Become satopradhan

Baba says, ‘There is only one way to become satopradhan‘. Don’t think about others, just benefit yourselves. Don’t think about anything else at all!’

To become satopradhan means to bring out the truth within myself. For half a cycle, I had been living lives of falsehood, believing the wrong things about myself, others and God. The truth was buried, lying dormant, underneath all that falsehood. Now, at this auspicious confluence age, Baba comes and awakens the soul by reminding me of the truth– of who I am, of Who He is, and of the cycle. Anything other than this knowledge is a lie, He teaches. So, you mustn’t listen to or speak about anything other than this knowledge.

That’s how I stay awake- by staying in the awareness of the truth. What I watch, listen to, people I am around, thoughts I am dwelling on- that’s what I’m feeding myself and so all of that has a direct impact on my awareness. Whatever I feed will grow. My goal is to feed my truth, my original pure sanskars, my virtues, not continue to feed the sanskars of Ravan that I picked up during the course of my journey.

Don’t leave the garden and get lost in the jungle of thorns‘, cautions Baba. My mind is like a garden when I take care of it, otherwise it can be a jungle of thorns. What I give water and light to, will grow. Maya would love for me to water the wrong things- the weeds, so to speak. She’d love for me to dwell on what he/she said, how that friend betrayed me 5 years ago, how someone did me wrong, the insecurity, the doubt, the mistakes of the past. I have to be a conscious gardener and turn the hose the other way- feed the faith, the things Baba is telling me about myself, my elevated destination, my virtues. If I put my mind on auto-pilot, before long, because of this being Ravan’s world, the mind will gravitate to negative things by default. I will leave the garden and be lost in the jungle of thorns. Sure, the offense and the betrayals hurt, it wasn’t fair but that’s all in the past. Those mistakes I made, they are in the past too. If I keep watering and feeding the past, I cannot move into my future. The way to get past it, is to starve it. Stop watering it, that is, stop dwelling on it, don’t give another minute. Baba says, ‘You have died alive. Consider yourself to be a soul and continue to remember the Father.’ Dying alive is not a one time thing, it’s something I do everyday. Every day is a new day, let me let go of the past and cherish the present moment with God.  

If I associate with the wrong people that feed me the wrong things – gossip, negativity, fear- then, I run the risk of becoming like them. Baba says, ‘Don’t keep the company of those who gossip and defame others. Consider them your greatest enemy who will cause you to fall. Don’t speak of useless matters.‘ But, I wonder, what if I hurt their feelings? Well, what if I miss my destiny? And so Baba says, ‘Don’t think about others, just benefit yourselves. Don’t think about anything else at all!‘ This is a short birth in which to re-awaken my truth, that is, to become satopradhan. If I spend my time with people that don’t share my aim and objective, I am continuing to feed the false and what I feed will grow. And so, little by little, with tact, I have to distance myself from those people and surround myself with souls that push me higher. ‘Keep the company of those who continue to buzz knowledge. You mustn’t listen to anything except knowledge’, says Baba. The most nutritious food to feed the soul is the elevated knowledge that I receive daily. Throughout the day, take a few minutes every hour to check your thoughts, He teaches. If it is off course, apply a powerful brake and turn. To turn is to re-focus the mind on Baba and His knowledge. Even if you pick a single point from the Murli and churn, it will help you a great deal, He says. To churn is to go deep into the point and experience it. When I do, I become an embodiment of it and move another step closer to re-awakening my truth.

Sometimes, it’s not other people, it’s the news. Yes, I need to stay informed but that does not mean reading every single detail, spending hours on social media to check other’s opinions, analyzing it and then discussing it with others. Baba, says ‘You children mustn’t speak of worldly matters at all. See and hear no evil!’. Once I hear, watch or read something, I allow it within myself. Then from thoughts, there are feelings which in turn affects my attitude, my vision and behavior. ‘When you become trapped in wrong company, it causes your intellect’s yoga to break away from the Unlimited Father’ cautions Baba. ‘When you don’t have full yoga, you fail and go into the moon dynasty‘. In other words, I deprive myself from living an easy yoga life, filled with peace and contentment and instead live peaceless, bitter, upset, battling with my own feelings. Baba has given me shrimat for everything – for my thoughts, words, actions, company I should keep…everything. When I disobey or get careless, I cause myself damage.

And so Baba says, ‘Any time that you have, remain busy in service. The more you explain these pictures to others, the more knowledge you will imbibe. While sitting here, look at these pictures and have the thought: This is Shiv Baba and this is Dada; we receive the inheritance through this one and this impure world is then destroyed. You can entertain yourself with such thoughts. This is better than gossiping, otherwise you become sinful souls‘. The Father says: ‘Children, do not become sinful souls. Those who listen to the news of the world and who relate such things as “So and so is like this”, or, “They do this”, waste time needlessly‘.

Baba repeatedly cautions you: ‘To speak of anything other than the things of the Father is just gossip. Don’t speak about wrong things with each other. Otherwise, you will destroy all the truth within yourselves. You will also destroy all the truth within others and the status would then be destroyed.’ He says, ‘There is only one way to become satopradhan – don’t think about others, just benefit yourselves. Don’t think about anything else at all!’

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