Baba says, ‘Don’t forget the awareness that the Father has reminded you of’.

Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age to give me my long lost inheritance of purity, peace, happiness. He does it by reminding me of who I am and Whom I belong to. You are a pure, peaceful soul, He reminds me. Not just that, He reveals to me the beginning, middle and end of my story- what I was and becoming again. It is you that are the worship-worthy soul, you just forgot and became impure. I have come to make you pure once again, He explains. It is you that are the world sovereign, the king of kings, you just forgot and became a beggar. I have come to make you into emperors again. Now, remember, He tells me, always remain in the original awareness of who you are.

When I first came to Baba, I was ecstatic, I loved the knowledge. I, the worship worthy soul…I, the emperor of the pure world….that sounded unbelievable. But God was telling me, so I believed, I set out on the path with Him, full of hope, enthusiasm, and dreams. I was going to do what Baba is asking me to do, no problem!

Then, the tests came and suddenly, it was no longer as easy as I thought it was going to be. Those situations, the betrayals, the project that simply won’t take off no matter how hard I try, the opposition, the judgments….Now it seems to be taking longer than I thought and those voices in my head are starting to get louder and louder- ‘I don’t think you are going to be king, I don’t think you are one of the special ones, God doesn’t waste His time on you, you won’t do anything big after all…’ Baba says, ‘beware of Maya and her tricks. Only remember Me.’

To remember Him is to remember what He has told me and continues to tell me each day. Especially when under pressure, when it’s taking too long, when it seems just unbearable, it is important to be deliberate about what I allow in my mind. Maya would like nothing more than to have me forget all that God has told me. She would love to get me caught up in worry, in negative commentary about how I am no good and nothing good can happen to me, to have me stressed, anxious, guilty, condemned. Baba says, ‘go back and remember what I told you’. He is faithful. What He has started in my life, He will finish. It may not happen as I expected or on my timing, but it will happen.

To remember Him is to remember all the victories I’ve had in my life, thanks to Him. That time when it seemed impossible, but He got me through that situation. That time when I didn’t at all deserve it, but He got me that job anyway. That time when He caused those people to co-operate with me, put me in the right place at the right time. Or that time when that illness should have taken my life but it didn’t, that setback should have caused me to go under but it didn’t. When those negative thoughts come, let me replay these memories of how He has been with me all along, how He has caused me to be victorious over and over again. He did it for me then, He will do it for me again. Let me stir my faith back up again.

Peace, happiness and contentment are my inheritance, they are my birthright. To be a sovereign is not a fantasy, it’s my destiny. And it’s not new, I have become that countless times before. It is pre-destined in the drama. I am no ordinary soul, God tells me daily that I am special. I don’t come from an ordinary family, I have royal blood flowing in my veins. I am the child of the Creator of Heaven, the Almighty Powerful, the Highest-on-High. He is Truth and what He is telling me is true. In fact, it is the only thing that is true, everything else including what I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ are false.

What I see may be circumstances that are impossible, what I see may be hurdles too high to cross, what I feel may be a feeling of being unprepared, untrained, lacking in talent and education. And in the natural, one might look at that and believe Maya’s assessment of why something cannot happen, of how I am doomed. But when I remember Who my Father is, Who is telling me, it changes my perspective. I think natural, God is supernatural! He specializes in making the impossible, possible. In fact, He enjoys nothing more! ‘I come to change thorns to fragrant flowers, beggars to princes, hell into heaven‘, He tells me. What’s more, I have the proof of past experiences where He has done the impossible for me. So whom am I going to believe!? You have the authority of experience, He reminds me. Bring that into your awareness.

But often, when situations are tough, when there is a crisis, I think it’s wrong to feel happy or good. I almost feel guilty for even thinking of happiness at such a time. But God tells me to be constantly happy in the midst of unhappiness, to be peaceful in the midst of the storm, to believe in the midst of what appears impossible. ‘You have to live like a lotus flower‘, he tells me. ‘You must blossom in the midst of the swamp‘. Sanyasis move away to the jungle looking for peace and believe that peace and happiness cannot be found in the world. But God teaches me different. He tells me that peace is the garland around my neck, it is my very nature. He teaches me that happiness is my birthright. He tells me that liberation-in-life is my inheritance.

He has given me the knowledge to show me the path, to enable me to claim my inheritance. Always keep it in your awareness, He teaches. Maybe the situation at work is challenging. People in positions of power are playing politics, discrediting me, whatever. Maya will try to get me worried, get me to strategize on how to set people straight, how to defend myself to everyone etc. But Baba tells me to trust Him to fight my battles. I don’t have to hustle, play up to people, launch a campaign to justify myself etc. I have been told that people don’t determine my destiny. It doesn’t matter if the whole world is against me, God and I are a majority and victory will still be mine. Maybe I’m going through a tough patch- my business shut down or my finances suffered a loss. It’s tempting to think that this is my lot in life. But God has given me the knowledge of the drama and the principle is: whatever has happened is good and what is to happen is even better. My best days, new opportunities are always in my future, not in my past. Sometimes, drama has to jolt me out of my comfort zone to push me into the new level of my destiny. It feels hard and hurts when it happens but it always works out for the better in the end. Baba says, ‘don’t get into the quicksand of ‘why’ and ‘what’, simply put the full-stop of drama and move forward’.

Let me remember that I am not on this journey alone, never was, never will be. God and drama are with me and on my side. They want nothing more than for me to reach the fullness of my destiny. I may not understand when certain things happen, but when I trust, I don’t need to understand. I just move forward knowing that it’s all going to work out for the good. When those storms come and they will, let me not make myself alone. More than ever, let me remember what God has said. Let me remember what He has done for me. Let me remember the dreams and hold on to them. It is when I forget and make myself alone that Maya takes her chance. And so Baba says, ‘You children have to remain very cautious in this. The Father has reminded you of everything. Don’t forget what the Father has reminded you of‘.

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