Become bodiless

Baba says, ‘The shrimat of the Satguru is: forget your body and remember Me. Become bodiless!’ 

The main teaching of the Guru that you have to follow, Baba teaches, is to be bodiless, to be incorporeal and to be detached. The method for this is the pilgrimage of remembrance. By using this method, even while in the corporeal form, you can remain incorporeal, detached and bodiless. Only when you become bodiless will you be able to return with the Guru.

The Father is bodiless and to return with Him, I have to be bodiless too. You came bodiless and you have to return bodiless, He reminds me. To follow the Father means to practice the bodiless stage. Just as He gives the experience of the bodiless form even while in a body, in the same way, while living your life, remain stable in the bodiless, soul conscious stage while in the body, He teaches. By being karavanhaar (the one who inspires), make your body perform actions. That body is karanhar (the one that does) and you, the soul, are the one who gets everything done. This stage is called the bodiless stage. This is called following the Father. The stage below this is the awareness of the gross form and the awareness of people. Don’t come down to that stage, He cautions, because this awareness is the basis of bringing you down. Therefore, always remain beyond everything, stable in the bodiless stage.

When you practice this stage, no situation or upheaval can influence you, He points out. Questions of: ‘will this happen? or will that happen?, is this right or is that right?’ won’t even come to you. Even though the five elements of nature may do their best to shake you, those who practice the bodiless stage will remain constantly unshakable and unmovable and will be able to pass with honors. Just as clouds come and go, all situations will simply pass by you and you will become the proof of what it means to pass with honors, the same as Father Brahma. As long as you live on this physical plane, you have to think, make plans and perform actions. But don’t think or do with surprise or amazement, think and make plans while remaining bodiless and a detached observer. Think, make a plan and then become one with a plain intellect in a second. This is the stage that is now needed and that the Guru is signaling to you.

If there is any bondage that pulls you, makes your stage fluctuate, then understand that you have not yet forged this relationship of a bodiless soul with the bodiless Father. The first lesson is still weak. The practice of being detached from the body within a second liberates you from all the bondages of your body in a second. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars. You may know the knowledge, even give classes on changing sanskars and yet they don’t change. Sanskars can only change when your burden of sin decreases. That happens only when you practice the bodiless stage, He says. Specifically, practice applying a powerful brake to your thoughts, He guides. In the midst of your tasks, pause and check if you can apply a brake to your thoughts in a second. For this, you have to make the point of drama very firm in your every task. If you don’t practice this, then no matter how much you try, you will continually come into corporeal feelings. You must now have such practice that you should be able to forget the consciousness of the body and yet also be aware that you are in the body. Only when you have this practice over a long period of time will you remain unshakable in extreme upheaval, and not experience any punishment.

So, from today, asks the Satguru, what drill will you perform again and again throughout the day? In one second, practice experiencing yourself to be soul conscious, detached in the bodiless stage while being in the body and also be loving to the Father. Throughout the day, no matter how, find one minute every hour and continue to make this practice firm. When you stabilize yourself in this awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead. Your memorial of the third eye will be physically visible through the stage of the soul.

So, now, in one second, may you become bodiless.

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