You children now receive unlimited help

Baba says, ‘Those people ask for limited help. You children are now receiving unlimited help because He is the unlimited Father‘.

The world is full of darkness, Baba says. Darkness symbolizes ignorance. There is sorrow, stress, anxiety in the world but no one really knows what is causing it and what if anything they can do about it. And so when it gets out of hand, they call out to God and plead for mercy: ‘O God! help me, have mercy on me, get me out of this situation at work, make this obstacle go away….’. And God, according to the drama, shows the devotees, mercy. He rescues them from their sorrow, saves them from drowning.

But while that act of mercy gives them a respite, they are unable to sustain it because they haven’t learnt anything. And so sure enough, when the situation or crisis comes again, they call out to God again for mercy. ‘They ask for limited help’, says Baba. Mercy is limited help, it is a rope that is thrown to someone drowning, to rescue them, nothing more. On the other hand, Baba says, ‘You children are now receiving unlimited help because He is the unlimited Father’. I am not a devotee, I am a direct child of God. He is my Father. And a father doesn’t have mercy on his children, he loves them. ‘Don’t ask Me for mercy!‘, He tells me, ‘here, you have to study‘. His knowledge, that is, His Shrimat, is His love.

Just because I know God doesn’t mean I won’t have situations or stress come. They will. But unlike devotees, when I come to God, He will teach me something about why I am stressed, then help me make a change in my life that would then prevent the stress or let’s call it by it’s real name- Maya– from getting back in. If God simply rescued me, then like the devotees, I wouldn’t learn anything, and I’d just keep repeating the same mistake or get into similar situations over and over with a different name on it and remain perpetually stressed. God, as He reminds me, is not in the rescue business, He is in the teaching business. He teaches me. This is the unlimited help He offers me, He brings about permanent change by helping me identify and eliminate the root of the stress.

‘He has come to play the sweet murli of knowledge to you children’, says Baba, ‘that’s how He saves your lives’. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Lord of Life.

He brings me face to face with old sanskars within me, the darkness within me that is holding me back, that is causing me sorrow. But He doesn’t just leave it at that, He teaches me how to live differently- to think, speak and act differently- so that I can have the life that both He and I want me to have. So when I come to Him, He teaches. He is my Constant Companion, he works with me every single day, comes with me everywhere I go and teaches me intimately and personally- a curriculum tailored especially to me, for what I need to change, for my journey.

Stick with Me, He tells me, have faith and patience. His ways and His ways and He does things on His timing, not mine. But when I stick with Him, I find that His ways are always better than my ways and more fulfilling. Sure, I’d prefer the easy way- for Him to simply get me out of the hole, make all my trouble disappear but then it wouldn’t set me up for future success. I’d very soon find myself in the same hole again. I come to give you the fruit of your devotion, He tells me. Mercy is not fruit, liberation-in-life is. By teaching me, He doesn’t just rescue me but in fact, liberates me from my bondages for good, once and for all. He teaches me how to, like a lotus, live in the midst of the storm with peace; how to live in the midst of the swamp and still blossom. The Father has now given each of you children a third eye. It is as though you now belong to a different world.

I can show you how to have ease, how to have constant happiness, and relief and refreshment but, He says, you’re going to have to watch how I do it and follow Me and learn to do things the way I do them. God comes in a corporeal body, in the old impure world especially to teach me by example. ‘There is no question of inspiration here‘, He says, ‘I come and teach My children‘. He is KaranKaravanhaar– the One who acts and inspires me to act.

And the change is hard, and it hurts when the ego dies and if I’m not careful, I can feel weary and overwhelmed. I can feel as if it’s all unfair. ‘Never make yourself alone‘, He cautions, ‘Maya attacks you when you are alone. Always stay combined with Me.’ If you will stay combined with Me, I will walk with you through life and it will make you light and life will be much easier, He offers. Anything is easier when I do it with someone else, this is God! He teaches me but then He also stays with me every step of the journey as my Companion. To stay combined is to stay in remembrance. He says: Even though you children do your own duties, just remember one thing: Remember the Father! No one else can show you the way to become satopradhan. Stay close to Me, stay connected to Me in every situation and watch closely how I would do something and then simply follow Me, He says, then, you won’t live under stress.

Many devotees want miracles and sometimes, even children want miracles: ‘Oh God, make this go away. God, change this situation so there’s no pressure in my life.’ But the right thing to want, Baba teaches is to learn how to live the right way: ‘Baba, whatever the circumstances are, let them be what they are, but You teach me Your ways. You teach me how to handle it the way You would handle it’. Only the fortunate children, Baba says, have this faith.

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