Reform your character

Baba says, ‘You definitely have to reform your character’. You have to do this because you children are on very elevated service. 

This final birth in this auspicious confluence age, Baba reminds me, is to become a righteous soul. Deity souls are righteous souls- you are a deity soul, He reminds me. Having gone through the cycle of rebirth, you forgot who you are and have now become unrighteous. Now, He says, you become righteous once again. You change from human into deity once again. It is important to note that God never says: you may change into a deity, you might become righteous. He says- you will become, you are becoming. So, that tells me that I am not working toward victory, but rather, I am operating from a place of victory. There is no doubt anymore; I am that and I am simply becoming that once again.

I have nothing better to do in this life than to spend every moment trying to improve, to make progress on my return journey back to my original truth. Sure, I could be undisciplined and still go to heaven as long as I have recognized the Father but how long would I be there for? And even more importantly, what would be the quality of my life right now? Without transformation, I won’t be happy, I won’t be peaceful, will continue to live a life of unfulfillment and misery and the worst thing is that I will deprive myself of the awesome privilege to glorify God with my life. If I have become a Brahmin soul, a direct child of God, am receiving His sustenance, and yet, if I live and die without leaving a legacy that glorifies the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, then what would be the point?

Baba says, ‘You definitely have to reform your character‘.

I cannot do it without His help. He is the Purifier, He is here for this sole purpose. Let me not allow God to leave me alone until I am at a point in my life where I can glorify Him with my thoughts, words and actions. ‘Remember Me alone‘, He tells me, ‘this is the greatest help you can give Me‘. The more I remember Him, the more my character reforms because I remember who I am and Whose I am. I remember all the things I have and continue to receive from my Father, Teacher and Satguru and I want to give the return.

Let me learn to say no to things I have to say no to, and yes to the things that I have to say yes to. Let me move away from the bad company, from the lazy or careless lifestyle that’s pulling me down. That may mean that I have to be ‘friendless’ for a while but that’s okay, its just for a season, then God will help me find new friends…good friends. On the same token, let me stay in places that I’d like to run away from by recognizing that God is using that place to do the work in me. Let me stick with some people that I feel like I never want to see again as long as I live, by recognizing that God is using them as sandpaper to rub the rough edges off of me.

There can be no gain without some pain, as the saying goes. Being a child of God is not a bed of roses where I simply lie down and think what I want and see it magically appear or happen. Neither is it just about seeing Him as my Friend and Beloved. Yes, He is my Friend, He is my Beloved, He is my Companion but let me not forget that He is God. He is the Purifier and has come to purify me, to make me pure from impure, righteous from unrighteous. He has come to reawaken my truth. He does that by filling the apron of my intellect with the jewels of knowledge. Each jewel is worth multi-millions, He says. The only way to become righteous is to imbibe the jewels He gives me, there is no other way. Something else- I cannot imbibe them without His help.

Sometimes, I forget to partner with God. I take His hand but not His company. I think that because I have heard the knowledge and have understood the knowledge, I can now change. I try to do it in my own strength like I was taught by Ravan- just summon up my will power and decide that I am going to ‘punch’ ego in the nose, that I’m going to straighten up and then, voila!, see it happen. That is the body conscious ‘I, me and myself’ approach and it doesn’t work! I cannot change unless I take help from God. Even when it is for something that He has asked me to do, I still cannot do it without His help. He is the Purifier and has to match my tiny will-power with His enormous will-power for me to change. He does it His way and in His timing. Often, I set my expectations for instant success and while Ravan’s world has a lot of ‘instant’ this and that, there are no ‘instant’ breakthroughs in the spiritual journey. And sure, sometimes, it does happen where I do see Baba make things happen in that way, but mostly, it will be hard, it will hurt and I will have to die alive but on the other side of that death will be a new level of my destiny. My duty is to stay committed to the pilgrimage and study well, that is, be willing to die alive. That is how I partner with Him.

I might have the talent, the gift that can take me places, to serve in God’s task but without the character, I will not be able to sustain myself there. I will end up doing more disservice then service and inadvertently discredit the name of God rather than glorify it. But often, I think others are to blame, that they are holding me back. If only they would correct their sanskars, the world would be better! Baba teaches me that the things in others that bother me are in fact, the things that bother me about my own character. They are simply being the mirror, so to speak. If I try to change them, I will be disappointed and frustrated. Instead, let me work with God to change myself.

The more I study and remember, the more I let Him confront my behavior, the more I see myself transform. The more transformation I see, the more my faith in the purification process increases and the more I want to transform. I grow into a tree of righteousness with many fruit – strength, courage, ability, faith, love, tolerance, wisdom, power to discern and decide….and I glorify His name. Let me not be the person that simply passes through the confluence age, that continues to live the limited life just for me and is focused on what I want and what I can get. That’s the selfish life I lived for half a cycle, glorifying Ravan. I let Ravan and Maya use my mind, my mouth, my attitude, I mistreated people, was self-centered and God wasn’t getting any glory. The Father says: ‘Sweet children, now put right your account of actions‘. It won’t be easy, or fun but in the end, it will all be worth it. He didn’t save me from Ravan just so I can switch from praying to now, asking for limited desires to be fulfilled – to be the richest…, the biggest…, president of the company…, etc. My true destiny is to be molded into the image of God just like Brahma Baba – when I see him, I see the Father. When Brahma baba became an angel, He transferred the job to us, the children. He said, ‘you children can do so much more than me because there are so many more of you’. Baba says: if each of you were to live with the attitude that you are representing God in the world, can you imagine what would happen?! how fast the world would transform into heaven?!

Let me choose to live with this attitude that I am here to glorify the name of the Father. He is promising me 100% transformation- from thorn to fragrant flower, from beggar to prince, from iron-aged human to golden-aged deity. Let me not settle for anything less than 100%. It won’t happen all at once but let me continue to study, continue to stay steadfast on the pilgrimage and little by little, I will get there. My job is to keep on moving, never give up, never lose hope. Keep the faith and keep on moving. When I fall down, let me dust myself off and get back up again. When I keep doing that, with His help, I will indeed wake up one day and find that I am now that tree of righteousness with the many fruits that reveal the Seed.

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