I have three fathers

Baba says, ‘Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father‘. You now have three fathers at the confluence age.

God is here to undertake the greatest task in the history of the world- the establishment of heaven. He has tapped me to help Him in this task. He has told me that He has great faith in me, He believes I can do great things. I feel humbled, ecstatic, nervous, all at the same time. Then, when I’ve returned back to earth from experiencing that euphoric moment, I look around and think- but how? I have these bondages at home, this opposition from family members. I have this situation at work, it takes up all my time. I don’t have any special skills or talents or training, all I have is life experience. I don’t have much education, all I have is an ordinary college diploma. I am not really outgoing either, I am an introvert, I tend to keep to myself. And just like that, euphoria changes to self-doubt and I wonder: did I hear Him right? does He really want me? how am I ever going to be useful to God? how will I serve?

The ‘how’, as it turns out, is not my problem. It is God’s. He hasn’t asked me to figure out the ‘how’, He has only ever asked me to remember the ‘who’. His mantra to me is Manmanabhav!- consider yourself a soul and belong to Me in your mind. When I know who I am- that I am the child of the Highest-on-High, that I am the child of the Creator, that I am the child of Almighty God, that I am crowned with blessings, that I have royal deity blood flowing in my veins- when I know this about myself, then this who will override the how. This is who I am, nothing can change it, there is no question of how.

So instead of focusing on the ‘how’, let me spend the same time in remembering the ‘who’. All through the day: ‘Thank you Baba that I am Your child, that You chose me before I chose You, that You handpicked me, that You know how to make a way where I don’t see a way’. If I can take care of the ‘who’, God will take care of the ‘how’.

You don’t have one but three fathers at this time in the confluence age, He reminds me. The very first thing I hear each morning is ‘sweet child’. Do I believe deeply in my bones that God is my Father? And at this time, I also belong to Father Brahma, my subtle father. He is God’s first angel and he is constantly watching over me. The only conversation they have between them is about me. They are busy singing praises of my specialties, discussing what a special child I am, they are giddy thinking about my fortune. Do I believe that I am what my fathers say I am? or do I believe something different? Do I believe in my fortune as much as they do? Let me have childlike faith. A child never worries itself about the ‘how’, it only remembers who it is and whose it is. All a child says is: ‘I know my dad will take care of it’. Who is my Dad? And I have not one but two! If a human father can evoke so much trust in a child, how much more trust should I have when I remember my two fathers – one of them is God, the Creator and the other is Brahma, the father of humanity!

Sure, in the natural, I don’t see how things could ever change, how I could accomplish the dreams I have in my heart. But that’s okay. My Father has ways of doing things I cannot see. He doesn’t give me a dream and then not help me see it through. He doesn’t give me a dream and not give me the way, the means, the skill, the ability to realize it. He is working behind the scenes and already lining up what I need. It may seem like it’s taking time but let me stay in faith because only an intellect filled with faith can attain victory. When I stay in faith, I am showing God that I don’t just trust Him but that I also trust His timing. Everything in the drama happens at the exact right time- not a second too soon or a second too late. When I come into my timing, things will fall into place. So let me not worry about the ‘how- God and drama will take care of that part. Let me stay in faith in the ‘who’ – I am a blessed, empowered, favored, destined child of God. I have a unique advantage because of Who my Father is.

Sometimes when it’s been a while, I start to get weary and think: ‘if I really was to become this, then I wouldn’t have so many storms, so many obstacles’. Let me recognize that this is Maya working to sow the seed of doubt and weaken my resolve. What I need to do is quickly stop worrying about ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ and simply get back to remembering the ‘who’. This is what Arjuna did in the Mahabharata. He had trouble as long as he forgot who he is. Once God reminded him of who he is and Whose he is, he never once questioned ‘how are we going to win this war?’, ‘how will I be able to do this?’, he simply followed instructions knowing that God is his Friend and his Charioteer. This is the true Mahabharata taking place right now, Baba teaches me, and you are Arjunas. Let me stay in faith: ‘Baba, I don’t see how and I don’t know when but I know I am Your child and that You are in control of my life. I know You are KaranKaravanhaar and are ordering my steps. I know what You have started in my life, You are going to finish. So I am going to keep learning what You are teaching me, and I know that when it is the right time, You will propel me into my destiny’.

Spin the discus of self-realization, He teaches me, and see yourself throughout the cycle. When I do, I can no longer have the question of ‘will I really be a golden-aged deity?’, ‘is that really me He is talking about?’. He has not kept me in suspense, He has already told me who I am, He has already showed me my various forms throughout the cycle. The question is do I believe I am who He says I am? Yes, I am the golden aged deity soul; Yes, I am the worship-worthy soul that grants devotees the wishes of their heart; Yes, I am the angel that helps God in His unlimited task at this time. This is who I am.

When I live from a place of faith, from a place of trust, from a place of confidence, then God will show out in my life in ways I could not have imagined. I don’t need big talents, resources, or connections. He will take that little college diploma, that life experience, that one little specialty and multiply it. He will put His blessing on it and cause it to stand out. Why would He do that? because I am His child, that’s why! But what about all those mistakes I made?, those bad decisions?, those times when He told me do one thing and I did something else? Nothing I do or have done- good or bad- can change my ‘who’. When I was born into God’s family through Brahma, I became their child. I cannot now become unborn! I was, am and will always remain God’s child, no matter what. Nothing I did, no mistake I made can change that. His calling on my life is irrevocable. ‘Both you and I are bound in the drama’, He reminds me. That’s great news! It means that every cycle, God is part of my destiny, He is part of my story, He becomes in-charge of me. My success is guaranteed, it’s pre-destined, nothing can change it!

Let me take the pressure off and live from a place of rest. I don’t have to give Him an inventory of all the things I got wrong, of all the situations and circumstances, He already knows. He says: Let me take care of the how, leave it to Me. You simply focus on the ‘who’. Believe that you are My child, believe that you have an advantage, believe that I am a good Father, believe that I am all powerful, believe that I will take care, that I will heal, favor, restore and prosper you. I may have a few ‘how’s but what I believe about who I am and my destiny overrides it. I am the child of Shiv Baba and Brahma. That’s all I need to know. Then, I won’t play politics, try to manipulate people to like me, to favor me. I won’t live anxious, stressed, or frustrated. I won’t try to do unnatural things to win or outdo or outlast. You have to let go of the old ways and become karmateet, He teaches. You have to change from an iron-aged human to a golden-aged deity. When I remember who I am and Whose I am, that transformation becomes easy and that is also how I help God.

Just focus on the ‘who’, He tells me and I will take care of the ‘how’. He has a way where I don’t have a way. Circumstances may be whatever they are, but all I know is that I am His child and He has told me that I have an awesome destiny to fulfill.

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