longer, “my husband, my wife, my home, my children, my shop, my office”, it is the Father’s. I am simply the trustee. ‘You say: Everything we have was given to us by God. All of this is His. So why then do you take it back!’, He asks. You take on all the wasteful burdens and then wish to fly, but how can you fly?, He asks. Due to a lack of attention to being a trustee, you become a caged bird afraid to fly. You are the master ocean and yet you become thirsty for just a handful. You ask for a little salvation, a little mercy, a little help when in fact you are the master of all attainments, all powers. Baba cannot bear to see the masters of all attainments, those who are the children, being deprived of attainments. So now, He instructs, let go of the sanskars of half a cycle of being a householder. Be a trustee of your body and of your mind. Everything is Baba’s responsibility, not mine. Be light with this consciousness. Then, you won’t be blocked by obstacles, you will simply take a high jump. Then your spiritual chit-chat won’t be of complaints or of relating worries or of asking for a little help, it will be different, it will be one that a child with all rights has with it’s Father.

When you say “Yours”, sorrow ends. To say “mine” means to become confused. In fact it is the consciousness of ‘mine’ that is the birthplace of Maya, teaches Baba. Just as insects breed in rubbish, so, too, Maya takes birth when you have the consciousness of “mine”. So, now don’t be defeated by Maya, consider yourself to be a trustee. Change “mine” to “Yours” and move from pain to pleasure, He says. If you don’t stay in pleasure now, then when would you stay in pleasure?, He asks. The confluence age is the age of pleasure. Take care that there is no waste even in your dreams or thoughts. You have been wasting everything for half the cycle. The time for wasting is now over. It is now the time to earn an income. To the extent that you are a trustee, you will accordingly be able to accumulate. Accumulate so much that you will be able to eat comfortably from that for the whole cycle. Have so much stock that you also become able to give to others, because you are children of the Bestower.

Simply stay lost in the love of belonging to the one Father and none other. That is what enables me to go from being a householder to a child. That is the only thing you have to do, He says, I give you no other difficulty. Don’t belong to the Father and the leave Him. Where there is love, no obstacles can remain, you cannot be defeated by Maya. Just as when it is the day, there cannot be darkness, it is the same, He says, with love and obstacles. Love is so powerful that it burns away obstacles. No matter how big an obstacle may be, those who have love overcome that obstacle as easily as pulling a hair out of butter. Love enables you to experience all attainments. Where the Father is, there is definitely attainment. The Father’s treasures are the children’s treasures.

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