The drama is predestined

Baba says, ‘This drama is predestined‘. There cannot be the slightest difference in it.

Baba teaches me that this is an unlimited drama that I am part of. The drama is based upon the relationships between souls, the Supreme Soul and the elements of nature. He goes on to tell me that this drama is pre-destined and that it has already been shot. Therefore, there cannot be the slightest change in it. When I know something is pre-destined, it’s easy to trust and live from a place of rest. If the drama is pre-destined, then that means that my fortune is pre-destined – that piece of information should immediately give me rest and comfort. That means that I am a elevated deity soul whether I like it or not, it means He plays a central role in my story whether He likes it or not, it means my story ends in victory whether anyone else likes it or not.

Now, while I know the plot of the drama and can recite it in less than 2 minutes, the drama itself moves at a snail’s pace. It’s like a movie- I can tell you the story in 2mins but the movie still plays to 2 hours. These are the last few scenes of the drama playing out right now, Baba has told me. If I just walked into the theatre now and watched these last few scenes, I might think- wow! that’s rough! It’s a rough world, all those situations…they had a rough story. But then, that would be a mistake. Let me not be short-sighted where I look at a few isolated scenes and decide I don’t like the full story. But rather, Baba says, have a far-sighted intellect. Spin the discus of self-realization, He tells me daily. See your full story, not just the last few scenes in the old world. When I see my full story- the beginning, middle and end, I am reminded of my elevated fortune.

This point of drama is not just useful to appreciate my fortune throughout the cycle, but is also a powerful weapon to remain unshakable and immovable in my every day.

Sometimes, I am waiting for something to happen and wondering why is it taking so long. When I remember the point of the drama, I recognize that there is an appointed time for everything. A scene that is to come 45mins later cannot come sooner just because I want it to. I might think: I am ready now, so why am I having to wait? Well…for starters, Baba reminds me, drama is drama! It isn’t right or wrong, it’s what it is, it’s perfect! My job isn’t to question or try to alter the scenes or the timing, my job is to align myself with the drama, to remain firm on the rails of the drama. I don’t fight it, I work with it. That’s what Baba does. He’s been teaching for decades now, still at it. He doesn’t question: ‘why is this taking so long!, why don’t they learn quicker?, enough already! let’s be done so I can retire’. He has supreme patience! He knows that everything is right on schedule, that it is just a matter of time, of some clicks and signals and that victory is guaranteed. Let me follow Father. If I am in a waiting period, a season when nothing is happening, let me stop worrying and be at rest. Let me not question: ‘why am I not making progress, what’s wrong!’. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just not time yet or I’m not ready yet. I might be ready for what I think the future holds, but the future is much bigger and different than what I think it is.

In other words, it doesn’t just take faith in the drama and Baba but it also takes patience. Faith without patience can get me into trouble. I have to wait for the plot to unfold- and it will happen at the exact right time, not a second too soon or a second too late. Now, this is not a free pass to live carelessly and think: ‘if it is in the drama, it will happen’, no! It just means that as I continue to make effort, I also need to be tuned in to the workings of the drama. It means that I don’t have to feel pressured and resort to unnatural things like trying to manipulate people, or trying to beat down a door to make things happen. It won’t help. All that shows is that I have forgotten that this is a drama. Let me instead take a seat and watch the drama as a detached observer. Then, when it is the right time, things will automatically fall into place. The right people will show up by themselves, the phone call will come on it’s own, the opportunity will materialize, the gifts and talents I didn’t even know I had will come out. I am not being left out, not falling behind, I am right on schedule. When I am patient, I will see the plan unfold.

Let me be mature while I wait which means let me keep a good attitude. Let me pass the test with faith and patience. During this time, I might see my co-workers achieving new heights, my service companions being called upon to do amazing things while I came down with an illness, or I got passed over. Again, it comes back to recognizing that this is an unlimited drama we are all part of. I am not running their race, playing their scenes. Each actor has their own part- not better or worse, just different. When I keep the point of the drama firm, I realize the meaninglessness in comparing or competing. They were supporting actors in scenes where I was the central character not too long ago, now I am playing a supporting act. Nothing wrong with that, let me celebrate them, cheer them on. Let me pass the test. Let me prepare myself for my next scene by learning what I am being taught.

When I am tuned in, I realize that my steps are being ordered by the drama and Baba. That implies that I don’t have a choice, it is pre-destined, pre-scripted right down to the second. When I forget the drama, I live sour, complaining, fighting it but when I remember I live at rest, trusting it, knowing that it is working for me, not against me. I might look at circumstances and think that they will never change but actually, the current scene in the drama is about me changing. Baba is using the circumstances to do the work on me. He is playing His part, let me co-operate and play mine well too. Let me value every scene in the drama- not just the highs…but also the waits because that’s when God does His best work and when I am tuned in, it is a treat to watch! I don’t have this opportunity to learn from the Supreme Teacher and grow at any other time in the drama, only now at the confluence age. That is why only this is the time of ascension. I don’t grow during the highs, I grow during the waiting. Let me claim every teaching, every lesson with earnest and gratitude.

Just as the drama continues to move second by second, in the same way, the stage of the mind should move in a straight line following on the rails of the drama, teaches Baba. Then, as you practice this and progress further, you will be able to see the scenes of the drama clearly even before they occur because your thinking has aligned. So whatever you think is what will occur. Then, you will say with authority that it isn’t the drama that is making you move but that you are the creator of the drama.

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