Keep the aim and objective in your intellect

Baba says, ‘You now have the aim and objective in your intellects. You now know that only in heaven can there be rest and comfort’. It is the impure who remain restless.

Unrest or restlessness comes when there is confusion about who I am and what I am here to do. Then, I try to find both identity and purpose through relationships, jobs, approvals, etc. And when the person or thing I have associated with leaves or dies or ends, my identity and purpose leaves/ends with it. Then, I try to find both in someone and something else which means, I try to be someone else. This is what body conscious is- everything is temporary. My identity is temporary, purpose is temporary, there is no real aim and objective and as a result, I am constantly hopping from person to person, position to position, guru to guru, deity to deity…all in the hope of trying to find it….my base, my anchor….my truth.

Only God can tell me the truth- about me, about the world and about what it is that I am here to do. And that’s exactly what He does. He comes at this auspicious confluence age to remind me of who I am, Whom I belong to and my aim and objective. I now know I am a soul, not the body and that I belong to God, that He is my Father. I also know what type of a soul I am- a deity soul of the golden age. I was this for half a cycle, then the world was heaven. When I became impure, the world became impure with me. Now, through remembrance, I once again re-emerge those original qualities of the soul within me. I return to to being who I truly am, once again- this, is the aim. When I attain my aim, the world also returns to it’s original glory, to being heaven – this, is the objective.

But along the way, Maya will tempt me, try to distract me and take me off course. As I try to re-emerge the consciousness of being a soul, she will work overtime to keep me in body consciousness, pull me back into the maze, get me lost in the chase. I see others moving up the ‘ladder’, flaunting their wealth, their possessions, their accomplishments and getting recognized for it. Sure, I am learning lessons of the soul daily from God; yes, I experience His presence in my life but heck…, I also need to be someone in this world, don’t I? I panic and wonder if I’ve got this all wrong. I get confused and ask God why He isn’t helping me move up too- especially when I am so much more qualified and talented. Shouldn’t I be doing something too…moving into that neighborhood…applying to that new position….networking with those influential people? I wonder if God is seeing what I am seeing and if/when He will help me.

Baba reminds me daily- this is a study for the future, not for this world. I only fulfill the pure desires of My children, He clarifies. The purest desire is to become pure and become the master of heaven. This is the aim and objective, don’t forget this, He says. Ravan fulfills impure desires. Impure desires are selfish desires. They are not desires that I, the pure soul has, but they are desires of the ego. All the soul ever wants is to be the sovereign that it is and remain connected to the Supreme Beloved. You have become Brahmins to experience spiritual, internal happiness and super-sensuous joy which is not dependent on anything external, He reminds me. You attain this only at this time in the cycle. ‘Eat, drink and be merry’ is the slogan of the people in Ravan’s world, not My world. If, even in Brahmin life, your happiness is attained on this basis, then what’s the point?, He asks.

Don’t go away from your aim, He teaches. Don’t change your aim of being a self-sovereign who stays in constant internal happiness without any limited supports, and get lost among the narrow, shady streets of limited attainments. You are being taken straight ahead to your destination by the Supreme Guide; Don’t leave the highway and become trapped in the streets. Today, because respect was received, or a task was completed, the desire was fulfilled and so there is happiness. If there is attainment that pleases the mind, or pleases the thoughts, there is great happiness. If there is anything lacking, the aim finishes. The aim was limited to begin with and this is why you were drawn away from unlimited eternal happiness, He explains.

And so, BapDada asks the children: Is this why you have become Brahmins? Is this why you have adopted this Brahmin life? This is an ordinary life, not an elevated life! Sometimes, I say to Baba: ‘I am not asking for my sake. If I becomes famous, I can do more service. I am asking this for service’. But in reality, it is clear that I am doing it to satisfy a limited, impure desire of name and recognition. Baba says, ‘Whatever action you perform, and no matter how great the task of service may be, that service will bring you down from internal happiness and spiritual pleasure; that is, it will bring you down from unlimited attainments into limitations because it was based on an impure desire, a selfish desire. Today there is pleasure, tomorrow there will be confusion; today there is happiness, tomorrow there will be upheaval of waste, and it divorces you from happiness, evicts you from your place of peace, rest and comfort. Let go of such service, but don’t let go of your peace and happiness, He teaches.

True service constantly gives the experience of the unlimited stage; it gives the experience of unlimited happiness. True service is the original quality of the Brahmin soul and so I feel rested when I am serving. If there isn’t such an experience then such service is mixed service; it is not true service. Don’t draw away from the aim that you have come to fulfill, let there be such checking, says Baba. Don’t look at the side scenes that Maya pops up on the billboards along the highway and confuse them to be the destination. Although the side scenes are also very attractive, to reach the destination means to be worthy to claim the unlimited kingdom. Am I experiencing a life of rest and comfort, of unlimited happiness having found my own self-respect and having come into the lap of the Father? If I am still fluctuating, battling, yearning, and seeking internally, then I have become distracted from my aim. This is why, Baba cautions, you should always keep the aim and destination in your consciousness.

Ask yourself while moving along: I am not entering into some limited street, am I? Is the happiness of temporary attainment drawing me away from the eternal fortune of happiness? Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you are doing something ‘for service’, He cautions. The fragrance of truthfulness can never be hidden. Where there is honesty, the unlimited happiness of service and of everyone’s love give the automatic experience of eternal respect, that is, of elevated fortune. Without labor and without desires, that is, without asking, all the attainments come easily. I am content, I am at rest.

BapDada has love for His children, He points out. I don’t fulfill impure desires that rob you of your eternal attainments. Devotees ask for mercy- ‘give me this, give me that’. They don’t have the knowledge. It is an impure path, they cling to limited attainments and therefore, they are constantly restless. You, on the other hand, are children of the Donor, the Bestower, not beggars for limited attainments. You have the knowledge. Your slogan is not ‘eat, drink and be merry’, it is ‘eat and teach others; be merry and make others merry’.

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