Being a benefit to others

Baba says, ‘I remember the children who do service very well because they are My helpers. I love those who benefit many others.’

Baba calls us hero actors and part of being a hero actor is that through me, many, many others are benefited. God cares about each soul but not everyone can directly access Him, many are still caught up in bhakti, others in their circumstances- whatever the reason, they are distanced from Him. They might even call out to Him with whatever name, ask for His help but they don’t know how to receive from Him. They look to other souls to be their angels- for support, for encouragement, for strength as they go through life. ‘You are my helpers‘, says Baba. He helps me, empowers me so that I can then be helpful to others.

My journey starts out with God teaching me about myself, reminding me of who I am and what I am here to do. He teaches me to stand on my own feet, and then walk with Him. When I can walk steadily with Him, I can then help Him help others along the way. But if I am constantly falling down myself, unable to remain steady or stable, then I am not of much use to Baba. ‘There are those that are constantly caught up in the mundane problems of their homes and businesses‘, says Baba. ‘They don’t remember Shiv Baba at all through out the day.‘ I fall when I am distracted by all the side scenes along the way- ‘look what happened!’, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘why me?’, ‘can this too happen?’. It’s like I’m so drawn in by each ‘billboard’ along the way that I keep tripping over. A person that’s constantly tripping over themselves does not evoke confidence in others. A person that looks like they are the king of the world on Monday and then look like a train wreck by Wednesday does not evoke confidence or strength in others. They look at me and think: ‘you are just like me, you seem to feel the same feelings of worry, anxiety, shock like me, you appear just as peaceless as me. There must not be much power in whatever it is that you do’. And so I end up doing a huge disservice to Baba by inadvertently turning His children away from Him.

The Father says: I remember the children who do service very well because they are My helpers. I love those who benefit many others.

To do service does not mean to give lectures or conduct workshops or read the Murli. Service is not something I do, it is what happens automatically through my stage. ‘Remember that you are constantly on stage’, He reminds me. This isn’t a matter of a physical stage but the unlimited stage of the world. Everywhere I am- at home with family, at work, at the grocery store, on the playground, at the hospital, at school- wherever I am or go to, I represent Baba. People are constantly watching whether they or I realize it or not. When they catch a glimpse of confidence, of resilience, of love, of kindness, of calm, of compassion – that experience sticks with them and they carry it with them in their lives. It helps them move forward even though they might not remember me and I may not even have noticed or realized the impact I had. God wants to be able to use anyone at anytime anyway He wants to help anyone He wants. But He can’t do that if I am unstable myself, constantly fluctuating, overcome by situations and emotions.

When my foundation or my support is weak, I shake a lot. Then the slightest wind or storm can get me out of shape or even uproot me.

Sometimes, the support is weak because instead of one strong support, I have many limited supports holding me up. So even when one falls which it will, I am shaken. ‘Make One Baba your one trust and one support‘, He says. Arjuna understood this principle in the Mahabharata. When he and his cousin, Duryodhana, approached God to ask for His help in the war, God asked them to choose between Him and His vast army. Arjuna was wise to choose God because he understood that He’s all he needed to win any war no matter how big or impossible. Let me remember that God and I are a majority. I don’t need to please or play up to people, or make anyone else my guru because I think they know better or that they will help me in my time of need. No army can help me win the battle of the mind, only God can. Every soul is impure at this time, says Baba and an impure person cannot offer salvation to another impure person. Like Arjuna, like Hanuman, like Angad, when I can remain unshakable in the face of the storm because of my relationship with God and God alone, that glorifies God and sends a clear message to everyone watching, that God does help His children, that He makes the impossible…possible. It makes them want to know the Father too, claim their inheritance from Him like me. This is service.

Sometimes, I shake because I don’t know how to use my weapons. Every point of this knowledge, when imbibed, is a weapon. When the situation comes, if I have embodied the point about drama, I can use it to help me stay unshakable knowing that this is nothing new!, this too shall pass. When that person is rude, if I have embodied the point of being a detached observer, I simply observe each one’s part as a member of the audience rather than be offended by it or try to correct it. Only when I am detached can I maintain my stage i.e. remain loving to all no matter what their sanskars. They then see in me, an image of God. They see His qualities of benevolence, unconditional love and acceptance. It reminds them of their Father Whom they had perhaps forgotten about. This is service.

In other words, I don’t serve as much as I am service. My entire being – my thoughts, words, vision, face, attitude, behavior- everything is either serving or dis-serving at any given time. The more I remember Baba throughout the day, the more I stay in His company and in His companionship, the more I get to know Him, the more I then experience His love and help in my own life, the more I then trust Him, the stronger I then become and the better positioned I then am to serve others. ‘Talk to Me throughout the day‘, He teaches me. It isn’t just situations, people or circumstances of the present time that shake me but I am tormented by past actions, regrets, memories or experiences which pop up time and again on the screen of the mind and drain my energy, my joy and enthusiasm. The more I fill myself with newness, with what God is now telling me about me, the more I spin the discus of self-realization and see my full story- all the elevated parts I play throughout the cycle, then the more the past fades away. ‘By remembering Me’, He teaches, ‘your sins will be absolved‘. I become light and can fly. When others see me fly, when they see me happy and light when everything around is heavy and sorrowful, they want to find out more about my secret. This is service.

And so God says, ‘charity begins at home‘. When I get myself in order through His remembrance, by making Him my One trust and One support, I become His helper to serve His other children. I am never more like God than when I am helping the hurting. For half a cycle, I called out and prayed to be blessed, it’s now time to be a blessing to others.

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