Simply have faith

Baba says, ‘simply have faith in yourself and keep flying.

As I go along on this spiritual path, there are many situations, people and circumstances that come my way. Baba says, ‘storms will come’. But the storms aren’t as important as the way I see them and respond to them. If I look at the storm as opposition that’s here to push me down, then I will get weary. But if I tune in to the drama, I will realize that the storm is here bearing something I need for the next leg of my journey. It’s certainly hard when I am in the storm but if I keep the right awareness of what’s going on, I feel a peace even in the midst of the storm. Baba doesn’t send me storms but He uses them to push me forward into my destiny. He uses them to build my character up, increase my faith, teach me to lean on Him and trust Him, give me confidence…whatever it is I need for my journey. When I sense this, I keep my intellect unblocked to receive whatever it is that He is teaching me.

Thoughts are like the seed and everything else- feelings, attitudes, actions- flow from there. Baba says, ‘pay attention to what you are allowing to dwell in your mind’.

During the storm or the season of learning, I will make mistakes- in some cases multiple times. If I allow my mind to dwell on these mistakes, I will live down on myself, thinking I’m not good enough. Ravan will use it to inject wrong thoughts in my mind: ‘you are a loser. How many times do you need to be taught the same lesson!? look at everyone else, how well put together they are. Why would God want anything to do with you when He has such nice children doing such great things!’. Ravan’s strategy is to sow the seeds of self-doubt and distance me from God. That’s his job and my job is to defeat him.

I do that by simply drowning him out with the voice of God. I keep playing over and over in my mind what God is saying about me. He is telling me that I am victorious, that I am one of a kind, that I am His most prized possession, that He loves me unconditionally. When Baba appreciates someone in the Murli, Ravan will try to make me compare myself to them and feel less than. I will come across someone’s testimony of how they used Baba’s company and His knowledge to ‘glide through’ storms in their life and think: ‘wow, I must not be as smart as they are, that’s why I’m still stuck!’. As Baba tries to use the storm to help me come up higher, Ravan tries to sabotage His effort by trying to get me to shut myself down. Let me beware of his ways and guard myself.

Always stay under the canopy of My remembrance‘, says Baba. His remembrance is the fortress that protects me from Ravan. Let me keep Baba with me throughout the day as I go through my activities, let me involve Him in them, talk to Him, stay in His company. When those doubts come, let me nip them in the bud by spinning the discus of self-realization and seeing my elevated destiny. Let me remind myself that I already know the full story, I already know that I am becoming a sovereign, the result is out! I am merely going through the process. I have been victorious countless times before, I will be again. Rather than allow Ravan to discourage me by constantly reminding me of how far I need to go, let me remember how far Baba has already brought me. What He has started in my life, He will finish. He is Faithful, He will never abandon me.

All through the day, let me thank Baba for all that He has done and is doing in my life. That means to replay those past victories I’ve had with Baba: ‘Baba, You did it for me then, I know You are doing it for me again’. Let me be excited about what He and I are going to work on today! What new experiences am I going to add to my collection today! I am partnering with God! He is my Teacher!…let me never lose that amazement. When I stay with God and remain happy and content despite the circumstances, that attitude sends Ravan packing. God is my Guide, He knows my destination and the best way to get me there. All He needs from me is faith in myself and in Him. That’s all I need too.

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