Becoming a Raj Rishi

Baba says ‘you are the true Raj Rishis and Raj Yogis and you therefore definitely have to become pure in order to claim the kingdom‘.

Just as a physical parent waits for a child to be born so that they have an heir, in the same way, my eternal Father has been thinking about me a long time. As soon as I was born to Him, He said: ‘Welcome sweet child, I can’t wait to give you My world‘. He didn’t create me to be average, to be mediocre. His world is big, abundant, full of His favor. He wants to take me further than I can dream, open doors bigger than I’ve imagined, bring out talents I didn’t even know I had. In fact, He takes great pleasure in giving me His kingdom. This is what He’s been waiting for!

It’s easy to let external circumstances talk me out of it, let the setbacks and disappointments convince me that it’s not going to happen, focus on what’s not right: ‘Look at my sanskars’, ‘I don’t have the talent or experience’, ‘I still have these bondages at home’. But God is not limited by what I don’t have or by the circumstances. His blessing will allow me to accomplish things beyond my expertise or experience, enable me to do that which I could never do on my own. Let me dare to believe. All those difficulties, those setbacks, that betrayal – it’s all part of God’s plan. It might not make sense right now but He knows what He’s doing. He is ordering my steps, He’s using what might seem like a setback for my good- to make me stronger, to bring my character higher, to build up my faith, to teach me to partner with Him. He is using everything that comes to me to push me into my destiny.

His plan for me is much bigger than what I have in mind. The question is: am I living with the expectancy to rise higher, believing that I will set new standards, that I will accomplish the great things my Father has placed in my heart?

He wants me to serve in strategic positions of influence, leadership and authority. You are not sanyasis, He reminds me. As God’s children, we are not created to run away from the world system, we are called upon to infiltrate the world system so that we can serve it. God wants His children leading education, running the TV stations, treating the sick, creating movies and singing songs that empower and uplift. While souls under the influence of Ravan are inspired to use the power of science for destruction, that very science will enable you to see the happiness of the golden age, explains Baba. He wants His children to be leaders in science and technology, real estate and development. Our Father’s world is a big world. He wants me to scale new heights that I never thought possible. Why? Because He knows He can trust me. He knows that I won’t misuse the position or authority to pay people back for something they did in the past, that I won’t use it to lecture, look down upon or condemn my brothers and sisters, or use it to satisfy my own limited desires for glory and fame. He knows that I will use the success, influence and resources as a trustee, with humility, to serve others, to further His kingdom. He knows that I am a person with excellence and integrity. It is what He’s been raising me up to be through those trials, those setbacks, those tests.

You are Raj Rishis, says Baba. The sign of being a Raj Rishi is to have a right to the kingdom as well as be one with unlimited disinterest. Only when I can be uninfluenced by it, will I be able to live in the midst of the old world, and serve it. In fact, that is what purity is all about- to be able to live in the midst of impurity and serve it. And so, the very first qualification of a Raj Rishi, Baba says, is that there won’t be any attachment, either in your thoughts or your dreams, to any person or object of the old world. To have thoughts of revenge or dislike for someone, or to have a special interest in someone are all forms of attachment or subservience. You will instead constantly consider yourself to have stepped away from the iron-aged world and to be confluence aged, with the Father. You will therefore experience yourself to be victorious in every situation and test. You will also constantly experience yourself to be a server, the same as the Father. You will experience yourself to be beyond old sanskars and nature. You will constantly experience yourself to be set on the seat of a detached observer and see impure souls of the entire world with the vision of compassion and benevolence. Because of being a trikaldarshi, one who knows the three aspects of time of every deed, you make every deed an elevated deed, a pure deed. You will experience your account of sin to be finished. These are the signs and also the goal, He teaches. Such a soul is called a Raj Rishi.

To the extent that you have intoxication of the kingdom, does the form of a Rishi also remain constantly in your awareness?, He asks. Do you have a balance of both forms? Or, do you constantly remember one form but forget the other? Have you developed unlimited disinterest in that old body and bodily world? Or, does that old body and world still pull you to itself through limited desires and old sanskars?

The Father is longing to give me His whole world. He wants me to be His heir and take the kingdom further. For that, I need to become a Rishi along with being a Raja, I need to become a Raj Rishi. I need to become pure.

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