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Being honest

Baba says, ‘keep the daily chart of your progress‘. Every good businessperson keeps an account of how the business is doing – how much profit did they make and how much they lost. You too are spiritual business-people, Baba says, … Continue reading

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Remember Me from your heart

Baba says, ‘only those who remember Me are able to follow my directions at every step‘. Often we want to follow in Baba’s footsteps but we finding ourselves falling short. We want to change a sanskar very badly but we … Continue reading

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Refresh yourself

Baba says, ‘I come to refresh you children’. After half a cycle of bhakti (devotion) and wandering in the dark, we are tired. Baba refreshes us with the truth. Baba comes and gives us His own introduction, reminds us of … Continue reading

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How can I overcome feelings of hopelessness?

Nowadays people say that there is nothing but corruption and evil in the world. But how did we reach this state? And who will set it right if not we humans? To truly contribute to the process of setting the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tree of Virtues!

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A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmas time. There are bells, icicles, snowmen, polar bears, baubles etc. But as we decorate the tree, Baba is decorating us with virtues, turning us from vicious human … Continue reading

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