The teachings of Dadi Prakashmaniji

1. Godly disciplines and codes of conduct are the real decoration of our lives. Imbibe these in your life and constantly continue to progress.

2. Always have the intoxication that you are the light of God’s eyes. Remain hidden in God’s eyes and the storms and hurricanes of Maya will not be able to shake your stage. Always stay under the canopy of Baba’s protection and Baba, the Protector, will always continue to protect you.

3. The Beloved of all of us is one Baba, and so share the things of your heart with only Him. Never make bodily beings your friends and have wasteful thoughts or thoughts of others with them.

4. Let there never be any signs of sadness, dislike or hatred on your face. Always stay happy and continue to share that happiness. Make the atmosphere of your centre one of such happiness that you make everyone fortunate with happiness.

5. The more introverted you become and the more you imbibe silence of the mouth and mind, the more the atmosphere of the place will be filled with light and might and this will make an impact on those who come there. This is the service of giving subtle sakaash.

6. Never have any conflict with anyone over any type of “mine” and “yours”. Disagreements with one another are the biggest obstacles to service. Become free from these obstacles and make others free too.

7. Give respect to the ideas of one another. First of all, listen to one another and then take a decision and there won’t then be two opinions. Definitely give respect to all, young and old.

8. Now, all of Baba’s children have to become mines of contentment such that when others see you, they all become content. Always remain content and make others content.

9. Remember four mantras all the time. 1) Never be careless, always remain alert. 2) Never dislike anyone. Always have good wishes for everyone. 3) Never have jealousy or compete with others. Have a race for your progress. 4) Never become impressed by any person, object or comfort. Always stay under the influence of one Baba.

10. All of us are royal children of the royal Father. Always fill yourself with the sanskars of royalty and purity. Remain free from sanskars of a slave. Never let go of your truth.

11. Daily, definitely experience five minutes of silence every hour and you will receive the power to become victorious over all situations. You will be able to conquer Maya when you stay in yoga with knowledge.

12. Along with doing service, let your stage be stable and constant. The yoga-bhatthi is essential for this. You must all stay in a gathering and practise this and you will also receive the power of the gathering.

13. Let no sign of unhappiness, dislike or hatred be visible on your face. If there is a slight difference of opinion among yourselves, finish it with your tapasya. Do not speak about it in front of one another. By speaking about it, you spoil the atmosphere.

14. No matter how much others try to spoil your mind, never come under their influence. The influence of other company is also very bad; it changes your intellect. Have love for everyone, all are friends, but do not make anyone your personal friend. Underline this.

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