I am just an instrument

Baba says, ‘Baba, in the form of Karavanhar, is with you at the time of performing actions. You are just an instrument‘. 

This is the auspicious confluence age where God Himself comes to this old world to make it new again, to change it from hell to heaven again. He taps me to become His helper in this task. He owns the task and He is also the Architect. He has the complete blueprint for what to do, when to do, and how to do. He gives me the instructions, I simply have to follow. A human architect might show me the blue print before I start working on the task- that way I too know what the task looks like, the schedule of what needs to happen when. Then, I feel comfortable committing to the task because I know what’s involved. The difference with God is that He doesn’t reveal any details to me. He tells me what the final outcome is- it will be heaven- but He doesn’t tell me all the things that involves. He doesn’t tell me about all the situations, the obstacles, the opposition I’ll face. He also doesn’t tell me about the projects I’ll have to undertake – without prior training or experience or expertise. That’s why, when it comes to working with God, it takes faith and trust.

When I have faith that it is God Who is in-charge, that He is responsible, then I feel a sense of peace and confidence. Because I trust Him, I don’t need to know all the details of what, how and when…I am comfortable taking the leap anyway. I know that He is going to get everything done, I simply have to follow His instructions. I don’t have to offer Him my opinion, my advice…nothing…just follow. To be able to do this is the intense effort required at this time. As counter-intuitive as that sounds, it is in fact easier to live worried, be upset, get frustrated when a situation shows up, when something doesn’t pan out as I had expected. But every time, the effort is to come back to the awareness of Who is in-charge: it isn’t me, it’s Him. Baba says, ‘always keep the fortune of yours in your consciousness that the Father is Karavanhar (the One who is inspiring actions) and is making you perform each action. Then, there won’t then be a burden. The burden is always on the Master. There is never a burden on the companions. When you become the master, there is a burden. When you become big, there is great sorrow. Become the child and do it according to the Master’s directions’.

To give the burden to Baba doesn’t mean that I slack off and do nothing. Rather it means that I learn to partner with Baba. It means that I make my effort not from a place of pressure, stress and anxiety: ‘why isn’t this happening!, why is this taking so long!, when will this happen!’, but rather from a place of rest. I know that my responsibility is to follow His Shrimat, do as He is telling me and leave the rest to Him. If a door isn’t opening, it means it either isn’t the right door or the right time, I don’t have to try to beat it down. If someone walked out of a project, it means their part in this story is over, nothing’s wrong. I don’t have to play up to people, manipulate them, or try to do any other unnatural thing. I have to simply come back to the awareness that Baba is responsible. His blueprint already took everything that’s happened into account. None of it is a surprise to Him. All I have to do is keep being my best, keep a good attitude and trust Him to get His work done.

It’s when you have the consciousness of ‘I am doing it’, ‘this is my responsibility’, ‘this is my duty’, that Maya attacks you in the form of worry, pressure, frustration and all the rest, says Baba. You opened the door of ‘I and mine’ that Maya was waiting on and let her in. Never forget that Baba, in the form of Karavanhar, is with you at the time of performing actions. You are just an instrument. Never make yourself alone. To remain in this awareness of being an instrument is to keep myself safe from Maya. It is also a way to avoid performing wrong actions – when I am the instrument, I don’t lean on my own dictates or my own understanding of how/when something should happen; instead I lean on God’s direction. His ways are always better and more rewarding than my ways. Let me dare to trust Him even when I don’t understand, even when every voice is telling me this is not going to work out, that I am headed in the wrong direction. When God shows me the way, my job is simply to follow.

Trusting God includes saying ‘yes’ to projects that I don’t have a clue about how to do. I don’t have the training, the skills, the expertise. It’s easy to fall back and say: ‘I don’t think I can do this’, or let my mind play out all the ‘what ifs’: ‘what if I fail, what if it doesn’t work out, what if they don’t help me, what will everything say’, but let me remember Who is asking me to do it. He is God, He knows what He is doing. If He thinks I can do it, then it means I can do it. No, He won’t give me all the details right away, He wants to see if I will trust Him and take that one step of courage to step up to the moment. If I do and say ‘yes Baba’, He will give me all the resources I need, bring out talents I didn’t even know I had. This is how I increase my faith, build up my courage, develop a boldness, strength and confidence.

He is Karan Karavanhaar, the One Who does and gets everything done. He both teaches and inspires me to act. I could not be in better and safer hands. When I learn to partner with God, when I learn to trust Him, He will take me places that I never dreamed, help me accomplish things I never thought possible.

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