The signs of a serviceable soul

Baba says, ‘Forget everything else and engage yourselves in nothing but service‘. The Father loves and also sustains those who are serviceable.

BapDada, the Server, constantly loves His children who are servers, equal to Him. A server, He says, has three lines on their forehead or three defining characteristics. One is the line of a full yogi life. The second is the line of purity. The third line is that of a true server.

When it comes to yogi life, BapDada talks about remembrance. Remembrance is the foundation of purity and service. Everyone has remembrance to some extent, but then there is full remembrance, natural remembrance. That is to be always been lost in the love of One, there is no one else, no mixture. It means the remembrance is unbroken, that is, it is a straight line or direct connection with the Father- it isn’t a bent line or a ‘via’ line where the relationship has been forged through instrument souls. I experience the direct support of the Father. When it is unadulterated and unbroken, then it is full remembrance.

The second is the line of complete purity. The meaning of purity is to constantly make the Father your Companion, and always stay in the company of the Father. Have you made Him your Companion?, asks Baba. It is essential to feel “Baba is mine”, but also at all times to have only the Father’s company. This is called complete purity. Yes, there is the love of the family and that too is essential but don’t forget that you have the company of the love of the family because of the Father. It is the Father’s family, He is the Seed. You sometimes forget the Father and seek the company of the family. If, every now and again, you leave the Father, there is then an empty space in between, and Maya will enter it. That is when you feel that purity is ‘hard work’ and you have the thought of making ‘someone’ your companion and that it is essential to have ‘someone’s’ company.

The consequence of that is that you are deceived at the time of need, because you will remember that soul and forget the Father. If at any time, you remember the support of corporeal beings first, that means that the soul is number one and the Father is number two. What would be your status if you kept the Father second?, asks Baba. You don’t receive the inheritance from brothers, no matter how much you try, you only receive it from the Father. To take co-operation or to be loving is a different matter from making someone your support. This is something very deep and you have to imbibe this accurately, cautions Baba.

On the flip side, some times, you become very detached, says Baba. You become afraid that you might become trapped, and so you think it’s better to remain distant. But no!, says Baba. This is a family path, you have to live in a household and with a family throughout the cycle. So, if you remain distant because of fear, and become isolated, then those become the sanskars of a sannyasi. You have to become karma-yogis, not karma-sannyasis, He says. You have to remain in a gathering and be loving, but you must ensure that the one Father and none other is the support for your intellect. No soul’s company, virtue or specialty should attract your intellect: that is called purity. That is called being a lotus flower.

The third line is that of a true server. Service is the original sanskar of a Brahmin soul and so you cannot stay without doing service, says Baba. Service is the means of making Brahmin life constantly free from obstacles, and it is also in service that you have more test papers. A server who is free from obstacles is said to be a true server. It is fixed in the drama for obstacles to come. They have to come and they will continue to come because these obstacles or test-papers make you experienced. Don’t consider it to be an obstacle, but look at it with the feeling that you are making progress through your experiences and you will then experience it to be a ladder of progress, He teaches. Service is the means to receive blessings from everyone. If you look at it with this attitude, you will experience yourself to be moving forward as an authority of experience. Do not consider an obstacle to be an obstacle and do not consider the soul who has been instrumental for the obstacle to be a soul who brings obstacles, but consider that soul to be your teacher to make you experienced. The form may be that of an obstacle, and that soul may appear to be a soul who brings obstacles, but that soul becomes instrumental to make you overcome obstacles and makes you unshakeable for all time. That is why a soul who is free from obstacles is said to be a true server. Those who have such an elevated line are called true servers.

To have a constantly clean intellect, a clean attitude and to perform pure actions is the easy method for success in service. Before you begin any service, first of all check if your awareness is clean or if you are holding on something from the past about that soul, teaches Baba. To finish all the things of the past and all the different attitudes is cleanliness. Even to think about the past is a slight sin to some extent. Besides, it won’t allow you to give your all to the task and find success. Even thoughts create a world, and to speak about something is an even greater thing, for, even by just having those thoughts, the awareness of those old thoughts makes the world and the atmosphere like that. You then say, “See! whatever I said happened, didn’t it?” But why did it happen? Your weak and wasteful thoughts created this world of a wasteful atmosphere. Therefore, a true server is one who finishes even the old vibrations.

Check, says Baba: to what extent are these three lines sparkling on your forehead? These are the qualifications of a true server. The more I remember Baba, the purer I become, the sweeter I become, the fuller I become. Where there is purity (or cleanliness), sweetness and fullness, service follows. And so remembrance is the foundation, He says. In this way, it is also the greatest service I offer myself and to the world – when I get that right, everything else follows. This is why the main jewel or the main mantra is ‘Manmanabhav!, remember Me alone’. Where there is remembrance, purity and service, such serviceable souls climb on to the Father’s heart, they become equal to Him. They constantly experience His unlimited love, His help and sustenance.

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